296 – Today was a really good day

Today is Friday. (Okay, so technically NOW it is Saturday because i didn’t get this post fully written or posted for you. Oh well. Just go with it for me!)

And it’s been a crazy (good) day!

Friday equals Maintenance

Friday is my usual and typical day to receive a Maintenance Spanking. Usually before work and (more or less) before the day really starts, i Assume The Position to be spanked. As i have said on numerous occasions .. like here and here … it hurts. ALL spankings do. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be effective. So while i know i need it, i don’t ever look forward to it either. (Imagine that. i do NOT look forward to having my ass torn up! Oh.. how surprising! Not!)

i get up before David on most days where i sit on the couch, surfing the internet (or writing you, as i am doing at this moment), while drinking my coffee. Anywhere from 30-60 minutes later, when i hear him stirring from our bed, i immediately cease my activities and get his coffee made so that the first thing he sees upon leaving our room… is … ME! And his coffee too.

He’s never made me do this, but i felt it was a good way for me to show RESPECT to my husband. i do this all on my own and (most days) without reservation. i won’t lie, some days i don’t feel like doing it. But i typically have enough self discipline to make myself do it anyway, as i know it’s a good submissive wife thing to do!

i wouldn’t be in trouble if i do NOT do it, but when i do, he appreciates me even more. (But seriously, who wouldn’t want to be the first thing their husband laid his eyes on at the start of the day?! And especially on those days i am naked … which is NOT today as it’s toooooo feeakinggggg colddddd. i hate cold. i live in Texas for a reason!)

Too cold in the US, including Texas

Today started the same. And upon greeting my Sir, handing him his coffee, and getting a kiss too, i went to the shower. i was in the middle of shampooing my hair when i heard him come into our closet and he was cussing up a storm while getting dressed.

As is the case for most of the US right now, we had a cold front that settled upon us overnight last night. Yesterday it was 60 degrees at noon, and by 6p it dropped below freezing and hasn’t risen above it since. The temp isn’t supposed to be above freezing again until sometime late Saturday afternoon or maybe even Sunday. THAT is pretty unusual for us Texans. Our average temps this time of year are between 40-60.

So when i asked David what was happening, i found out that our pool equipment had frozen up and as such, our pool was draining. Our pool equipment has an auto drain feature that is typically good, to stop it from overflowing or flooding our backyard (and/or nearby house) when there is equipment failure, but today… it’s Not good! It’s not good when the water pipes are frozen and the pool is NOT overflowing. David had to get the drainage pump valve closed to stop the drain.

Plans change. Roll with it. No maintenance today.

Needless to say…i did NOT get out of the shower to assume the position and be spanked. As well, it was good too that i had already decided to work from home today.

Instead of work or being spanked, David ordered me to go to Walmart to get 100 ft hoses to connect to the side-of-the-house spigots to start refilling the pool. Of course, we soon discovered one of the spigots was frozen up so only the one could be used, making this more challenging, but still doable.

David is a pretty good handyman though and he got it all figured out. And ultimately without THAT much trouble….But ….not without a lot of stress first thing this morning too. (The pool people will have to come assess the damage next week after the thaw and Christmas, where they’ll tell us how much money it will cost to fix this. Praying it’s not tooooo many $$$$$$$!).

That was when David said, “it would not be fair for me to take out my frustrations on your butt. So we will skip maintenance until I can regain my composure.”

^^^^^ THIS is the difference between loving discipline and abusive beatings. i am loved, NOT abused.

Massage Therapist = Stress Relief

Sometime around lunch David got the idea to text our favorite massage therapist and ask if she was available to come to our house tonight to relieve some of this pent up stress. She was available and she was to arrive at 4.

Now to my knowledge anyway, at this moment, David fully intended this to be legit, true, regular, vanilla-style, massages for each of us, and that works for me!

But then sometime mid-afternoon, i wasn’t so sure that was all Sir had in mind either as he announced, “I think we will do maintenance today after all.”

And by the way he said this, i could tell there was more to that statement. He continued by saying, “I think I’ll have her spank you.”

