277 – New perspectives; Chastity is physical and mental!

David comes home tonight after 4-days out of town, AND 4-days of me being locked in my chastity belt (CB). i am super excited to see him again. i am so in-love with my husband that when he’s away, i miss him terribly. And having been in my CB the entire time, it has served as a (quite literal!) tangible reminder of his absence.

i anticipated being “more miserable” in the CB than i actually am. i envisioned myself becoming quite anxious to have it off and begging for Sir to allow my release. But frankly, the opposite has happened.

Being perfectly honest, i am almost dreading taking it off now. i suspect some of you may be surprised to read that, but maybe some of you are surprised that i am surprised (and you saw it coming all along).

The CB has become part of me and i am proud to wear it. It is a symbol of my submission, representing so much………

1) in this vanilla world we live in, where so many people just wouldn’t understand my desire to submit wholly, just like my submission is somewhat hidden, the CB is hidden under my clothes and no one knows it’s there. Except me. And my Sir. But that’s ok because, like our relationship, i have a desire to do as my Sir wants, not as the world thinks it should be. So it may be hidden, but it’s still there.

2) i gave my whole body to David when i married him, but i didn’t relinquish control until i submitted to him. Even then though, i didn’t give up the ability to sexually satisfy myself really until i started wearing this CB as part of my routine. i struggled to keep my hands off my pussy, especially when he was away out of town. But when i am locked up, i literally can’t touch my girly parts when she’s covered in chastity. But it’s not mine to touch. It’s David’s and ONLY David’s. THIS is how it should be!

3) when i gave up my ability to sexually satisfy myself, i became even more reliant upon my Sir. i have started to crave his touch and love, not my own or anyone else’s either! When trusting him for my needs, i rely his strength and ability to take full care of me… in EVERY way.

4) When i rely on David to give me what i need, i am giving him credit to his ability to lead us both. It builds him up even stronger than he was before. It empowers him to be bold and confident. When i wear the CB, it reminds me of the strength of the steel and how it doesn’t yield much at all ever. But what is contained within is always yielding to its power and strength. While it can be broken (or cut) with the right tool, it doesn’t do it willingly and it would be a very intentionally disrespectful act for me to break it apart in that way.

5) Sometimes the CB chafes a bit, but never leaves permanent markings either. It’s a bit uncomfortable when it does that and i have to readjust my sitting position. i can move the CB up/down about a half inch here or there, so i can maneuver it into a better place. This makes me think of how i am constantly actively recommitting myself to submission to David. i have my choice to readjust the CB or to complain and beg for release. Not everything in a marriage is comfortable but if you trust and lean on one another, you can readjust as necessary and find strength in that moment too.

i could go on. And over time and this blog, i probably will.

Today though, i am excited to see my Sir and hopeful he will release me for his use and pleasure for both of us today. Although i am uncertain and do not necessarily expect my release, i am SO wanting it too! (Wanting a “release” from the CB… to orgasm!)

i saw an article or story on Literotica that was not so sexual really, but spot on for me. i shared it with David yesterday and i will share it with you now also.

Woman in Chastity on Literotica.

The way this Literotica story was written, i wonder if it was fiction or nonfiction as it feels like it could be either one really.

After David read it, i asked his thoughts.

He said, “it was an interesting perspective that I had never thought of.”

To which i responded, “it describes me wholly and the way i think about the CB.”

Sir said, “interesting.”

i then asked if that surprised him and he said, “I guess not.”

i asked one last question, “does that mean we might use the CB even more?”

And the answer was, “maybe.”

While i think that meant he will be thinking about the CB’s regular use, i honestly think he probably will use it more. i say that because later in the afternoon yesterday i told him i was anxious to have him home…. And for him to remove the belt to use me to satisfy him. To which he said, “You assume I need the CB off to use you to satisfy me.”

And he was right. i did assume. That the CB would be off soon. And that i would be played with too. But it may not be… the CB off OR that i am played with!

As i said above, i almost dread having it off now too. But i want it off for bits. To be used and played with. But the belt has become a real part of me in a lot of ways. But i do want it off and to have Sir play with me and to allow me to orgasm too! (have i said i want to be played with?! I DO!)

i have to stop assuming so much.

All i know is Sir will be home around 4pm today! And i will be ready and waiting… at the door… wearing nothing but my chastity belt! (And probably my collar too). ❤️



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