280 – A near miss

Tonight i nearly got myself spanked. i managed to get myself under control but barely.

i got soooo mad at David. And i think he knew it, but instead of getting mad back at me or spanking me, he decided to play a game of poker and call my bluff. The thing is, i was mad and not bluffing at all.

He has a bad habit of turning the tv on, start a show, and get up and walk out of the room. And that’s what he did tonight. Twice.

Now i am usually pretty amiable to watching anything. But what i do not like is him changing the channel to then leave the room. If you aren’t staying, then hand me the remote and let me pick something myself.

i didn’t know where he went or when he’d return. i decided pretty quickly that i liked the second show way less than the first. So i wasn’t really watching too much of it and my mind started to wander.

i started thinking about sex and sexy thoughts and taking my clothes off and sitting on David’s lap and…..i found myself very aroused in a hurry! Yet he was nowhere to be found. i haven’t a clue where he was or what he was doing, but I knew i probably didn’t need to touch myself either.

i also knew David had irritated me with the wandering and the channel changes so i wasn’t too sure i even really WANTED to do any sexy stuff with him. Don’t get me wrong, he was probably doing something worthwhile, but i hadn’t a clue what that was. All i knew for sure was he wasn’t spending the time with me.

So i went and put on my chastity belt. i decided this was the best course of action to keep myself from myself.

Of course RIGHT as i walked out of our room, David materialized. He saw the belt immediately and said, “you decided you needed it on?”

“Yes Sir.”

And i went and sat on the couch, and started watching tv again. He came out, sat down, and Sid, “it’s too bad you put the belt on. i was about to start playing with you.”

“Well, i can take it off Sir. Do you want me to?”

“No, you have it on now. It may need to stay on for a week.” Is what he said as he grinned. Yeah right.

At this point, i had stood up and walked over to him, ran my hands through his hair and said, “Would you like me to take it off Sir? This is just to keep me away, not you away.”

“No, go sit down.” so frustrating!

So i did. Went and sat down.

NOT EVEN FIVE MINUTES LATER…. we had been quiet and started rewatching tv when he says, “well…. Are you going to take it off?” WTF. Just tell me what you want already! i am not a mind reader!

This is when i started to lose it. i looked at him and with an exasperated tone said, “you JUST told me it might stay on a week and to go sit down. So no, i wasn’t going to take it off but rather now i was just trying to do as i was told.”

He said, “if I told you to stand up, would you?”

i rolled my eyes and looked away. Calm down. Don’t be stupid. This is a dumb conversation and not worth getting spanked over.

And with that, he got up and left the room. Of course he did!

He went towards our bedroom. Do not go in there. Just relax in the living room for a bit more.

He was gone around 5’ish minutes and i hear, “SO….. you gonna come in here with me?” Oh crap, now what?! Okay, fine. While it was a question, it was not optional. i know i have to get up and go. FINE!

i go to the bedroom and the scene i saw was one of David on the bed, naked, with the bedroom tv on and his cock in hand. His cock was obviously rock hard.

He motioned to the tv and said, “wanna watch it with me?”

He had porn showing on the tv with a submissive girl tied up and two men with her. One man had his cock in her mouth and the other with his cock in her pussy. Her hands were tied behind her back, with the ropes intertwined between her tits causing them to be swollen and enlarged.

The scene looked divine!

i started to climb on the bed, intending to “watch tv” or suck David’s cock. At this point, i wasn’t too sure if the belt could come off or not… as i put it on, but that didn’t mean it had permission to take it off.

When David said, “well, you gonna take it off already?!” Okay, that answered that question at least.

We proceeded to have really great sex.

Porn playing in the background as i rode his cock. i was still mad and i didn’t want to ask permission to orgasm so i was prepared to just NOT. David figured this out in a hurry though and asked me if i was being a brat and needed to be spanked. NO! i most definitely do NOT need to be spanked. Okay… maybe i do. But i won’t say that out loud because i don’t want it, even if i need it!

He managed to get me to orgasm, despite my stubbornness and determination NOT to. Which was really dumb of me to hold out. It only hurt myself. i could’ve probably had more than one, but i just didn’t want to be humble and ASK to orgasm. i didn’t care though.

After we both orgasmed, i picked up my iPad and started typing. David asked me if i was going to report how bratty i was. NO. Why would i do that?! lol.

i couldn’t help but think, “if i tell my readers about being bratty, wouldn’t they wonder why you didn’t spank it out of me?! Who is right here…. Me for being bratty, you for not spanking me, Or none of the above?! i have to say NONE!.

So now i have attempted to give you an (mostly) unbiased opinion of the night’s events.

Yes – i was a brat

No – i did not get spanked for it.

Yes – i probably should have been.

No – i wasn’t going to ask for it!

No – i don’t think i will ask for it tomorrow either!

Yes – instead of a spanking, i got to orgasm. Yet another one. And finally, i am happy and not mad… and still not spanked either.




  1. control and orgasmed to boot. I call that a successful evening. Not to mention that the temperature of your bottom’ exterior is comfortably cool. Besides that HE is the only one with the authority to say if u need a butt warmin’
    And he didn’t say it
    BOTTOM line. … Great job!
    Thanx for sharing this great post!

  2. Sheesh.
    I have no idea how to have an orgasm, let alone have control over “not” having one.
    My husband is always telling me when we are doing sexy stuff together, “I want you to have an orgasm.” Maybe he should start spanking me every time I *don’t* have one. I wonder if I would learn, eventually.

    • Trying,
      Thanks for the comment. You made me LOL, literally, with your comments. Yeah, I was surprised myself at how much I have gotten to orgasm. In fact, I’ve felt a little guilty about it to be honest. But. It was David’s idea and desires for me to do so… so…. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Ha! Marie

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