299 – Creative Domestic Discipline

David isn’t an artist, nor is he necessarily a fantastical creative person, but then neither am i. So when he told me to “come up with some creative disciplines,” i was a bit surprised.

He has been out of town right for the last several days and i have been trusted to be in-belt, but i have the key (see my former post about the CB needing to “be fixed”). As such, i could get out and could be a bad girl by touching what does not belong to me at any time i wanted to. Officially that means that i have the belt in place as a physical reminder to be a good girl and to make good choices, but i am also on the honor system at the same time too.

As well, David is thinking that maybe a spanking isn’t always the most effective punishment. If i think the punishment isn’t as bad as the reward, (or is at least that a spanking is worth the bad behavior) then i will take what i want and bear the consequences. In other words, if i want to orgasm bad enough AND i think getting that orgasm will be worth the spanking, then i will just do it and take the punishment…. Thinking it was all worth it. (There’s a clinical word for this conditioning, but i can’t remember it and can’t seem to find it via google at the moment either.)

The fact that the punishment may not be a good-enough-motivator to be a good girl means that the spanking has to be that much worse, or an alternative/different punishment is needed to get the job done.

That prompted David to ask me to come up with some “Creative Punishments.”

Again, i am not really creative at all so this has been a challenge. While some of what i have come up with may not be altogether creative, per se, they would be things that i would NOT like at all (and that he should therefore truly consider effective punishments).

Here’s what i have come up with…. (in no particular order).

1) Being made to sleep on the floor.

i know some submissives (and especially many slaves) already do this, i have never done this. i have zero desire to sleep away from my husband or on the floor.

If or when i am being disrespectful or acting like my life is hard, i probably need to be reminded just how good it really is. One way to be reminded of the good stuff is to have it taken away.

So being made to do so would be a punishment to serve as a reminder that being allowed to sleep in the bed (OUR bed!) is in fact a reward and a privilege not shared by everyone always.

2) Eating hot sauce.

David LOVES hot sauce(s), hot flavorings, hot foods, and … well… anything hot (like me. Lol). The hotter, the better. He’s not afraid of anything hot and when a restaurant waitress says, “oh THIS is hot,” he sees it as a challenge and says, “bring it!” He has hardly ever not rose to the challenge.

On the opposite side of that spectrum is me. i do NOT like hot anything. When i eat foods that make my mouth burn, i feel like i have to escape it, get it away from me, and make it go away. In essence, i panic. And David knows this.

Because i hate hot sauce SO much, this would be an extremely effective punishment.

Maybe i spew anger and yell at him when we both know i shouldn’t be speaking to him this way. This could be effective in (say) times where i use my words inappropriately or use curse words. (It hasn’t been a rule that i can’t cuss, but it may as well be because David hates it!).

He could make me drink hot sauce or eat some spicy food (in its entirety) that is very hot flavored while saying something like, “Because you insist on using hot, angry, inappropriate words, your entire mouth will feel it’s pain and anger. You know I don’t like how you spoke to me and I think you need to be reminded to be softer, kinder, and less angry.”

And of course, milk would NOT be allowed to dull the effects afterward.

3) Cutting an entire onion.

Along the lines of food, i can not cut onions easily at all. i have to go very fast and for a very quick minutes or else the flood gates opening up in my eyes.

i have never managed to get more than (about) 1/4 – 1/3 of an onion cut and have to quit. It’s not usually a problem as that’s about all we need in any dish, but also the fact that David does the cooking makes it where i don’t have to cut many onions anyway.

He could make me cut the entire onion and until it’s completed, the punishment is not done. i would be crying for a LONG time for this!

It could be used for anything really, but especially good for when i make it plain that something he’s asked me to do i didn’t want to do. Maybe for example, “stop at the store on the way home and buy xyz.” If my attitude about it shows annoyance, anger, hesitation, frustration, etc, he could say, “if you don’t want to do the easy tasks when I ask, then let’s have you do a hard one.”

This would be a reminder to appreciate the easy things i am asked to do and be willing to help when asked.

4) Sir must be within my eyesight

If i get snarky, forget/don’t show him respect, don’t do something he asks (likely resulting from just plain forgetting), he could use this as an effective discipline.

He would have to make this be a long enough time period, say quite a few hours or up to a full day, to be truly effective so as to cause me to pay attention, not forget, and make him/his words be top of mind.

He could something like, “apparently I don’t matter enough for you to show me respect or to remember things that I ask you to do. It seems you need to be reminded to focus on me and that I am in-charge. Today you’ll go where I go. You’ll need to ensure that you can have eyes on me at all times.”

