F2 – I miss my panties

He said, “ahhh… my baby girl misses her panties?!?! Do you now?”

“Yes Sir.”

He asked me, “why? What is it specifically about them that makes you ask for them now?”

“Well Sir, they hold stuff in, including dribble from the bathroom breaks”

He then said, “oh… I see. Well we can’t have you dribbling now can we? Let’s see what we can do about that then” and he got up and left the room, presumably to get panties for me.

i was so happy that Sir was going to allow me to wear panties today and i waited patiently for him to return. Something tells me though this isn’t “this” easy though either!

He returned with his hand hidden behind his back. While his hand remained hidden, he said, “so I’ve been thinking about this. These panties are no longer yours. They belong to me. I want to know what are you going to give me in exchange for panties?”

When i looked puzzled he said, “well nothing is free you know. And so what is the price you’ll pay to get a pair of panties?”

i wasn’t sure what i should say exactly. i wasn’t sure what he would deem as appropriate payment, but saying something was better than nothing.

So i dropped to the floor, onto my knees, and looked up and said, “may i suck your cock?”

To which he responded, “what a good girl! Why yes, you may indeed suck my cock! Take it out and start working.”

And i did. I could tell he was already getting hard, and as my wet lips came around his cock i caused him to stiffen even more.

As i worked to get him off, he kept talking and said, “I’m not sure why you dribble after you go pee. Do you not wipe yourself good enough?”

i stopped sucking and pulled back to answer his question. But he wasn’t having that. With his one hand still hidden, he grabbed the back of my head with his free hand and rammed his cock in to the back of my throat causing me to gag. He gave a methodical laugh and said, “what? Did you answer me? I didn’t hear that answer?,” of course knowing full and well i couldn’t!

He just laughed and continued talking, “so if you can’t answer my questions, I’m not sure you really need to have panties today after all!”

I decided if he didn’t want me to talk using my words to answer his questions, i’d have to started using my mouth more feverishly on his cock to make my point instead. And i was working his cock in and out of my mouth with hot abandon!

i had not had his cock in my mouth in awhile and it tasted so delightful that i became set on getting him to cum in my mouth. i was sucking him hard, when he suddenly pulled out. i has such a suction on his cock that when he left my mouth, it made a pop sound.

He pushed me back into the floor and onto my back. He said just one word…”open”.

i know that means to open my legs and accept him into me. And i was more than willing to have him! i felt my pussy gush with liquid now since i was excited at the prospect of having him inside me this morning.

He pushed hard into me. No preamble, no touching, no words, just a hard push. All the way into me with one thrust. i flinched at the sudden fullness i had. He just smiled at me.

He let his arms bend and his mouth came down beside my head. He calmly said, “I am going to fuck you hard for the next several minutes. I want you to remain perfectly still and take everything I have to give. You are NOT to move, flinch, say a word or make a sound. This will be hard and fast and you’ll thank me at the end. Do I make myself clear?”

I just said, “yes Sir”, to which his body started to thrust. He didn’t look at me again as he was intent on using my cunt to his pleasure. i found pleasure knowing he was using me. That was my pleasure all of itself!

i remained silent. i closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride he was giving me. i am not allowed to cum without permission, and since i wasn’t allowed to speak…. i KNEW i couldn’t cum.

Controlled orgasms is SO very hard for me! i did NOT succeed. While i did manage to cum in silence as he used my body to his pleasure, he knew. And i knew that he knew. i wondered what’s that would do to my chances of getting to wear panties today too!

Then i felt his cock flex inside me. i also heard him start to moan. He was close to orgasm. He arched his back and was pumping even faster inside me. He mumbled, “I’m about to cum!”

And with one more deep push, he held himself there tightly for a full minute or more. i knew he was putting his seed deep inside my pussy. And he collapsed on top of me, while still inside me too. i knew he was tired and i allowed him to rest on me as i always do. i love these minutes of closeness while he comes down from his orgasm.

i was so proud that Sir used me this morning the way he did. And with that, he raised up and pulled out.

He pointed one finger at me and said, “STAY!”

i wasn’t sure what was coming next, but i waited patiently in the exact place and position he left me. i’ve learned in the past when he says “stay” he means to also add “in that exact position until I tell you otherwise!”

He pulled himself up and away. While on his knees, his hand unfolded. He had a pair of panties for me. But it wasn’t a set i recognized.

This pair looked like a little girl pair with some kind of a cartoon on it. These didn’t look like my adult feminine panties at all.

That’s when he said, “these are little girl panties. I knew this day would come so I prepared ahead of time and bought these for you. Since you’ve acted like a little girl in your whining for panties and you apparently also need to learn to wipe yourself better… I am indeed allowing you to wear panties today. These. These young girl training panties. Don’t worry, i bought a pair big enough for you. Lift your legs and I will put them on you now.”

i started to open my mouth and ask questions. He saw it and said “shut it! I’ll have no discussion about this! If you protest, I’ll give you a worse punishment. As it is, I allowed you to orgasm without consequences so watch yourself now!”

And at that moment i closed my mouth and from laying on my back, i raised my legs off the ground and he pushed each leg through the holes. When he pulled them up towards my ass, he told me to put my feet on the floor and raise my butt off the ground so he could pull them all the way up over my butt.

While he said they were big enough for me, i noticed they were pretty tight and seemed small. That’s when he told me to stand. When i did, he asked me to turn around and model. So i did. How uncomfortable they were and how embarrassing was this?!?

He grabbed me and pulled me into him and said, “you’ll drip all day long now with both of our cum oozing from this beautiful pussy of mine! Maybe these panties will become your favorites or maybe today will teach you a lesson to stop missing those panties of your former days. I guess we will wait to see until tonight what you ultimately learn today! Now go along and get dressed and be off to work! I have things to do today and so do you!”

And all I said was, “thank you Sir”.