275 – Pouting already?

Locked up. As of this morning. David has done this 4-day trip differently than i anticipated or what’s happened in previous trips.

He did NOT lock the lock himself. In fact, when he left, i was out walking with the dog and NOT in the belt at all.

He left the key in plain sight. Right there. On the table. i didn’t understand at all.

When i got home, i saw the key in the lock, on the dresser, next to the belt and the metal plate that holds it all together too. i snapped the picture you see above and sent it to David with no words of any kind.

i got a text back saying, “lock it up!”

To which, i was irritated. i wrote, “what’s the point? If i have the key, i can get in and out of it any time i want.”

He wrote, “You would be wise to wear it.”

i gave him one word, “Fine.”

He asked me, “are you pouting already?”

“Yes Sir. i am. i seriously don’t see the point.”

He didn’t respond. About 15-minutes after i left the house and was almost to work he texted, “send me a pic.”

Moment of truth. He had seen on Life 360 i had left the house and was far enough away that if i did NOT have the belt on, i wouldn’t be able to get him a pic of it in place in a reasonable amount of time. i was either a very good girl, or a very bad one.

i had the belt on.

i won’t lie, i thought long and hard about whether to wear it. i chose to follow the very direct order of “lock it up!” And to be good.

i snapped a pic and sent it.

He responded back almost immediately, “Good girl. One gold star!” Wonder what gold stars will earn me?

i asked him, “do you not trust me Sir?”

“No.” Don’t ask if you really don’t want to know, The truth really hurts sometimes.

There it was. In black and white. And i didn’t like it. But it was warranted and i knew why.

“Is it your plan to ask for more pics in these days you are away?”

“Yes. And I expect you won’t disappoint me.”

Tonight after i was home awhile, we were texting about nothing in particular back and forth, when he suddenly said, “send me another pic. Now.”

Of course, he knew i was on my phone and if the very next thing, in the very next minute, wasn’t another pic of me in the belt, he would know i had taken it off. There was just NO way to have gotten it back on and snapped a pic in time for him to NOT know.

i sent another pic.

“And another gold star for my good girl,” was his text back.

While i have the key, i clearly am not going to use it. Unless it becomes a true necessity or emergency or if i want to get in trouble or…. if i have permission to do so. And none of those are true, so i will wear the belt until something changes.

i mean, i want to be good and a pleasing submissive wife. So while i am still adjusting my mindset to the idea that i will (probably) be in the belt for 4-consecutive days, the fact that i could take it off if i want to looms large. But. i truly DO want to be a good submissive wife. i like seeing my Sir happy and pleased with me. So there’s a very good chance i will be in this thing for 4-consecutive days.

Even. Though. The. Key. Is. Right. There!


  1. I have to admit, giving you the key is brilliant. You’re locked away because he wants it and no other reason.

    He could have closed it with a piece of string and you’d still be as trapped.

    He’s forcing you to constantly choose submission rather than letting the lock take away that decision.

    • V – you are so correct. The key to my submission (and his authority) is not with the tangible key being set in front of me, but the mental key to chose to submit anyway! And yes, I am “locked away because he wants it.” Love all your words and insight in your comments here! Thank you! Hugs, Marie

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