Now i didn’t know how serious he was, and honestly, i thought he was likely pranking me. But then he showed me a text he sent her saying i needed to be spanked on Friday’s to be reminded to be a good girl. This created a question about “maybe he is serious. Maybe she will spank me.” Now i seriously wondered if she’d even show up as maybe now she’d be too weirded out with our kinky world colliding with her not-kinky-world OR if she did show, would she actually WANT to spank me!? Time will tell!

Belt removal is a privilege

About 30-minutes prior to her arrival, Sir instructed me to remove my chastity belt that had been on for about 48-consecutive hours. It went on after i arrived home the day the SOP was issued and has only come off for a short shower and went back on within that same hour.

As with the Submission & Belt Rules post said already that ‘being out of belt is indeed a privilege’ is one rule and privilege i am already learning to respect!

i have not been touched, played with, used, or allowed to orgasm for 48-hours. Admittedly, not a terribly long time, but not insignificant either.

Of course, Sir didn’t ignore me sexually. He only denied my sexual satisfaction. He talked about how this is the new normal, about how “nah… You don’t need it tonight…” and has already instructed me to give him a blow job while in-belt. He’s enjoying this new found power for sure.

So needless to say, my pussy was happy to breathe fresh air! And there was NO way i was abusing this privilege.

Friday Maintenance will happen after all.

Then. The massage therapist actually did arrive! It was decided i would get a massage first, and then David would follow. The table was set up in our bedroom and with our son home from college and the dog, the door was closed, providing privacy.

She has amazing hands that find every knot and tight muscle. She works them out and loosens and relaxes everything in a pleasing and good way. Like all massages, she had started with me face down and was working feverishly on my neck, shoulders, and back. Her masterful hands had me feeling good already!

Midway through my vanilla-regular massage, i heard our bedroom door open and shut. i was still face down, but i knew it was David coming in. i heard him walk to the opposite side of our bed, where the paddle and the riding crop and the cane are all stored. i suddenly felt my heart start to race a little. He was indeed going to have her spank me. How humiliating, and yet terribly sexy hot too!

i had an entire scenario play out in my head….

He’d tell me, “Baby girl, it’s time. You’ll accept this with the submissive grace you always do.” To which i would, of course, respond with, “Yes Sir.”

He would then turn to her and show her the tools, let her pick which one she wanted to use, where she may even be a little nervous from inexperience combined with curiosity, and then he’d talk to her about how to use it.

She’d tap my bottom gently and he’d say something like, “oh she didn’t even feel that. You need to remind her who’s in charge and why she needs this and even who she is. Do it again but more forcefully.”

And when she only barely still tapped my ass with her tool of choice, David would pick up another one and say, “Let me show you. That left ass cheek can be yours, and this right one can be mine.” And only a second later, i would feel the full force of his hand with his tool of choice on my right side.

Then he’d look at her and say, “now your turn.”

Together, they would then trade off making my ass cheeks burn while i worked to stay silent. i would only break the silence when they would ask if i was feeling ok, where i would respond with the proper “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’am,” depending on who had asked.

To my surprise though, none of that is not what actually happened.

No maintenance, only adult fun!

What actually happened was far better for me, as my ass never did turn any other color than it’s natural pink. i already said above that while i know it’s needed, i NEVER look forward to being spanked. Today was no exception.

It was almost at the same time i had this whole scenario ending in my head, the therapist said, “Time to turn over (onto your back).”

i knew upon turning face up, that a spanking was not going to happen. For a hot second i couldn’t decide if i was happy to not be spanked or not. Some part of me was turned on and my puss was dripping at the thought of being spanked (owned!) by my Sir and this therapist. But the reality is… spankings hurt …. and the “fun” of that fantasy would be short lived!

As soon as i was facing up, David walked to the head of the massage table, where i could clearly see he was naked. And his intentions became immediately clear.

