Day 1 of 30: ME – and My Submission

YOU…Dominant, submissive or switch? List the parts of BDSM that get your juices flowing, what interests you the most? Basically define your kinky nature.

i most associate with and consider myself to be a submissive. But i think i could easily switch and/or Dom too…. that is, if i wanted to. And i don’t.

First submissive. i love to do as i am told. i am a rules follower. Always have been! The more rules and the tighter the wiggle-room, the better. It takes the guess work out of things. It makes the path narrow. It makes it easy to know right from wrong, and therefore easier to please.

And the consequences. When the rules are broken, there must be consequences. Those consequences must be enacted without emotion. The rules are clear, the consequences are clear, and there’s nothing to whine or complain about. It is what it is!

i love to please… you! i want to be used for YOUR pleasure, not mine. My pleasure comes in knowing i made you happy and pleased you.

And if that means you tie me up, you fill my holes & you call me names, then so be it. i love it when treat me like a well-used fucktoy.

Now the switch or Dom part. i struggle to serve someone who doesn’t take charge and get things done. i don’t exactly respect you and can’t let you lead if you won’t do it well! (Notice i didn’t say “can’t” do it … i respect effort even if it doesn’t end up right as we all make mistakes. Don’t respect not even trying).

Even in my every-day life, when someone needs to volunteer to lead a group, i will wait to see if someone else volunteers first. But if no one does, i will raise my hand and lead the group.

At work, i am very dominant. i have a demanding job and i have 15-people who report to me. They listen as i lead.

So if that person who volunteers to lead, doesn’t do that job well, i can and often do take over. i will get it done on time and accurately!

So you have to be strong-willed, and in charge, and DOMINATE if you want me to follow you. Otherwise, move over, get out of the way, and let someone else lead.

In a nutshell – i prefer to be submissive, but i can be comfortable leading too!

And my husband is my dominant. He leads and i follow. And i respect that!


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  1. I love this. I completely understand what you’ve said about taking over if you’re not led, I’m very much the same. A “lead or be led” mentality, I’ve never thought of it like that, but you are right. Beautiful, thankyou.

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