297 – Without further ado… Fancy Steel belt review

So i have made you wait for several weeks now to get this review…. And you’ve waited very patiently indeed. i didn’t mean to make you wait, but like anything, first impressions may not tell the whole story. So i wanted to get to know the belt better before offering an opinion and now i can.

i write all this as i am here in-belt. i spent more time in belt now than out. i rather like it this way too. i will probably write an entire post sometime on the mental aspects of wearing a Chastity Belt in a world that most would see this as some perverted, insane, crazy thing. As you probably surmise, i do not share those same views (or else i would not wear it).

Here’s my thoughts…

Overall rating….

i am giving my Fancy Steel new, permanent, fitted, and very expensive Chastity Belt (CB) an ……overall rating: 9 out of 10.

Woo hoo! Mission accomplished, great job, kudos! (And the 1-point missing can and is expected to be fixed. i’ll explain further too.)

The ultimate 1-missing-point is not about the belt, but about the ordering and receipt process.

What needs to be fixed?

i am sure you want to know about this first. So i’ll just start here.

In a previous post, you saw a texting exchange between me and David where he mentioned the belt needing to “be fixed.” And this is also the reason for the 9 instead of a 10 rating.

When you read the word “fixed,” it implies that something is “broken,” but that’s not quite the case here. While the CB is in need of an adjustment to be made, it’s not actually broken either.

When the CB arrived, i immediately realized it did not have a rear opening to allow me to defecate while in belt. Instead, it was a solid rear cable extending from the dome shield over the vulva to the waistband.

Here’s a picture (from the Fancy Steel website) of what i got….

Without the rear opening, the belt must be removed to go poop, or else have a bigggggg mess to deal with. i’m not into messy (and thankfully neither is David), which means…. The belt comes off for that purpose. Which ultimately means, i have a key. Which ultimately means, it’s not working as intended.

i have NO clue why someone would spend this much money and wait this long for a belt that can’t be entirely used for the chastity purpose of taking away all their control, where another person is the key holder. But. i assume there is someone somewhere who would want this. But. No me.

The CB can still be used for its purpose, but only for short term fun.

While i can get on board with short term fun, and i am sure that’s what many do, what doesn’t add up for me is then why would someone spend THIS much money on the belt and not just go get a cheap(er) one if short term fun is their goal?! If it’s only going to be used in short time blocks, maybe say out to dinner and home again, then spend less money and DEFINITELY wait less time for its arrival.

In my opinion, the only time someone would spend 4-digits ($1,000 +) on a chastity belt would be for long term, serious wear, orgasm and physical control, and intense fun. And to do that, it MUST HAVE A REAR OPENING.

Well, also from their site, are a few pics of the rear opening of what i wanted:

These pictures are from the FS website and within the section regarding the belt i anted. Of course, I didn’t want a plug or an anal “covering” (like in the second pic), but it’s honestly hard to tell what was included in the “basic belt” and what was “add-ons” or extras. THAT is where the ultimate rating of 9 comes in.

i can appreciate them having add-ons and “more” available, but make it more clear from the start then too.

When i ordered it, because the pics were all shown together in the particular waist belt version that i wanted AND there didn’t seem to be an option to select “with or without the rear opening,” i thought i had ordered what i wanted. But apparently that’s not what happened.

Admittedly in the drop down menus were “add-on” optional parts for the belt, and the rear opening was one of them. Well. i saw that add-on, but didn’t select it when ordering for two reasons: 1) i thought the rear opening was included already (again, the pics all showed the belt WITH it), and 2) the drop down menu add-on said, “rear opening with plug.” So i assumed the belt came with a “rear opening, but without the rear plug” and because i didn’t want a plug, i didn’t select this add-on.

After it arrived and it wasn’t entirely what i wanted, i have been emailing back and forth with the Company owners and i am happy to report they are making this right. They are sending me the rear opening and as of the time of this writing, i am still waiting on its arrival, but (hopefully) it will arrive soon.

Now the owners and i have coordinated via email, where they are making this right. They have already put in the mail a rear opening, that i am sure i will be able to install, and get the belt into full order.

So the 9, instead of a 10 rating, is more about the ordering process, and the FIVE month wait, than the belt itself.

i would like to suggest to the company owners to improve their ordering and manufacturing and delivery processes, and the belt would be a 10 out of 10 rating. But that said, a 9 out of 10 is still an amazing product and not probably worth their time (or $!) in their eyes to improve things. But then again, the very first impression of them and their CB’s is the ordering, manufacturing, and delivery process too!


