257 – Out of sight, out of mind – Fiction

“I have decided to keep you in the chastity belt for a good long time. I want to start using you, my beautiful slut wife, only for your back hole skills. I have given this a lot of thought and I believe it will be good for both of us. I believe the best way for you to learn how to ignore your pussy as much as I intend to ignore it, is by having it covered the majority of the time. Out of sight, out of mind!”

When Sir said “covered,” he meant with my chastity belt. He ordered the belt to go on shortly after we finished our breakfast on the morning he made his announcement.

As he locked it in place, he said, “this will be good for you to learn to be even more submissive in all ways. Lately it seems your pussy has just become entirely too needy. You think more with your cunt and not with your mind. You seem to think that your submission is just for sex, but you are my submissive all the time and in all ways. Correct?”

As he spoke i couldn’t help but think what he said was true. My pussy had become needy and i wasn’t sure anymore if i was serving my Sir because i wanted to, or because she wanted me to. My puss knew if i did good, he would reward her with the orgasms she loved to get. So was my submission of my own volition or her neediness?!

So when Sir asked if he was correct, i knew he was. i told him i was happy to submit myself to him in ALL ways, and if that meant no pussy then no pussy he shall receive. But that was nearly a month ago now, and this has been harder than i imagined! i yearn for my pussy to have escape and to be touched.

i have spent more hours IN chastity than OUT! And every hour out has been highly supervised where i heard, “I can’t trust you to not touch your pussy. I think you will try to give it the attention and satisfaction you think it needs.”

Unfortunately no truer words were spoken. Admittedly, had i even received 2-minutes of unsupervised and uncovered minutes, my pussy would absolutely be satisfied and dripping with the biggest orgasm i have had in a long time… perhaps ever.

Oh don’t misunderstand me, i have had orgasms during this month. But all were a direct result of my anal hole being fucked and deriving all good and pleasurable things from that sexual stimulation alone. My Sir hasn’t even played with my clit or allowed that type of orgasm even once.

In fact, one evening, he took the belt off and told me he was going to make love to me. He told me to “lay on the bed on your back. I want to take you now my love.” And my heart absolutely melted. i was already naked, so it took just a second for me to lay down and spread my legs.

As he came towards me, he saw how wet my pussy was as it glistened with pre-cum juice. His eyes moved from my wet pussy to my smiling face where he said, “that is a beautiful looking pussy. But I meant it when I told you that I’m now turning you into my anal-only slut wife. You need to learn to find pleasure in receiving my cock into only your ass, and not into your desperate pouty looking pussy. Do I make myself clear?”

With a disappointed look and a pity face that matched my pussy, i responded dutifully with the expected, “Yes Sir.”

He became slightly irritated and said, “if you’d rather not feel and enjoy my cock at all, I can certainly arrange that.”

“Oh no Sir, please use my holes in any way that you find desirous. i love pleasing you Sir, i only just wish i would get to enjoy your cock in my pussy too.”

With that, he lay down between my legs and on my chest where i felt his rock hard cock against my belly and even pressing on the top of my clit too and he kissed me deeply. He told me how he knew what i desired, but he also knew what he felt was best. He told me how good i was and how much he loved me. Oh how I love to please my Sir! My pussy was throbbing and so wet!

While every man can press his cock into whichever hole he wants without even looking, my Sir pulled back from me and sat back onto his legs. He was indeed looking at my holes and when he said, “I want to be sure to press my beautiful cock into the right hole. I don’t want any miscommunication happening by accidentally pressing myself into your needy cunt because your anal hole is the only hole I want anymore!”

And with that, i felt the tip of his cock press against my anus and start to move inside. With nearly a month of anal-only, my ass has started to accept him willingly and open up for him more easily. It doesn’t hurt at all as my ass has stretched and learned to accommodate him at the very touch of the tip of his beautiful cock!

He pressed in and past my sphincter muscle, where gratefully he has almost always paused for me to catch my breath, and he did again this time too. But as soon as he could feel my entire body muscles all relax, he pressed into me fully and as deeply as he could. i felt his balls hit the outside of my ass as his cock was buried deep inside me.

After he was sure he hit the right hole, he laid back down on my chest where we were face to face and close together. He hadn’t pinned or restrained me physically really, but we both knew i wouldn’t move without permission or direction. His arms and chest surrounded me and made me feel warm and loved as he pressed his cock in and out of my anal hole with passionate slow loving motions. He kissed me deeply too. He moved from my face and into my neck where i heard him say, “you are the most magnificent submissive slut wife I could have ever asked for!”

