165 – No touchy-touchy

The official rule is i do not touch (at all) any of my private parts without permission. The idea being that touching leads to pleasure, which leads to orgasm. And orgasms from my body are for his pleasure, not mine. And taken without permission is stealing, which we all know is wrong.

But just recently, the rule morphed a bit. Now it’s not that i can’t touch, but that i can’t touch WITH MY BARE FINGERS. So…. when there is a barrier between my fingers and said private part, touching is allowed.

Honestly, this is more realistic anyway. i mean seriously, how can i NOT touch myself to dry off after the shower? Or even while in the shower, how can i clean myself without touching myself? And even dressing caused me to brush against myself to put clothes on too.

So now…. if there is something between my hand and my skin, touching is allowed. But orgasms are still absolutely not allowed without permission.

i know this rule changed because i had recently explored a loophole in that original no-touch rule. i wasn’t entirely sure if it was authorized, and yet, found myself doing it with justification anyway. Justification in my own mind, of course!

While in the shower, just before turning off the water and drying off, i tend to just stand there and think. i think about the day ahead, the to-do’s, what i’ll wear, and so on.

Well, one day, i thought, “i would SO like to touch myself and orgasm right now!” And as i looked a bit upward, a lightbulb went off that went like this……..

We have a removable shower head. The kind that has the long cord and you can spray the water where you want. (We have primarily used it to bathe the dogs more easily and to clean the corners of the shower itself). “i could use that shower head to clean the corners of my body …. it could spray my breasts and pussy up close.”

So i did. And it was fucking hot. Like the turn-me-on hot, not referring to the water temperature!

And then it moved lower with the thoughts, “If you feel this good on those tits, guess how much better you’ll feel with the water spraying on that sweet pussy too!” (Yeah, it wasn’t “sweet” at that point… it was very naughty!)

And yet, i did. And the temperature inside me rose even more!

Then i decided to play a game with it and moved the water all around and told myself to stand perfectly still and NOT move or flinch and “just enjoy it.”

i justified it all by saying, “i am NOT ACTUALLY touching myself.” But i knew, the same as you do now, that i was anything but compliant. Which is when i felt the guilt rising up, causing the heat to turn cold in a hurry. So i stopped. (Hey, at least i didn’t orgasm!)

The next day though….. i saw that shower head and thought, “Man that felt good.” And did it again. And the third day too.

It was then that David happened to walk in the bathroom at the very moment i was doing it. And i stopped cold in my tracks. It was already too late. He saw. He’s not stupid.

i just knew i would be feeling way more heat on the outside of my ass in just a few short minutes than anything like what i had just been feeling inside my nether regions! That paddle would cause the heat of my pussy to turn ice cold too.

However, to my complete surprise, instead of being mad…. he was amused. He thought it was a smart way to think outside the box and wanted to see it in person. He made me continue for him to watch.

While i don’t know what it feels like to live-work in the red light district of Amsterdam, i have been there and seen it. For those that haven’t, it is an entire street filled with elevated boxes, one after another. And inside those boxes the ladies dance seductively, inviting someone to come inside and partake. When the lady is in the box, they have red lights on and dance. But when someone comes to partake, they turn the light out and pull the curtain. The “boxes” are varying in size, but are substantially similar to a stand up shower size with enough room to move around and not feel claustrophobic and yet small enough to not take up unnecessary space also.

So not exactly the same, but standing in the shower with the glass between us reminded me of those ladies in the red light district. i felt i was “on display” for my Sir to see me “dance” for him. i felt strange and uncomfortable though, like out of my element. Which i think was merely due to the fact i had been caught and was now having to do this for the express purpose of him watching and to gain his approval.

He told me to continue to “see just how close to the edge of orgasm” i could get myself. The following day, he told me to, “Go edge with the shower head.” And made me do it. Again, he came to watch.

He made me go over the edge and orgasm with just the water alone. i didn’t even think that was possible, but i did achieve it and it felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

That’s when he changed the rule to, “Touch yourself all you want…. but never with your hand directly on that pussy that belongs to me without a barrier of some sort in between. And never orgasm without permission. And if you do, I expect you to report accordingly.”

Yes Sir.

My first thought was elation for having a bit more freedom now. But that was a week ago. And the self-imposed edging is thrilling…. until i have to force myself to stop.

Stopping (before an orgasm flows forth) is without a doubt… the very hardest thing to do! You just don’t want to. It’s like being in a race, in first place, with your competition so far behind you that you barely even register they are there…. when you suddenly pull up. You STOP at the finish line, without going over. And you stand there so long that someone else wins the race. Now you are standing on the awards podium in the second place position with the winner gloating over you that you lost and they won.

It felt SO good for such a brief moment. And yet… because it felt that good, you are in the blocks ready to go run the very same race again the very next day with the very same ending!

So every day now, i do this self-torture by using that shower head to my (not quite complete) satisfaction. i raise the temperature inside me, in the shower just to finish second on the podium.

That’s when i get out of the shower and ask Sir if i can orgasm. Lately his response is something like, “just took a shower, did ya?? Yeah, good for you! But no, not today. No orgasms today, but ask me tomorrow. Maybe then.”

And he winks at me, only to send me off to dress for the day ahead.

So with that, it is now time for me to go get in the blocks, run the race, and beg for an orgasm… to start my day. Think of me while you are in the shower next, and consider using your removable shower head in creative, temperature-rising ways too!




    • Michael – Maybe you need to convince your Queen to extend an invite to all your submissive friends to shower at your house!! 😉🥳

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