Into the details of the belt’s review, i will first start with comfort. i knew from the first few hours of putting it on that it was significantly more comfortable than the other belt. Just yesterday though, i came to realize just how much more comfortable as i was locked in the old belt with David leaving to go out of town.

We agreed that because i can’t defecate in the new belt yet, while he is out of town, the old belt would go on. Within (about) 3-hours, i was given the key and allowed to take off the old belt. It was that uncomfortable and causing irritants/chafing for me already that fast.

i had adapted to the old belt more than i realized. i had learned how to wear, move, and lay/sleep in it “just so” that it didn’t cause chafing. i had built up my tolerance and endurance with the old belt.

Now though, with the new belt, i see just how much better it is built with the right measurements and better quality that it is so much more comfortable to wear long term.

So now i am on an honor system while David is out of town for 5-days, in that i have the key. i am to wear the new belt 23-hours a day. i usually only defecate in the mornings, after waking and drinking coffee, so i am allowed time out of belt for that purpose. And of course, NO orgasms during this time either.

The comfort mainly comes in 2-ways….

1) the vulva covering. In looking at the pics, you can see the plate itself is curved into a sort of U-type shape whereas the old belt the plate was flat and straight. The curved shape fits better between my legs and minimize more of the natural curvature of a person’s body

As well, the edge of the plate has a circular-type beveled edge on it, whereas the old belt was just a flat-straight-edge. So the outer edges fit more into the u-shape of my body and the actual edge doesn’t feel so sharp against my thighs.

2) The Waist Belt is made in 3-distinct parts, held together by small, yet effective, screws. You can see the gold fastener and the screws in the top picture, on the left side of the waist belt. This is in comparison to the old belt that, while it was curved metal, it was just one piece.

The sides of this waist belt fit more snug and more in line with the natural curves of a waist than the old belt had. So when laying down in this belt, it doesn’t press or dig into my sides the way the old belt does.

Again, I didn’t even fully appreciate the comfort features on this new belt until i was in the old belt for a short period yesterday! But now, i know! (Never going back to that old belt again if i can help it!)


It is much easier to use the bathroom to urinate in this new belt over the old one.

Due to the U-shape mentioned above, the urine funnels into the dome (see the second picture above for the best angled view of the dome) and out of the holes much better than the old belt did. With the old belt, since the vaginal covering was flat, the urine just spilled out in any direction it wished to go.

i have learned to go to the bathroom sooner though than i might would have otherwise. At first, i dreaded going to the bathroom in the belt. That was true of both old and new belts. That’s because it seemed like such a process and a huge effort that i tried to do it as minimally as possible. i even think i stopped drinking as much fluids so as to only have to go a few times a day.

This new belt though is so much easier to clean up and dry off that it is just not an issue to go pee, except when i have to go badly. When my bladder is very full, the urine comes out so quickly that it fills the dome and spills over onto the sides of the plate covering. The effect is then the same with the new belt as the old belt. So now i go to the bathroom much more frequently than i did before so that the stream is not as strong and it flows through the dome and not out and all around it.

As i mentioned before, i have not defecated in the belt yet, so i can’t speak to that but i suspect it won’t really be different in the new belt than what that was in the old belt. And the old belt was super easy to go poop, that i expect this won’t be a problem. Once i get the rear opening AND on the belt AND have to poop, i’ll let you know for sure.


Both belts are equal in terms of showering. It is easy.

The old belt’s lock was not waterproof, but the belt was, so i made sure to cover the lock (with a Ziploc baggie) to avoid getting it wet. The new belt website says it is fully water proof, but as my luck has gone with their website, i am completely unsure if the LOCK is waterproof. As such, while i suspect the lock is water proof, i am just not trusting of it. So far to date, i have showered with the lock covered up the same as the old belt.


i didn’t know that SOUND would be something to consider, but it is. Due to the belt and the lock both being made of metal, when i walk the lock taps (gently) against the belt and there is a clinking sound. It’s not terribly loud, but it is obvious.

The old belt had this too, but it wasn’t quite as loud as this new belt. i didn’t really notice it much in the old belt, but this new belt is definitely louder!

i think the new one is louder because the lock itself is bigger. And with the bigger lock, comes more weight, comes a bigger clink.

i have had to adjust the way i walk a bit so as to minimize the sound, especially in times where it would be obvious to another person that it is coming from my waist. i don’t mind this as it is making me stay in the here and now to be cognizant of the belt at all times.