So whatever room he is in, I’ll also need to be in. When he moves (from room to room), I’d need to be prepared to do the same without forgetting or refusing.

5) Take away my Technology (iPad and iPhone).

i would die. This would be worse than terrible. Enough said.

6) Stand in the corner Or hold coins on the wall with just a finger.

While this isn’t particularly creative really, as many subs are made to do this, i have not been. This would be a new one for US.

The best use of this discipline, in my opinion and especially for me, would be when i am mentally out of control. Say i am stressed, anxiety ridden, feeling overwhelmed, etc and i need a time out.

Staring at the wall or having to focus in on a single task, like holding a penny up without dropping it, would cause my mind to go still of all the outside things that have built up.

7) Forced orgasms.

All of the above was non-sexual discipline, related to non-sexual disobedient behaviors. There’s likely more that could be thought up, but that’s what i got for now.

Then there’s the sexual side.

The only real rules i have regarding anything sexual is that: 1) i am not allowed to touch or play with myself without permission, and 2) i am not allowed to orgasm without asking, even when we are having sex together.

Of course, while it isn’t a rule, anytime he wants to have sexual activities with me, i am to oblige. This doesn’t have to be a rule, as i believe it is a part of marriage. When we said “I do,” we gave the right to be intimate with one another to the other. And as a submissive wife, that means i gave permission to him to have sex whenever he wants. (Obviously there are reasons to refuse…. Physical illness being the primary one.). But saying no to sex, “just because i don’t want to,” is not a valid reason to say no.

For when i break my only two rules, spankings and the chastity belt are effective tools. But David could also do other things too (the whole point of this post)….. like…..

David has made me have forced orgasms once or twice before, but it wasn’t necessarily intended as a discipline. That was when i truly discovered what a “forced orgasm,” was really about.

When he’s done this before (made me continue to stimulate myself until allowed to stop), it was pain mixed with pleasure. And afterward, i really had NO desire to touch myself.

Final words

That’s all i can think of for now. Again, i am NOT a creative one so coming up with any of this was a challenge.

i usually consider the number seven (7) to be my lucky number, but as it is that these are punishments, i am not so sure it is “lucky” now.

Any other creative discipline suggestions that you may have, to get me from 7 to 8, and thereby allowing me to continue to think of “7” as lucky, would be welcomed!

What punishments have you given or received?!




  1. First of all, I love the ideas you’ve come up with. I do agree that punishment is a very tricky thing. Like you, spankings and canings rarely work for me because I love that sort of pain. Maintenance canings are actually a reward on my end and Master delivers them in such a way that I can process the pain well and reach subspace, which is very much like a drug for me. There is a very specific sort of pain I dislike, however, and that is sting-y pain by paddles and the like. Master uses these implements sans a warmup if he’s punishing me.

    Other punishments I have tried in the past that have worked include hot sauce/bengay on my clit and labia, having to eat only bland food for a period like soylent, corner time with hands above my head and painful nipple clamps, a prolonged period up to a month of edging, denial and chastity belt wear. Having to sleep on the floor was also something we used as a punishment in the past which worked very well, but now I am used to it and actually enjoy sleeping on the floor. :p

    Hope you find something that works!

    • LQP,
      These ideas are definitely all things I would not like and I suspect you don’t either! I don’t think I’d come to enjoy sleeping on the floor, but then again, never say never!
      Hugs, Marie

  2. Have you thought of a punishment you and David could agree on related to meals? You said David does a lot of the cooking. Could you be required to eat plain, unappetizing food for a period of time?

    • When it comes to food not letting women use their hands to eat leaving home to just use their mouths or have them eat out of dog dishes is very effective in humbling them

      • Matthew,
        This sounds very humbling for sure. Not sure if I’d like to do this or if I’d submit properly.

    • Peter,
      I’d say plain food wouldn’t probably bother me. I could probably eat the same thing for a week straight, at every meal, and be a-ok with it. I’m a person who tends to eat because I have to, not because I want to. Don’t get me wrong, David cooks amazingly well, so I eat amazingly well too. But left to my own devices, I could eat cereal and be happy too. So while a good suggestion, probably not effective as a punishment for me. In fact, I’d be the opposite. Being made to eat very spicy foods would do me in!

  3. Hey Marie, this is going to be a long comment because I just copied it from a response B once gave to another blogger ( who deleted the entire thing without even acknowledging him ….rude!)