With his cock in hand and already hard, he straddled my face and pressed downward. His cock was touching my lips and i knew my place. i knew the expectation. It was no hardship on me to open wide and let him slide his cock straight down my throat either!

i felt my pussy let out her juices as she sung out with delight at how my Sir was going to use my mouth for his pleasure. To provide pleasure for my Sir when and where and however he pleases, is the most amazing feeling for me…. Next to having this therapist’s hands all over me working out the tension ever-so-effectively!

THESE are the moments i live for. THIS is when it feel most submissive. When i am being used for Sir’s ultimate pleasure!

At that moment i wondered what the therapist must be thinking, but that moment was fleeting as i refocused solely on my Sir and his beautiful cock that filled my mouth. And i began to suck in earnest and with passion.

He pressed deeper in my mouth. i was grateful for the angle, where i was beneath him and he towered over me, as i felt his cock slide into my throat and my nose collide with his ball sack too.

Then he began slowly pumping my face with his cock. He moved slowly, with passion and intention. It felt amazing to be filled and used in this way. i felt his love flowing full for me as he made-love to my face instead of just fucking me with all abandon.

i focused on ensuring my jaw remained wide open so my teeth didn’t dare scrap against his precious cock, while working to breath at the moments i was able to get air, which was when he pulled out.

He continued for a few minutes this way, at the same time as i felt her hands rubbing on my legs and spreading them wide. i felt fingers on my mons and soon penetrate my puss. i wasn’t sure, nor did i really care, who’s fingers it was. What i knew was it felt amazing!

Sir’s movements slowly came to a stop, where his cock was then just deeply seated down my throat. My left nostril was closed as it was fully pressed against his balls and unavailable to me. i focused on breathing through my right side and forcing my mind to relax (not panic), to which i did with success.

It was then, as he was holding himself deep in my throat, he bent forward at the waist. As if it were even possible, he managed to press his cock even further down my throat. He was on top of me, so that he and i were effectively in a 69 position. But with her between my legs too, we were more in a 3-D triangle where i was the base and they were the top.

With them being face to face at the top of our triangle, i have no idea if they kissed, touched, or even looked at one another. i didn’t have that visual, nor was i able to ask, even if it was my place to do so. i wouldn’t have cared if they did.

In fact, i was hoping they did. i didn’t want this to be about me, but rather about Sir and even her too. i only want my body to be the center of attention for the purpose of serving as an instrument for their pleasure. My joy and pleasure is more full when i am serving their needs rather than if or when i were being served.

As if that wasn’t enough, this position also resulted in Sir’s thighs fully surrounding my ears and cutting off most all sound for me too. As well, my arms were by my sides unable to be useful in any meaningful way.

As such, i was effectively pinned in place. This was a good thing for me as it made me still my mind, focus on allowing my body to be used, while keeping my Sir’s cock hard and happy. i felt 100% happy and loved by my Sir! i was exactly where i wanted to be …. and where my Sir wanted me to be too!

It was in this moment i felt a warm mouth, followed by a talented tongue, touch my pubic regions. i could tell from the new and different feelings, it was her. She was between my legs and loving on me from there, while my Sir was simultaneously allowing me to love on him while he watched her play with HIS pussy.

She was soft and moved with style and grace. Women are so much more sensual than men. Women are warm and kind and slow, where men are typically rough and use a pussy for what they want. i love them both for all these reasons.

While my pussy started to respond, my mouth expressed its thanks. My tongue managed to find the few open places in my mouth, allowing me to bring my Sir’s cock pleasure and keep it hard as he enjoyed watching the therapist eat me out.

It was but another minute and i felt my orgasm rise. i heard the words in my head, “Sir, may i please cum?” But of course, my mouth was too full to allow any utterance of such words. i did use my hands to tap on my Sir’s legs with urgency, but i wasn’t sure if he knew the message i was trying to convey as he said nothing.

i let the orgasm wash over me. i let myself go and feel it entirely.

i was floating, yet still very much pinned in place. In spite of my orgasm, her amazingly warm tongue and fingers continued to assault my pussy. Or maybe it had switched to my Sir’s tongue or fingers now. i felt nothing but pure unadulterated bliss. And from who ever was delivering it, i didn’t care but instead was just incredibly appreciative.

