271 – Locktober is not cuming!

If you’ve never heard of it, it is a single mashed-up word that means “Locked (in chastity and denied orgasms) during the entire month of October.” Or some combination thereof.

Locked in Chastity for a solid month is not for someone just starting out. You don’t just buy a belt (or a cock cage), put it on, lock it up, and forget about it for a month.

In fact, for women especially, it’s important to take a break for hygiene for at least a few minutes pretty regularly. As well for both sexes, it’s also a good time to clean the belt thoroughly and inspect for any skin irritants with treatments if needed.

But i kinda want to try it. i can tell that i want – maybe even NEED – to have lock and denial for an extended time frame.

So i mentioned it to David this past week. His first reaction was “uhhh. No!”

Ugh! Ok, scratch the “need” part as it seems that ain’t gonna happen! i won’t lie, i got a little deflated but i didn’t complain.

i did ask him to elaborate where he said, “you’d never last a month! But even if you did, I wouldn’t!”

i must have had a look on my face that expressed my thoughts which were, “why do you think i would never last…. And just because i don’t get release or orgasm, wouldn’t mean you wouldn’t get to.”

He said, “I like it when you are happy as you earn an orgasm. Besides, I like to watch you when you actually orgasm. And I like to be the one allowing you to orgasm.”

“Oh. You do? You like to watch me orgasm? That brings you pleasure?”


Oh wow. i never knew. Okay, interesting!

So after i let all that information sit for a series of minutes, i decided to ask David if he’d consider a modified Locktober.

When he inquired what i may have in mind, i said, “how about i am locked for the duration, unless you use this (your!) pussy for your pleasure. And if you allow me to orgasm, so be it. But if you decide to just play with it and not allow it to cum, that’s ok too. And except for you playing with my pussy or for hygiene or for walking/exercising, i am locked up.

Additionally, there would be no masturbation of any kind. No assumption of release until Nov 1, and no reason to ask or talk about it otherwise.”

He is still thinking on this.

His main response was, “when will the new belt arrive?” To which i have no exact time yet, but i have been given assurance from the Fancy Steel team that it will be shipping very soon. He listened but did not respond. He looked as if he was going to consider this, proposal. And while i don’t know his answer yet, i think he will say yes.

Why would i want to participate in this?

For several reasons actually…… here’s my thoughts:

1) Deeper submission. Any time i have a task at hand with a goal to accomplish, it gives me an incentive. Incentives to comply and to be a better submissive is always a positive “carrot instead of the stick” type of way to do things.

2) Challenging. This task would be a huge challenge. While i have had some practice now with the CB, going (mostly) locked for a full 31-days would be huge. It would be a big accomplishment if i were able to do this without (begging for!) release!

3) Unknown if/when O denial. If we do this modified version of Locktober, i may or may not get to orgasm. i would have incentive to want to do well in hopes of, but no guarantee of, gaining an O. Extended denial usually is a good thing for me, and makes me want to be better to get to that reward. i don’t know what would happen if i KNEW there was NO way to get one for an entire month (for sure).

4) i like my chastity belt. My belt fits quite nicely. It keeps me from masturbation of any kind. It gives me a “You are not allowed to touch! This is not your property!” type of mentality. Even when it first comes off, i usually still retain this mindset, at least for a little while anyway.

i feel safe in my belt. While it does keep me physically safe, i mean this is more in relation to the mental aspect. i know my belt keeps me safe from myself and keeps me from being bad.

5). My new belt should be here soon. Locktober could make for a nice introduction for me and my new belt to become up close and personal friends.

i could go on ….. but i hope i am headed for Locktober, even if it’s a modified version to meet David’s needs and desires along with mine, where i could tell you more as i experience it too! And if we don’t do Locktober, that’s all good too because then i have some level of assurances that i get to cum sooner than later!

And…. Well… it seems to be a “thing” that lotsssss of people around the world do, and now i could be apart of this once-a-year activity!

i have about 3-days left in September and we shall see what Sir decides! (and i should mention i am currently locked as i write all this! Interesting that i want more!)


  1. Wow… Thank you for sharing! I’ve never heard about Locktober until now. It definitely sounds like something interesting try.

    • Even if you don’t get locked up in chastity, you could also just do orgasm denial. Or it could be for a few days, rather than the entire month. Like I mentioned, it can be a combination of how best it fits for you…. But of course, the full/true intention is to lock up and forget about it for the full 31- days!

  2. Would the plan be different if you knew there is a NO Vember coming? You would possibly be looking at a potential of 61 days of CB.
    I applaud your desire to aid in better submission for you . I marvel at your willingness to make this sacrifice to attain better submission and reduce the chance of disobedience.
    Thanx 4 sharing this with us! A very good post!

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