180 – 6th time a charm

i know you think i haven’t been blogging lately. But i actually have started (and not finished) 5 other blog posts… all started with #180.

i mentioned before, i am struggling with inspiration lately. i start stuff and haven’t felt like finishing it because it just doesn’t feel like “enough” or “worthy”. 😕

So i will play a (small) game with you …..

i will give you the basics of each one and you can tell me which one I should really dig deep on and actually finish. (Or if you don’t like any.. you can tell me what you’d like to suggest it write on…..)


A: The Cross… tattoo. Inspiration from a tattoo and how even the cross itself is a symbol of Christianity, but also of D/s relationships. One strong and one not….

B: Stand in Dom. Sometimes David is as stressed as ever. And sometimes it leaves me feeling… basically neglected. So maybe a stand in Dom would be a possibility.

C: Submissive wife, and a Sex Slave. Submitting doesn’t have to be on just one level for all facets of my life. i yearn to be a good submissive wife, but i want to take it deeper when it comes to sex.

D: What does a sex slave entail anyway? i think i know. And what i don’t know, i can imagine. Or i can research and see what others think.

E: fiction. That unfinished work of the 50th birthday celebration…..

See. i have a lot of stuff started. i have nothing finished.

Which of the above topics might intrigue YOU the most? Give me some comments.. give me some inspiration or direction. Pleaseeeeee…….




  1. C and D but make sure your sir has the mental capacity to handle it. It may be to much for him if he is stressed already from work.
    I love following your tales and I pass them along to my sub so she can see she is not alone in her service.

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