    I probably should have just emailed this to you instead as he refers to me, yet I’m the one commenting on your post. Lol

    Lines, not just stating rule broken ( I will not…..) but how it affected relationship and how it made me feel ” When I do-it demeans our dynamic and upsets my husband because” Also give a LOT of lines and a challenging time frame to do it within. I like to have willie spend/fret all day trying to accomplish her lines. I have a friend who made his wife use her alternate hand for a repeat offence. I’ve never done this as willie has dyslexia so meeting the numbers correctly is challenging enough for her. I also learned the hard way years ago to make sure I check the lines. Corrections have to be made, and not until they are done are the lines done.

    Kneeling naked on pebbles ( rice didn’t work here) with specific directions (eyes closed, head down,hands behind back,etc.) reflecting on what was done, how it affected us, how it was not true to her** nature, and what could have been done differently. ** This is a big one for willie. She’s a submissive and over the years has come to embrace who she really is, all other b*tchy/controlling aspects truly are not her. So when I mention I know she is not living her true self it changes her demeanour. She says it is because she believes I see her in that moment not her behaviour.

    Kneeling while writing lines(on paper against the wall)

    Sent to bedroom to assume a position, to address(stop)incorrect behaviour

    Ice applied to wrists, soles of feet or neck area and not allowing it to fall while reflecting ( usually on all fours- Willie hates the feel of icing dripping and it can be slightly painful if applied to certain areas, the collar bone, the small of the back, above the pubic bone…just make sure to move it every few minutes or she’ll get used to the temp) Willie cannot stand being cold. I have to make sure whatever it is a choose it is long enough otherwise she just gets and stays angry due to the cold and discomfort. Timing is key.

    Submissive writing assignments(essay)with specific focus

    Plug (large one) alone, or with a combination of the above

    Cold shower (in the heat of the moment). I once told her to get in, clothes and all when she was ‘having a moment’. This was years ago and she still remembers it.

    Asking for specific permissions relating to rule broken for a period of time ie “Can I use my cell phone?- ” May I leave the room?” I told her if she couldn’t remember to communicate to me about …..then she’d have to ask for everything the next day so she could practice. If the boys were in the room she could state she was leaving and why, if not she was expected to ask.

    Severe limitation to time and or space ( Willie often refers to this as ‘house arrest’ even if it is just our room). Every moment of her spare time she is expected to be in our room, with no electronics, or phone.

    Limiting or eliminating use of something ie TV, internet, food item, or specific clothing. Or removal of communication….she has to remain silent for X amount of time, only speak when asked a direct question. .

    Holding arms straight out, unsupported, untill they shake or I direct otherwise (or various other positions). Occastionally I will add something random to this, ” Hold that pair of shoes above your head”. It makes her feel silly.

    Extra workload within a specific period of time relating to rule broken and with a heightened expectation of result (ie texting every half hour if she hasn’t answered my texts in a timely manner or forgot her phone- also have had her carry her phone in her left hand for a specific amount of time…a LONG time)

    Early bedtime ( like really early, 7 PM not an hour or so before when she normally goes) or sleeping on floor if behaviour is not changed to meet my expectation ( she had a choice to answer my question or sleep on the floor, stubborn as she was she ONCE slept on the floor)

    Inner thigh or bottom of the feet whacks with a cane…trust me it doesn’t take many like a spanking

    Clamps on areas- might sound sexual but if there is no sex it is apparently not that enjoyable 😉 PS toothpaste burns if applied in the correct area and it doesn’t lead to other things.

    All of these things are very effective, but I have learned a lot of it is more successful if it is accompanied by the right words from me. For example if she is disrespectful and I take away her computer/cell/phone, I might say, ” If you can’t speak to me respectfully, you cannot speak to anyone until you learn”

    I have also learned that for willie it is endurance that breaks through her stubbornness. I used to try some of the above things but not for very long (in her mind- too long if it were me) and we’d both be frustrated. For us I have also learned not to over use one method. She’s a challenge that way. She can overcome a lot. LOL

    • Willie,
      Reading this I learned a lot about you, and I also learned we are very similar in a lot of ways! I hate cold also. And I’d be stubborn enough to sleep on the floor as well! Ha.

      I like all these suggestions and I hate to admit it but, most all would be incredibly effective too!

      Thanks for giving me (another) glimpse into you and your Sir!

      • I forget that I no longer have a active blog lol. So people I comment on now have no idea about our story. I started blogging back in 2012 and slowed down about 5 or 6 years later. Sorry about assuming or forgetting you have no clue who I am beyond comments.


