293 – Submission and Belt Rules

We are not ones who are super big on D/s contracts, writing down the rules, or otherwise posting them. That said, i do have rules and we do have process/procedures. We just didn’t ever take time to sit and write it all down to make it official/formal.

Recently i was surfing the internet and came across a site (www.BeltedGirls.com) where i found a set of rules that a belted girl, along with her husband, documented for her “Submission & Belt Rules.”

i rather love her rules and it seems to say everything that i would, if i were to put into writing my “rules.”

Here are the Submission and Belt Rules:

i rather liked these rules so much that i showed it to David. Sir’s response was, “Sounds about spot on.”

We didn’t talk much more about it really, but i think when i adjust to the new permanent/ more durable belt, these rules will become our rules too.

1. The belt can come off when exercising.
2. Husband will hold the key.
3. Husband controls when I’m going to orgasm
4. Husband controls when the belt comes off and I will not expect penetration just because its off
5. The belt will keep me from masturbating when he is away or I am away from him.
6. To receive pleasure (his cock) then I must earn it.
7. I will be ready to please him whenever, however and as often as he desires, with or without the belt on.
8. I will not beg him to remove the belt but will learn that it is a privilege to have it off.
9. I will not reach orgasm unless I have explicit permission from my husband.
10. I must tell my husband if I have an orgasm without his permission. This is disrespectful to him. Always.
11. I will never fondle myself or use toys in any manner unless he tells me to or gives explicit approval to do so.
12. My husband’s job is to make sure that I am shaven to his liking. If not, then he will be allowed to shave me, if he wishes to do so, and discipline me accordingly.
13. Each week I will receive maintenance spankings out of love as a reminder that he is in control, which may or may not occur with the belt on.
14. Breaking any of these rules results in punishment.

There are a few alterations that i/we would make to a few of these rules, as follows:

#4 – While the essence of this is absolutely spot on, i’d maybe make the first part more emphasized. Husband is ALWAYS in control of when the belt is on or off.

#5 – i’d rephrase this to simply say, “The belt will keep me from masturbating.” Period. The end. Delete the entire last part of that because whether it is on, with or without him present, it will keep me from masturbating. Always. (And it definitely does that!)

#6 – i would make a slight addition to have this read “To receive pleasure (his cock) and be allowed to orgasm i must earn it.

Those are all slight adjustments and, even without those changes, the essence is still spot on!

But the one rule that hit me and sunk in the most was #8….

8. I will not beg him to remove the belt but will learn that it is a privilege to have it off.

With just my experiences of continuous wear to date, this has already become one of the hardest for me to adhere to. So it stands to reason, that with continuous/ long term wear with the permanent (more durable) belt, i will likely always struggle with this one rule over all the others!

i have told David i intend to expand the “will not beg” part to read more like, “i will not beg for the Belt to be removed unless i can prove or show why it is completely necessary.” That may be what the original author intended as well, but it wasn’t entirely clear.

The beg part is truly what i have already failed miserably at. When i have the CB off, i find i yearn to have it on and vice versa too! And when it’s on, i talk about it ALL the time… asking David “ready to give me the key??” ….To allow me to take it off. Honestly it gets to the point of annoying for us both! i admit that it even annoys me, even though i can’t seem to resist (and my will power fails).

So i have now told David that i think i need to change that behavior. When it goes on, it stays on until David decides to have it taken off. Period. The end.

He knows it’s on when it’s on. In fact, he ordered it on! He won’t forget.

And even “if” he were to forget, when we are apart, when we are back again together he will know as he will see it. When we sleep, i am always naked except when the belt is on. And he will see it. And even “if” he were to forget, …. Well… i know he won’t. So that “if” by some strange happenstance, odd, and truly not likely situation, he has forgotten – he will instantly be reminded.

That means there is NO reason to talk about it, remind him, or beg for it to otherwise be taken off.

That brings us to that last part about how i will not beg for it to come off…. “unless i can prove or show why it is completely necessary.” means is that the belt has to come off for a particular and unavoidable, probably an emergency, situation.

Maybe one example of it being “completely necessary,” example, would be a belt malfunction. Maybe a screw comes lose and needs to be retightened. Or maybe a screw comes out altogether and without reattaching it, the Belt could fall apart and/or fall off.

Another possibility might be if it is ill-fitting. Maybe the belt pinches, binds, or otherwise causes an injured spot to appear on my skin. This is a real possibility but once i get the settings correct for band width or length, and the tightness adjustments made, this is not too likely. Yet it is possible for sure.

Another example would be if/when i go through a security screening machine. One looking for metal. Obviously the machine is looking to find guns and knives or other similar weapons, and clearly NOT looking to find a chastity belt (!!). Can you imagine what an awkward situation that would be?! Of course, this isn’t likely to happen as an “emergency situation” though either. We will likely always know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

So honestly, there aren’t many reasons to have to cause me to EVER have to beg for it off.

So WHY then do i sometimes do just that… beg for it to be off?!

Good question!

After the new belt arrived (and we figured out the lock did fit albeit a bit differently than we expected… another post!) the belt went on.

