15 – “Pain is weakness leaving the body”

Sir played in a golf tournament sponsored by the Marines this week.  He came home with a black shirt, in my size, (man’s style, but still…) and he handed it to me and said, “I figured you’d like this.  I got it for you.”

pain enjoyment

When i looked at the shirt, it had the quote that is the title of this post.  And it made me think about how true it is!  And how it “fits” the answer to “WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE IN A DD RELATIONSHIP?:

Seriously, that’s probably the #1 question i even asked of others when i learned about this.  “WHY” would you want someone else  – another adult – to have the ability to inflict intentional pain on you?

In fact, recently Sir asked me the same thing.  “How is it that you tell me it hurts and want the spanking to end… but when we aren’t ‘in the act’ you tell me how much you like it and want it and need it?  How is it that you want the pain but you don’t like the pain?”

Well, if even David is wondering….. why…. or how …. that i could want and need this… i thought maybe you might be thinking these same things too.  So now it an excellent time to address this.  i hope i do the subject and this blog justice in an attempt to explain it from a sub’s perspective.

When i saw the T-Shirt with this quote on it, i felt it truly defined my thoughts.  i don’t pretend to say i’m a Marine or feel the “Same” pain as them.  i admire and respect ALL military people!  i thank them for the service they have done.  i am myself a product of TWO (Army) parents.  (That’s another blog altogether).

But this quote has seriously spoke to my heart and i think it is the best way to start to explain my submissive nature and just WHY i think domestic discipline and spankings are the way for me/ us.

So let’s start breaking it down — > one-word-at-a-time.

PAIN.   Pain comes in many forms.  And i personally believe that we all feel “alive” with pain. 

Even when you cut yourself, say even a paper cut, and you start bleeding.  That feeling is “pain” but it causes you to be hyper-attentive to that very spot on your body.  And the thought that “how could this slight and small cut hurt THIS much?”  But it makes us feel ALIVE.  

When Sir spanks me, i feel ALIVE.  Yes, it hurts.  But i feel ALIVE.

IS.  Okay, so what can i say about one word?  Well, “IS” is a verb.  It is action.  It is in present tense even.  You have to be IN THE MOMENT.  

Anytime the word “IS” is used, someone is DOING something.  In this case, Sir IS inflicting pain.  

i love being in the moment, doing things together, and being connected…. To David….. To my husband…………………….  To my Sir.

WEAKNESS.  Weakness.  Defined as a “state of condition of lacking strength.”  The weakness, or lack of strength, in this case is with respect to the action that i look that lead to my position of needing discipline.  Maybe i broke the rules, maybe i did it on purpose, maybe i didn’t care about the consequences and did it anyway, but maybe it was just accidental or ‘in the moment’.  No matter WHY the weakness came out, it did.  It showed itself and it exists.  

And the only way to eliminate weakness is to get stronger.  “HOW” do we get stronger?  Well, i suppose it depends on what the weakness is.

LEAVING THE BODY.  Okay, so that’s three words.  i get it.  But these three words can easily go together.  When the pain gets out of the body, the body is left with strength.  Strength to do better, both physically and mentally.  

And in the case of domestic discipline, after a spanking, the pain is literally radiating from my ass with redness and tingling and sensitivity to the touch.

If a discipline is strong enough, the weakness will be eradicated and be replaced with strength.  Strength to do better in the future.  Strength to remember the consequences.  To CARE about the consequences.  To WANT to do better.  And to ultimately, succeed.

And…… i enjoy the process.

The process of being a better person, wife, mom, business woman, and …..submissive…. is worth the pain.  The pain forces the weakness to be gone.  To leave my body.

And what is left is strength and passion and focus on being a better person, wife, mom, business woman and submissive.

i don’t think i’ll ever ‘graduate’ to being able to NOT have earned spankings.  i think there will always be weaknesses that need to be forced out.  i think there will always be a need to reinforce the process of doing good and being the best submissive wife possible.

But i do enjoy the process!

But why spankings and doesn’t it hurt?  and so why submit?

The theory behind all of the above is SO addictive.  But the ACTUALITY of the pain being inflicted by Sir is NOT.  i do NOT look forward to spankings.  i do not cherish the pain.  i do not WANT the pain.

But – when i commit wrong, inappropriate, disrespectful or unacceptable actions, they deserve to be rectified and i deserve to receive the consequences thereof.

Before DD – Sir and i would just get in a fight and ultimately agree to disagree or even have a silent treatment toward one another.

But post DD – Sir has a way to eliminate this undesirable behavior.  And frankly, i don’t LIKE being disrespectful.  It is just rude.  And so now, we have a productive way to deal with that.

So yes, i submit my body and specifically my ass as a submissive way of showing that i deserve discipline and i want to have “PAIN AND THE WEAKNESS LEAVE MY BODY”

Final words:    Yes, it hurts.  Yes, it is pain.  NO, i do NOT look forward to it.

But i do enjoy the weakness leaving my body and i welcome Sir teaching me how best to treat him and his place in our house through productive means.

So THAT is why i think this quote is SO appropriate …….and why i welcome being a submissive to my David ……. and am welcoming of domestic discipline……offering up (literally, up in the air) of my naked ass and being subjected to PAIN through Spankings.

i welcome it all and i welcome the opportunity to feel PAIN LEAVING MY BODY.

Hugs and Kisses ~



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