Day 2 of 30: My Submissiveness

DAY 2 : YOUR KINKS…List your Kinks. Describes what it is about being Dominant or submissive that excites and arouses you the most.

What excites me most? There’s a lot here so where to begin…

i love trying new things. In life and kink. i will try anything once and most likely twice even before making a final judgement for/against.

Most of what i like about being submissive is having one responsibility: ensuring you are happy. So when it comes to Kink, i like being tied up, gagged, or blind folded because it takes the choices away. And reminds me that i have only one responsibility: to please you.

And in that same spirit, i like displaying my submissiveness to the world. So exhibitionism is a thrill too.

Not just being naked in public, but being made to do things in your view too. Like climbing on top a dildo or a cock while you watch. And being made to put your cock in any hole you chose and service you until you cum. All of these things make me happy and turned on, if you are!

i don’t think i am exceptionally pretty, so showing off my assets in public is a bit humiliating but when you admire my naked body (or willingness to become naked at your command), i am proud to do so and that turns me on because again, i am doing what you want me to.

i love having my mind and body tested in ways that push the limits of what i thought possible. When you spank me, pinch my nipples, stretch my holes, or other similar physical actions, i love seeing just how far you will push me and i can go.

i don’t know that my Kinks are terribly specific or unique from any other submissive, but if you want to introduce me to something new … well… i will try it!



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