276 – You will learn

Tonight i had a lesson-learning kind of conversation/ experience with my Sir. It ended with me saying, “i hope so Sir. 😔”

And it started with……

Me flirting. He is still out of town and i am still locked up.

i got home from work about 6pm and shortly thereafter he texted me, “what’s for dinner?”

It happened that he had a half drank bottle of wine corked on the counter from before he left. i looked at it. I thought, “it won’t last THAT much longer. And i decided it is Friday night and i want to enjoy the remainder of it!” So i poured the remaining half a bottle of red into a single glass. The glass was completely full.

To answer Sir’s question about dinner, instead of just using my words, i answered with a picture. i had already stripped naked (except my collar and my belt), so it was easy to snap and sent him a pic of me holding the glass between my boobs.

i added, “i’m thinking of having a liquid dinner tonight Sir.”

Now he knows i am a light-weight when it comes to alcohol. Half a bottle of red wine was going to make me quite tipsy, if not fully drunk. Not only that, when i drink i become incredibly desirous of sex and orgasms…. Yes, plural! In other words, feed me one glass of alcohol and i will open my legs before you even have enough time to tell (or ask) me to do so!

That was when i started flirting heavily with more pics and more sexting. i probably sent about 10-different photos in various positions. My hand squeezed my tits, my hand rubbed alongside the belt covering my pussy, i said very sexual things, and i WANTED my release!

And then he texted, “should I let you out?”

i responded immediately with, “yes…. If you will let me play with myself.”

And i sent him another pic, of me squeezing my nipple hard.

He responded with, “yea. And send me more pictures.”

I knew he meant, “sure, unlock yourself and orgasm… but you have to send pics and lots of them.”

Now despite my inebriated state, this is where my mind came grinding to a halt. Did i REALLY want release? Did i just top from the bottom to get him to succumb to MY desires?

Did i just abuse my female-power to seduce my Sir into this?

i think i just did.

So i responded, “this would be bad for me Sir. You don’t want me to play by myself and with myself. You should keep me locked until you return on Sunday, which i know was your original plan.”

Or maybe NOW i am topping from the bottom. Geez, i was just trying to get things back to where they were but now i think i just made it worse instead of better!

He said, “Nope. I do. I want to see if you will get it out of your system.”

For me, orgasms are like taking drugs. The more i get, the more i want!

i wrote, “i won’t!”

But then i was really sexually needy so i sent him another picture of my hand moving closer to my pussy, where he saw my hand and it’s intention but it was stopped by the belt.

But he just told me to take it off, play, orgasm, and send pictures. Why was i not doing it already?

This is where he wrote about how one of his employees was driving him crazy. (He is the department head at his office… he is in-charge there and at home!).

BUT THIS IS COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO MY (or his) SEXUAL NEEDS. He is distracted. Okay, maybe this is good, for both of us. Talk about something different!

He told me what was bothering him about her. She was NOT listening to his direction. She was not doing as she was told. Instead she was texting, calling, and emailing him on a Friday night, now almost 7p trying to get her way. Oh my… this is bad for him to have two women (her and me) in his life trying to get their way when neither of us is in a position of authority to do so! Just hit me upside the head with a 2X4 now! This was exactly what i was doing to him now too.

i texted, “she’s distracted you from a good evening sexting with me Sir.”

“Yes she has! She has pissed me off! Blame it on her.”

i decided to try to get him distracted from her and back to me. i used the key to unlock the lock on my belt, but did not remove the lock. It was just hanging there. And i sent him a pic with the words, “Should it come off?”

And i got a one word answer, “Nah.”

“i can distract you from her. Bring you back to the weekend Sir. Bring myself to orgasm and send you better pics. And actually do what you told me to!”

“I changed my mind.”

“Why would you do that? Was it because i didn’t listen Sir?” i asked him.

Was leaving the belt on now my idea or his? i have myself so confused and i haven’t a clue who is really in charge now. W-H-Y did i have to be so bossy and try to get my way anyway? i am no better than his annoying employee now.

He wrote, “probably!”

Now he texted even more about this female employee having pissed him off royally because she just wouldn’t stop trying to plead her case and get her way, when he wasn’t going to budge. He knew she was wrong and he was right, even if she wouldn’t admit it.

i put the lock back in its place and removed the key.

He never even asked or commented about me (maybe) removing the lock officially and removing the belt (fully) and pleasuring myself (without permission). He assumed i had done none of those things. And he assumed correctly.

i listened to him. We texted more about that situation and i offered my support.

Some time a bit more, i said, “i am mad at her. She’s distracted you, made you mad, and made your evening not enjoyable at all.”

Then i added, “And i guess i am also mad at myself. i should have listened to you when you said i needed to get out of the belt, cum, and send lots of photos about it too.”

i finished with, “Her and i both need to do better.”

He wrote, “I agree.”

All this conversation and texting took several hours in total and he finally wrote, “Going to sleep soon.”

To which i wrote back, “Sleep well Sir.”

And he told me to do the same. i thought about that for just a minute and said, “i doubt i will Sir. i wasn’t very good for you tonight. i should have taken the belt off when i could have and followed your directive.”

“Yes, you should have.”

“i’m sorry Sir.”

You will learn.”

And that’s when i ended with, “i hope so. 😔”

One day. i might just learn a lot…… Like:

** how NOT to top from the bottom.

** how NOT to try to manipulate Sir into me getting my way.

** how to just follow his lead.

** how to do as i am told without causing havoc.

** how to thoroughly show complete respect to Sir.

** how to be a much better submissive wife…….

i went to bed sad and disappointed in myself.

i will try to do better again tomorrow.

Despite him not being home to deliver a much-needed discipline, with his words, “you will learn,” i know he said it all. i know he didn’t have to spank me, as that was enough. Hopefully i can prove Sir right.




  1. You ARE learning.I am impressed. You have a deep seated desire to submit to your husband and you are striving to get there. You want to meet his needs and desires not what you want him to want or need.
    There will be growing pains but you really are growing in submission. . The Bible says “Weary not in well doing” and you are doing well..
    I love that drive you have and have had for several years. It seems to have intensified over time and that says volumes about your strivings for a deeper submission
    Keep it up!
    Thanx for sharing this great post!

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