98 – YES i am still here and all is fine… mostly anyway.

i feel SO loved! Many of you have worried about me as i haven’t been here for 2-days now and you’ve taken the time to ask me via email. i am in awe that you love me so!!

i am ok. But i have had a rough week in many ways, but nothing permanent or lasting.

i seem to measure everything pre-COVID and post-COVID. And the last time i went anywhere was PRE!

i think i have suffered (this week) from what i’d maybe call “COVID burnout”. i have had quite a few situations this week that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for COVID.

And i have yelled at quite a few people in my frustrations….. N-O-T my most submissive moments. Thankfully very little has been directed towards David, but i have had him ask me, “Do we need to go have an attitude adjustment??”

Me: “No Sir.” Okay, maybe we should. Maybe it would help.

But instead, i’ve just managed to “get through it” and i wouldn’t necessarily say i’ve gotten through it “well” either. Of course, tomorrow is Friday… aka Maintenance Day. So attitude adjustment is a-coming-up-soon!

Again, nothing major at all really bad has happened. Everything that happened that caused me stress has been small. And taken individually, not a big deal but when they pile up all at once, it became overwhelming.

And when i stressed and was overwhelmed, i ended up working late. Then coming home cranky, then packing for our trip, and all that has just lead to being so tired i just fell into bed and didn’t post anything. In fact, i write this at 11:00 pm, which is an hour i am typically asleep! But i couldn’t sleep and i felt bad that i had some of you worried about me, so figured i would take a minute and reassure you that i am alive and well… mostly anyway. Lol.

Tomorrow we get on a plane to go to CO for our vaca. i won’t lie, i am stressed about the trip in these COVID times. We are a family who travel a lot, but haven’t now been on a plane since Christmas and that seems like an enternity ago!

i am not at all worried about the trip, just the plane ride. We are staying with friends who have an insanely large house in the mountains. So contracting Covid while there will be very slim possibility. While we are there we are going to white water rafting and ride horses. i am really looking forward to it too!

Ok, i am off to try to sleep.

But i really am happy and honored at the outreach for my answer, thank you for caring enough to notice and to ask!




  1. I’m sorry to hear things are a bit difficult for you. I think now that the various lockdowns last longer, many of us are starting to ‘suffer’ in some way. I notice that my days are starting to all look the same… work is home and home is work…
    Take care!
    ~ Marie

  2. Thanks for letting us know how you are, I love all of your posts as I have told you before!! Try and relax with your family and just have FUN!!!

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