31 – inner exhibitionist

While it has only been ONE day, it’s already been enough for me to know that i have an inner exhibitionist in me. WHAT am i talking about… well… braless-ness. i won’t deny, i feel liberated. But yes, it’s been ONE-whole-day. Only. Okay, maybe i’m just horny. Whatever it is, i like it! i woke…Read more »

29 – Vacation discipline

Often on vacation with family, it’s hard to be disciplined. Sometimes though it happens. Today wasn’t a “you’ve been bad and need to be spanked” discipline, but rather a “how much can you control yourself” discipline. What does that mean?? Glad you asked…. I’ll tell ya! We were in the hotel room (two beds, one…Read more »

28 – Day dreaming

I daydream… a lot. Especially about DD or maybe it’s D/s. I dunno. What I know is that I daydream way more about things that Sir could do and he doesn’t. I debate if/when i should tell him about these daydreams. Because I think about things he could do to assert husband dominance over me.…Read more »

27 – i got what i wanted.. spanked

Sometimes i think the idea of something is better than the real deal. Sometimes i know it’s for my own good. I’m not sure where this falls on the spectrum. But i did get what i asked for…. spanked. In terms of spankings intensity, this was very low in reality… but that’s all it took.…Read more »