We continued on for a bit more. They moved into other positions, but with me always on bottom. i felt more orgasms wash over me much in the same ways the waves of the ocean do, where like the ocean waves, i basked in the feeling of it all and let myself feel. While my head uttered the words over and over, “Please may i cum Sir?,” my fingers tapped on whosever legs were near me.

At one point, she asked if i was “tapping out,” at a time when i didn’t even realize it was her that i was touching. Of course, i then smiled and told her how i had felt beautiful orgasms flow from me. Sir never did speak about it, but i know he knew what message my fingers were delivering and he approved.

How did it end?

After i orgasmed so many times, i was floating in subspace and delirious with joy. i don’t know for sure if she orgasmed, despite a few times hearing sounds that implied she may have.

In truth, i am also unsure if my Sir orgasmed either. That’s because at the point i recovered and came back to Earth, i was becoming self conscious of being the center of attention and i really didn’t like that feeling at all. It was then that i gracefully rose and invited my Sir to lay on the table.

He laid on the table face up, and she began to massage his legs as i dressed myself. i leaned in and kissed him on the lips, while thanking him.

i looked and smiled at the therapist and said, “He’s all yours. Feel free to relax him the way you just relaxed me.” And i quietly left the room.

Maybe he made her orgasm, or maybe she made him. Or maybe she just gave him a true, vanilla-style, massage. i don’t know and afterward, i didn’t ask. i could have, but i didn’t want to.

And soon enough, she was off toward home.

The rest of the evening

Our son then had his girlfriend over (the entire time the therapist was over they were upstairs, probably doing some deep thrust kissing of their own and too busy to even know what we were up to downstairs!), where we all ate together over my favorite Japanese take out that i had gone to get.

That was followed by a drive around the neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights on the houses. That wasn’t something David wanted to do, so he stayed home. My son drove and i was pleased to just ride along while continuing to focus on the relaxed feelings i felt.

It was then that i realized i had not put the Chastity Belt back on, but.. i i also had not been told i had to either. i texted David, “i didn’t put the Belt back on Sir.”

He texted back, “And you aren’t playing with yourself.”

i wasn’t sure if he was making a statement about the obvious at that moment, or a declaration that it wouldn’t happen upon my return either, so i asked for clarity. He replied with, “Yes.” i took that to mean both now or later!

i decided to test the waters and ask, “How soon after i return does the belt need to go back on?”

He said, “Immediately.”

Third night in chastity

As soon as i was home then, i obeyed. The belt went back on. It felt good to have it off, but it is now beginning to also feel good to be in its place. (i have NOT begged to have it off whatsoever. That’s probably why i got to orgasm as much as i did today! My reward!).

Sir was true to his word and didn’t allow me to touch myself. When i teasingly asked, already knowing his answer, “do you want to touch me again before i lock it up Sir?!?” the answer came back, in a smirky tone, “uhm… no thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I have the key and know how to use it if I change my mind.”

And with that, the lock snapped in place.

My third night sleeping in belt went better than the first two. i am starting to settle into the feel of it and become more relaxed to sleep too, which was pretty good too.

Or maybe i slept well after still feeling drunk on the feelings from the day ….

NOT being spanked,

amazing massage,

being used for my Sir’s pleasure,

multiple amazing orgasms,

spending time with our son (and his GF) over dinner and lights,

being put back in-belt,

My Sir being dominant, decisive, and absolutely in control,

Or all of the above….. where i know i am loved and being my best/ most submissive self!

THIS is already becoming a favorite Christmas to remember!




  1. Just wondering did you know from prior discussions that the massage therapist was open to sexual stuff with clients? Or was it just suggested to her on the spur of the moment. I think most professional massage therapists would be very offended by sexual suggestions.

    • Ayush,
      I didn’t really know what she expected. David talks to her more directly than I do, so he may have suggested these things beforehand but I’m not sure. I did ask if she was uncomfortable afterward and she said no. But I guess we will know for sure if/when she will ever return. Marie

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