But i suppose in comparison to the old belt, the new belt has a negative mark against it for the louder sound. Given the old belt also had sound, i won’t give this new belt a lower mark though either.


The lock on this new belt is very tight on the circle knob that locks the belt pieces together and in place.

In fact, when it first arrived, i thought the lock was too small as i couldn’t figure out how to get it on/ off at first. i finally realized that it was that snug intentionally. And when you hold the lock at a 45 degree angle while it is surrounding the circle knob, and press down on the lock at the same time, it gives a slight ‘pop’ and gets itself into place.

Once i figured it out, it isn’t hard but it was NOT obvious what-so-ever!

In fact, when i first emailed the owners of Fancy Steel about the rear opening, i also told them the lock didn’t fit. It was only after they wrote back with instructions on how to make it pop into place did i realize how to make it work. i wrote back and told them, “You should have some sort of instructions or a short video showing people how to do that.”

They agreed. In fact, they said they will probably create a video now.

That said, after i figured out how to make the lock work, it is actually better than the old belt or old lock. Because it is SO tightly positioned against the circle knob, it would be difficult to cut it off. There’s just no room between the circle and the lock to fit any kind of cutter in there, which effectively makes the belt be just that much more effective.


Because this belt has a better waist belt fit, U-shaped Vagina cover and a very secure lock, the overall security is better than the old belt. While i could still get a finger in there and touch myself if i really wanted to, it’s not very easy or much of a true turn on. In fact, like the old belt, i have to stand in a sumo-wrestler sort of pose, with my legs held wideeeee apart and press a single finger under the plate to get access. And that finger is nearly pinched in the process too.

All in all….

A really well built belt.

And when it gets “fixed,” i will be very happy.

And so will David.

And that’s when the key will be taken away for real.

And that’s it.

(What did i miss? What else do you need to know?)




    • Matthew,
      It has absolutely increased my sex drive. Just like anything in life, the minute you say you can’t have something.. that is exactly the one thing you want. So being locked up and have my sex off limits, makes me want it even more. Marie

  1. You have covered all my questions, I was concerned about the waist fitting and the fit between the legs which is the last place I want chaffing lol. Thank you for the tips of things to look out for. Appreciate it. Your experience hopefully will improve mine.

    • Ahhhh, just nearly ordered one but need advice, I was going to buy hip fitting then wondered about comfort, is waist more comfortable? Then started worrying about lining, my preference was black leather but will it start to smell?
      To me this is a major life changer and a huge commitment, just scared that I get it wrong.

      • Hi Joan,
        I’ve only had hip fitting, so I can’t say for sure. The waist ones sit higher than the hip ones. I’ve read that if you have a flat stomach, waist is best and if you have a tummy, hip is best. Reason being isn’t so much for comfort but tightness/securing the pubic area.

        If you have a tummy and you get the waist, the waist band may not fit tight from the lowest part of your belly and into your pubic area (once it gets past your belly), it may not fit well or be secure at the crotch.

        I’ve always worn hip (or bikini) panties, so I thought it was best for me plus I have always had a pear belly shape with a bit of extra skin and fat (“muffin top”) right above my pubic area. So the waist fits me well.

        As to leather, it can’t get wet. It will break down the material and crumble away over time if/when it does get wet. That includes sweat. So if you live in an area that has hot temps (like me here in Texas) and you may get sweaty regularly, you may not want to have the leather lined option.

        I failed to mention it in my review, but I got the lined version of both the cheaper Chinese belt and the Fancy Steel. I ended up taking off the lining on both. I think I turned up allergic to the materials in the lining. As it sat against my skin for any length of time, I started to feel chafing and at first I thought it was a bad fit. Then I came to realize it was the lining causing itching and small sores. I’m not sure if it was the heat of Tx, maybe an allergy, or just the constant touch. The steel constantly touches too, but it doesn’t “stick” the way lining does and it moves more smoothly over the skin.

        I took the lining out of both and was much better. And believe it or not, the steel right against your skin feels quite pleasant overall.

        Hope this helps! Hugs, Marie

  2. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Done now, ordered the FS3 with rear opening and no lining. Don’t think I would have ordered without your insights not easy to get real information. Thank you so much.

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