179 – Installing a Pool

David and i recently officially decided to pull the trigger and install a pool in our backyard.

Because of COVID, it is incredibly hard to get this done… and more expensive than we even imagined. We thought long and hard about it. With COVID, the demand is high, causing the supply to be low. Every pool builder reports having more requests for private (socially distanced!) pools than they’ve had in their entire company history. One builder flat out told us, “we have a wait list of 50-pools already, and with our building pace and crew, that means it would be 6-9 months before we start your pool, and as much as a year before you are actually swimming.”

A whole year wait! 😳

And because of that, they also have raised the price too. Because they can. I know I would if I were them. I mean, why not?!?

But after thinking, talking, reconsidering the budget, getting bids, and drawings… we have pulled the trigger. We have found (what we think is) a great builder, who says we will be “swimming by mid-summer.”

i suspect our dogs won’t like it one bit. But i know i will!

i have already had lots of sexual thoughts about swimming naked…..

My boobs will flop up and down as i hip up and down moving all around. My pussy will love the hot tub jets pressing the lips to part as the hot water jets deep inside.

Maybe i can convince some unsuspecting couple to come ravish me on the side of the pool or in the pool itself with the sun setting on the side of the house.

Oh and let’s not forget the tanning … nude… in my backyard… NO tanning bed for me, and yet, NO tan lines either!

Any takers? Anyone want to come help me christen the pool and break it in right?

i am (almost) ready for the summer. Are you?




  1. Hi Marie! We went through this process two years ago…and while it is difficult to have the backyard so torn up (especially if you have pets), it was sooooo worth it. One piece of advice…if your pool company doesn’t also do the landscaping…be sure to figure our landscaping infrastructure BEFORE they put the pool in. It is important to plan your water lines for irrigation, any drainage lines, etc., before the pool and concrete deck around the pool is all in place. Enjoy!!! I am sure your family will enjoy your pool for many years to come.

  2. Hi Marie, when you have started swimming and taking a bath naked, feel how wonderful it is to feel the water caress your whole body, get up on a dry area and let the sun dry you. Pure pleasure

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