      • Willie,
        I have read some of the older stuff, but it’s been awhile too. So I’ve learned a lot more via your comments in the process then too. Thank you! Marie

  4. Thankfully I have never had to think up a punishment but these are the ones that work best for me, well not best for me exactly but effective.
    Repeated spanking, getting a second or third and once four spankings an hour or so apart. When I say spanking of course it means, usually, some implements. This is a throwback to childhood where punished at school meant punished at home. Trust me a belt after the cane hurts!
    Corner time. Very effective at calming me down. Coupled with various humiliations and I really regret it. My worst was spending an hour, naked, hands on head in full view of anyone who walked up to my front door. Ahhhhhh.

    • Joan,
      I suspect t your spankings hurt, as mine so too. So I’m thinking repeat ones, so close together, would definitely hurt!

      I’d not ,I have care to be exposed to anyone coming to the door. I think that would be very effective for me!

  5. I do like combining the idea of a small amount of hot sauce on your genitals and then David putting the CB on over it, AND Sir being in the same space. I think that the two together could be punishing, you struggling with uncomfortable genitals, and having to follow Sir around.

    • Merksmith,
      This sounds down right devious. I don’t know if I could handle this. Sounds incredibly painful. Which I suppose would make it also incredibly effective too.

  6. I highly recommend washing the mouth out with soap. It seems to be one of the more effective punishments I use on my girlfriend. I have her strip and stand at attention in the bathroom. Then I get a bar of soap and run it through her mouth scrubbing her tongue and the top of her mouth once I’ve done this for about three minutes I have her bite down on it and hold it for five minutes. It’s very effective she’s says it’s more demeaning and infantilizing to her than a spanking is. And there is something about seeing a beautiful grown woman stand red-faced, naked, with a bar of soap in her mouth that is a huge turn on for me.

    • Matthew,
      I’ve never liked the taste of soap. Once when I was young, my cousin got her mouth washed out with soap so the next day I bit into the soap bar in the shower to see what it would taste like. It was yucky and I still remember it too. So this would probably be pretty effective for me now too.

  7. Be made to pick trash outside for X hours (in a place that accumulates it)—humbling and time-consuming, but also of service to others.

    • James,
      This would maybe be effective. In living in Texas, we used to have a lot of debris and general trash all over the roads, but sometime mid-1980’s our then State governor created a program called, “Don’t mess with Texas” that asked people to adopt a stretch of a mile on roadways where they would clean up the debris periodically. Trying to clean up our state in the process. It worked. So over the years, I’ve cleaned quite a few mikes of road and I don’t know that I mind it really. Although admittedly it’s been a few years now and I may not find it as enjoyable with the bending it would require. Love the comment and thanks! Marie

  8. The hot-sauce idea isn’t bad, but some of the stuff that you have in Texas can cause long lasting irritation even blistering of some delicate tissues. A better choice is “Icy-Hot”; it feels cool when it first goes on, but a minute later it can feel incredibly hot. It doesn’t actually create any heat but rather works on the nerves. Don’t but the chastity belt over it, instead, he should tie your hands behind your back. Start with just the perineum and outer labia, add the underside of the breast the second time, then add inside the butt cheeks, then the areola, the outer surface of the inner labia, finally across the anus, vagina opening, the clit and nipples. Hopefully, you won’t ever get to the last step, because it’s really bad.

    • Hi Alan,
      I like where your head went to, but admittedly I was just thinking I’d have to eat the hot sauce and not put it on any parts! And David’s hot sauces are DEFINITELY hot, but everyone’s standards! Ha.

  9. I am spanked and receive corporal punishment such as the tawse or cane. I find serving corner time both reflective and humiliating particularly when made to stand or kneel with my hands on my head or arms folded behind my back like a child. Written punishments, either lines or essays, on my misbehaviour and punishment are very corrective particularly when they involve me sitting at a desk for many hours facing a blank wall. I receive other punishments the worst of which I hate is to be subject to wearing school uniform. I am so regretful of my wrongdoing when made to wear a shirt, school tie, grey pinafore dress, school socks and a navy or green woollen school cardigan. I do not like being punished but know that I must take the deserved consequences if I misbehave.

    • Thanks for the comments and thoughts Bethany. I think it’s crazy how as a submissive we (myself included) are “ok” with accepting a spanking, but then find it (nearly) worse to stand in a corner. I think dressed and sitting like a student at a desk would definitely be a reflective and humbling time for sure!
      I appreciate your words. Marie

    • Do you have to wear the school girl uniform out in public or very a extended period of time or is it just for one off punishments

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