270 – Going with the flow.

i managed to keep my mouth shut (or i should probably say i kept my fingers away from the texting keyboard)! i did NOT text David into a provoked fight and/or earned discipline for myself!

My butt was saved!

Yah, just like a bad car wreck that you can’t keep from gawking at when you go by on the freeway, i am sure the spanking and discipline stories are much more juicy to read about than me being a good submissive wife!

But alas, today, i can only tell you that the freeway traffic is uneventful, flowing as it should, and nothing to report.

While i don’t honestly think you wanted to hear about “nothing” happening, i think a submissive wife’s successes need to be acknowledged too. i was a good wife. i abstained from going off about my inability to use the tv. i got over my annoyance and anger about it without speaking my mind in a negative (or harmful to my ass!) kind of way.

As a submissive wife, i try HARD to think about this question before speaking my mind about anything …….

Does it even really matter?

And honestly, there are very few times that it does!

Think about it….

When he makes a wrong turn in the car on the way to (anywhere). Does it even really matter? Well… it could if he doesn’t correct the course but he will. And there’s no reason for me to tell him when Google maps will do it for me. So again, does it even really matter (if i say something about it)? Nope!

Or how about when he leaves his shoes in the living room? Well … we don’t have company coming over, it’s not in the way of anyone walking, and while it does unnecessarily clutter up the living room, does it even really matter. So another “Nope!”

Or how about when he is watching tv and he gets bumped off for the same reason i did? Does it even really matter? Well… in this case, it might.

Wait, what? It might matter?? What do you mean??

Well, i’m glad you asked! It matters this time because N-O-W he experiences the same frustration i did….. but…. Wait for it…..

N-O-W i can learn how to click the right combination of buttons, and find an alternative way to watch the same show withOUT the anger and withOUT the discipline.

Okay, so i didn’t lie… it might matter. In this case, it might matter in a good way, depending on how i word my statements about it. If i were to say, “ha! Now it happened to you, how does it feel?!” i would assuredly be “Assuming The Position“ rather quickly.

However, if i just sit and wait… he will say to me, “now I see how you feel.” And i didn’t have to say a thing!

THAT is exactly what happened. i saved myself by NOT texting, and i got more than i bargained for. David was locked off, and was able to teach me how to get the tv to work in an alternative manner.

I should mention how David made a point to say, “while I see how you feel now, notice I didn’t get angry??”

Yes Sir. <<< came out of my mouth.

i get it. <<< did NOT come out of my mouth!

But despite avoiding a spanking, i have not had a Big O either.

David came home from his trip sick. Today the doc said he has strep throat and prescribed antibiotics. That was about 8-hours ago and while he is already feeling the medicine’s positive effect, he’s not feeling good at all still.

While he let me out of my chastity belt, i have not been able to orgasm. And this pussy is cranky about it. i have felt her dripping, pulsing, aching, and twitching. She wants attention and i can’t give it to her.

Too bad, so sad! Get over it!

Yah…. she didn’t. Soooooo rather than bug David about this, which i know would only serve to severely irritate him, i just quietly put the belt back on.

While it’s kept me from masturbating, it hasn’t kept me from wanting to masturbate! i still want to. But something about making it just that-much-harder to do, i have refrained.

i slept with it on last night, but took it off for the day-work hours. Then i put it right back on again when i arrived back home and am preparing to sleep in it again.

i don’t even think David realizes it, as he is so out of it that he just hasn’t even seen or registered that it’s on. Or maybe he has seen it and just doesn’t care enough to say something about it. Either way, i’m not too sure it matters. (And there’s no reason to say something to him, because it just does not matter.

The point is, i am STILL in chastity, still not orgasmed, and still being good about it.

Yah me! <<< definitely NOT said outloud and all in my head!

i suspect it may be 1-3 more days yet til David is truly feeling better. But that probably won’t matter as then we will be to the weekend, and we are going to see our son at college. i pretty well doubt much of anything sexual, like orgasms, will take place. Ugh. Might be almost a full 2-weeks without the Big O! Hate that! Ugh.

My pussy wants attention. But so far, she’s been kept in check.

So as mentioned…. nothing to see…. move along now…. All is flowing (except the Big O!) and going as it should be., with me being a good submissive wife! Got away clean!




  1. Kudos to a wife continually learning and practicing submission to her husband. You are learning that your mouth can and often will put you on a fast track to a spanking (am and that ehi

  2. Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. And I noticed your post talked about wanting to succeed as a motivation, not the deterrent as one! Good for you. I hope you continue to enjoy your growth.


    • Thank you Willie! I do feel like I’m evolving more into “want to do good” rather than “wanting to avoid punishment.” You are inspiring for sure too! Marie

  3. Congratulations, as you said, successes need to be acknowledged too! Most of the things that you mentioned, do matter, just not very much. Your real problem seems to be in how you state your issues, especially when you are a bit frustrated, not about the issues themselves. That’s the area that the two of you need to work on, stating your issues in a more passive manner. If you continue to just contain your frustrations, sooner or later they will explode and you will face the dragons tail again.

    Right now David needs a lot of TLC. Strep doesn’t seem like much to him, but it can become a killer. Make sure that he goes the full course of the medication & not quit because he feels better. If he quits early, strep can rebound, turn into bronchitis then to pneumonia, which can kill him. I’ve lost 4 friends that way.

    • Wizzer, thank you kindly for your comments.

      You are absolutely correct when you stated my real problem. I hadn’t really thought of it that succinctly, but what you say about how I need to find a way to calmly express frustrations is spot on. I’ve never (ever! ) been good at this at all. But I need to try too!

      I didn’t appreciate how bad strep could become either! I had no idea it could lead to death, and I’m saddened to see you’ve had 4-friends die from it too!
      So truly, thank you again for your comments. I sincerely appreciate it. Hugs, Marie

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