It went on about 5’ish pm on Friday evening, and it is now Sunday morning. It has been about 36-hours now, with no clear or obvious-to-me end in sight.

And while it does not hurt, pinch, or have any other belt malfunction reason for me to have a legit reason to BEG TO HAVE IT OFF, i already (sort of) did just that.

Are you asking, “how do you sort of beg?” Yah, so, i knew i wasn’t supposed to beg. But i wanted to ask for it off too.

i knew he’d ask, “why?” As in “for what legit reason are you asking?”. i also knew i didn’t have a reason. In fact, when i asked myself that question, the only real answer i could think of was because i am not used to wearing it as of late …..AND…. because i wanted to.

i wanted to ask to have it off because i didn’t like the “game” anymore. i wanted to take back the control of my own sex and my own body. Saying it another way, i wanted to be selfish and NOT be submissive at least in this small way.

So i was hanging around David yesterday morning (after 12-hours of wear) a bit longer than usual, trying to think up a good way to ask (but not beg), when he noticed. He even told ME, “you want the belt off, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Why?” < – see, i told you!

i told him all of what i told you above. It didn’t fly. He said, “uh, yeah. So the answer is no. You don’t need to have that control. You just want it. And I’m saying no.”

Then again after lunch (18-hours of wear), David asked me, “how you doing?” Since our son is home for the Christmas break, i assumed David was speaking in code. i responded with, “Yes. Overall. But i wouldn’t mind if it came off.”

He said, “I said no. I meant no. I only asked since it’s a new belt and wanted to be sure you were ok.”

Well….. so… the keys to the lock are sitting on the bathroom counter, and i said, “i could just use the keys, you know.”

And his immediate response was, “And I could just use the crop too… You Know!”

i paused a second and said, “and then i suppose the belt will just go right back on too.”

While he didn’t even much respond to that comment (as i believe he took it to be rhetorical in nature), he did say, “We’ve spent enough money on this, and waited long enough for its delivery, that you should know….you WILL be wearing it! Get used to it!”

The way he said it, i wondered if he had an exact plan. So i inquired. His words came back to me with, “No, I don’t have a full plan. But it will come together soon. What I know for sure is this is going to end up being your new normal.”

Sucking cock while in belt

THEN after dinner (24-hours of continuous wear), i was sitting on the couch watching tv with him. i grabbed up his arm and wrapped it around my shoulders, like you would a nice warm blanket, just to be wrapped up in “him.”

He didn’t just let his arm rest on my shoulder though. He then pressed downward, causing my face to be guided to his crotch. His pants were still on and he laughed saying, “oops. How did that happen?”

i looked up at him and smiled. And pulled his zipper down and started sucking his cock hard. After some time of that, he pulled me back and asked, “how was that? Want out of your belt now?!”

i said, “Yes Sir, i do. i want to have the belt off, be allowed to sit down on and ride your hard cock… to be able to take advantage of what i just created.”

He slapped a butt cheek and said, “No. Not tonight. But this was good, thank you!” As he zipped his pants back, he laughed more. Then added, “now let’s watch the rest of our tv show together.” i felt my puss dripping juices into the dome shield that covered her.

New normal

i suspect i will now find my life to be more time IN belt than OUT. And that’s probably a good thing, but will require a fundamental mindset change that i will have to adjust to too.

Why will it be a good thing?

Because it forces me to submit in a very tangible and physical way. Sometimes i need to be reminded and reinforced who i submit to and why.

Like in the spirit of Rule #9 & #10 above, when i masturbate and/or orgasm without David present (or at his directive), it is disrespectful and selfish too.

When i do these things, i also become less agreeable to wanting to engage in sexual activities with him. i usually then have an “i already did that” attitude and a “i’m not interested now,” way too. None of which is how a married woman should act with her husband. Ever!

So being reminded to NOT be selfish, to NOT do sexual things by myself or to myself (without him present and telling me it is allowed), and to be under David’s authority is a better way of life.

i just have to change my mindset about wearing the belt. i have to learn to love the belt ON. And i know i truly will!

So. The belt is currently still on.

And i don’t know when it’s coming off. But i will work to NOT BEG at all. And to accept that THIS is good for me, and that i NEED to NOT be in control, and acknowledge in all ways i WANT David in control.

And i will PRAY he wants to finger, lick, fuck, or all of the above (!) at least one of my holes soon!

(i will do a full review of the new belt soon. Still creating thoughts and forming opinions about it.)




  1. I love this! And I relate to your experience so much. I too tend to find reason after reason to be unlocked when I’m in my belt, but then when I’m unlocked, I yearn for it to be put back on. I’m so confusing.

    I agree though that working on speech patterns is good submissive training. It’s a work in progress on our end too. I have far too sharp a tongue for my own good. 💕

    • This is SO me too. I bet for release, and when he says no, i pout. But when he says yes, I yearn to be back in. It’s a no-win situation that I need to adjust my thinking.

      And speech is SO hard to get right. Definitely a work in progress for sure!

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