To which i responded, “oh thank you Sir for your love and kind words. i love how you chose to use me. Your cock feels perfect inside me Sir!”

He pressed his lips down onto my boob, licking hard at it, and then pulling on my nipple with his teeth. It made me groan and arch my back in pleasure.

As he let go of my nipple, it came out of his mouth with a big ‘pop’ sound and slapped back down to my chest. It was a pleasurable pain and i moaned into his ear with thanks.

With that, he raised up on his arms and started to truly focus on fucking me. i couldn’t tell if he was intent on making love to me for me or for him. It didn’t really matter, he was happy and that made me happy. i truly love being his slut wife and being used in a way that’s ultra pleasing to him. I derive my joy from his! Always!

While he started slowly, he started picking up speed. He was moving in and out of my ass with intention. Now i knew the love making ended and the fucking was beginning. My job is to take every bit he gives me, and be joyous in it while willingly urging him to give me more!

And that’s what i did too! “Please Sir, give me all of your cock! Get it deep inside my ass. Fuck me harder than ever before!”

And that got him really focused. i stared into his eyes as he became laser focused on his desires to fill my ass with his cum. i started begging for it. “Please Sir, fill me up! i want to drip your seed from my ass all day long. Give it to me!”

With that though, he decided it was time to flip me over. He pulled out and sat back, taking a breath of air as he said, “turn over and up on all 4’s. NOW bitch!” i adore his pet names for me when he is in the passion of the moment. i know what i am to him at this moment, and that is his needy bitch in heat!

He pressed his cock toward my opening, but i could feel it was my pussy and not my ass. i wasn’t sure if he knew or if i should say something really. i so BADLY wanted to have him use my cunt and not just my ass, but if i am nothing else, i am a good submissive slut wife!

As he started to press in all the way, i laid down on the bed forcing his cock out. He slapped down hard on my ass and yelled out, “you dumb bitch! What the fuck was that? You don’t ever get to deny my cock in your ass!”

i tried to object and to explain, “but Sir….”

He slapped my ass again, harder than the first and said, “NO! Get back in position before I punish you for making me lose focus on my desire to fill your ass with my seed!”

And i got back into position without another word. But he started to press into the wrong hole once again. While i so desperately wanted it to be his right hole, i knew he wouldn’t agree that it was.

So i took another approach and sat up on my knees. And insisted on getting my words out, “But Sir… you are penetrating the wrong hole.”

“The wrong hole? I am taking your ass and leaving that pouty needy cunt untouched! Don’t tell me your ass is the wrong hole!”

“No. Sir, i mean to say you were pressing against my pussy opening and about to penetrate me there. As much as i wish it were the right hole, i know in my heart that’s not how you want to take me anymore. i wanted to make you aware before it was too late.”

With that, he grabbed my chin and pulled my head around to him as far as it would go. He pressed his tongue into my mouth and kissed my mouth with passion. When he was done kissing me he said, “you are an amazing slut wife. I love how you are beginning to accept my decision to only use your back-hole now. Thank you for telling me.”

He then pressed me back onto position on all 4’s and used his hand to guide his cock back onto what he deemed the right hole, my ass hole. When he pressed slowly all the way in again, he held himself there for just a minute. He pressed his chest down onto my back and i felt his hands come around either of my sides and cup my big boobs. One boob filling each hand. And he began to use them as leverage to move in and out of my ass. Soon he started to push and pull on my tits as he was pumping my ass faster and faster. i felt his balls bang up against my clit, and while it felt so titillating, it was such a reminder that my clit nor my puss was going to be used tonight at all. He started going as fast and hard as he could, and my boobs were on fire as he squeezed and pulled on them harder and harder too. He was pulling them taut to allow himself to pull back as far as possible, then he slammed his cock deep into my ass and he repeated. He did this over and over, as fast as he could too.

It was just a matter of minutes before i felt the need to orgasm. This was such a huge turn on and i heard myself begging, “Please Sir, may i cum?”

He didn’t respond. He was so focused on willing himself closer to orgasm too. i know from past times that i am NOT allowed to orgasm without his express approval, so i focused on holding in my desires… as best i could anyway. But the urge to orgasm was becoming too much as he pumped my ass more and more, so i begged with more intensity. “Pleaseeee Sirrrr, may i cum NOW? i can’t hold it in any more.”

He grunted out, “No. You are my anal whore and I want you for one-single-reason- right NOW!”

As he said “now,” he pressed deep into my ass and held himself there. i felt his cock flex in my ass where i knew he unloaded his cock fully into my ass. He filled me with his hot cum.

i was grateful to be his cum dump when it happened, as i barely managed to NOT orgasm (without permission) myself . While i SO wanted and even needed to orgasm, i had no desire to be punished for it either. i could tell that tonight was about him and his needs, not my own.

Sir finally pulled his cock out of my ass and fell onto the bed beside me. i collapsed into his arms as he opened them for me saying, “come here my sweet love.” i love how he calls me the names that so fit in the moment. i know i am his anal bitch, slut wife, submissive whore, but i am also the love of his life, the submissive wife of his dreams, and his sweet love.

We laid there a minute when he asked if i enjoyed serving him. Of course i did! And i told him so. i also took this time to ask him, “Sir, while i love serving you in any capacity you see fit, including denial of my own orgasm, you’ve never told me why you want only anal sex. Do you not love my pussy anymore?”

His hand cupped my chin and pressed my head back so that i was looking him in the eye. He said, “oh my sweetheart, I very much love your pussy. I just need to teach you some lessons right now. This has been a very long test for you. And while you are getting better, unfortunately you aren’t quite there yet either.”

He continued, “your entire body needs to submit to me fully. Before we put the chastity belt on your needy cunt and before I started limited your ability to receive pussy orgasms for this last month, you served me when you wanted to. You seem to only be a good submissive when you want to have your pussy played with and to achieve your own needy orgasm.”

i was in a bit of shock as he said this, as i wholly didn’t see it that way.

But he saw my surprise and said, “Before you go thinking I am wrong, think about it more deeply. Even tonight, when I told you I was going to make love to you, your eyes lit up. And when I reminded you I was only going to use your back hole, you and your pussy both began to pout. You tried to get your way instead of being happy to serve me in any way, especially in the way I wanted you to!”

He continued even more, “of course, you did speak the truth to me when I nearly penetrated your puss. I did that on purpose to see how needy and selfish you’d be, but to my surprise, you didn’t allow me inside your puss and owned your position tonight. That was a huge test that you passed.”

As he said all this, i was shocked even more to know that he didn’t accidentally try to press his cock into my pussy but rather he was testing me! i wasn’t sure how i felt about this, but i did know how right he was. i hadn’t been the best submissive wife i could be, but really rather selfish lately. There was nothing to say as these realizations settled upon me.

He smiled and said, “Don’t beat yourself up too much sweet girl, as you are getting better. Tonight was the best it’s been in awhile. Unfortunately though, you and I both know you aren’t quite there and your training needs to continue. So before you do officially fail to submit to me, let’s get you cleaned up and back in your belt!”

He watched me wash myself and when i was clean and dry he said, “now go lay on the bed and let’s get your needy pussy locked back in her place. One day she will learn to be grateful when she’s used, and not so sad or rejected when she’s not.”

As i laid down on the bed, where Sir had already laid the belt out, my legs straddled the metal. The belt around my hips and the strap through my legs were all too familiar now. Sir pulled the strap up and over my pussy where the cold steel was laid on top of my mound and covered her up. And then the sides were pulled into place too. All that was left was to wait to hear the tell tale sound of the lock clicking into place, which it did just a minute later.

He stood back and said, “oh my chastity queen, you look simply beautiful! I love seeing you in nothing but a belt that only I have the key to!”

“Now, I am really rather tired after this workout I’ve had tonight and we have work tomorrow, so let’s snuggle in for a good night’s sleep. Maybe in another month we can see if you are ready to submit your entire body to me fully and 100%. Until then, I’ll continue your anal use and ignore that pussy.”

i won’t lie, i had hoped he’d at least touch my clit as he locked her up. i guess my submission is not as complete as i would like to think. Alas, maybe one day…. Just not THIS day.

And with that, he climbed in bed beside me, turned off the light, and said, “I love you so dearly my love. Sleep well.”

“You too Sir. Thank you Sir for all you do for me!”

And i fell asleep wearing nothing but my chastity belt and wrapped in my Sir’s arms.




  1. Marie, your commitment to the D/S life style is commendable. knowing your place with David likes and desires helps make you a better person and a better partner, submitting to David centers your life. Sir

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