247 – Doing nothing is helping.

For 2 1/2 years now, no one in my house has had to suffer through Covid. Being able to say that changed 5-days ago. Today is Wednesday and this past Saturday evening, David turned up positive for Covid.

We don’t actually go out all that much overall really. i go to work, where my office is big and spacious. i don’t share an immediate office space with anyone, so i have my own 4-walls there. And while i interact with others at work, it’s usually across the table or room, and not even that much overall. David works from home. And after work, i come home and we sometimes (1 or maybe 2 times a week) go out to dinner. And our son… well… he’s a teen. So he holes up in his room most of the time and we have to “highly encourage” him to be coaxed out of his bed and interact with us. Ha.

We are all vaccinated and have been reasonably careful, at least as much as the next person, too. David does go to the grocery store nearly daily and gets what we need for that day, but isn’t there too long either. Honestly, this routine hasn’t changed much pre-Covid or post-Covid. And i’d say this is what allowed us to be Covid-free for this long.

We aren’t sure where David got it exactly. But on Saturday (5-days ago now), David got very congested and started coughing, and by bedtime had a fever with chills and sweats. He took a home test, and sure enough, positive.

[i do recommend the meds the docs have now, as he got that on Mon and it’s really helped propel him forward and lessened the severity of this all. So if you get it, call the doc pretty soon after and get the help!]

He’s quarantined in our guest room, and i haven’t seen him much at all. He comes to the living room/kitchen mostly when i am not around to make sure i (nor our son) get (too) exposed. Thankfully, so far anyway, it seems our son and i have escaped it! Pray to God that stays that way too!

Needless to say though, i have felt distant and removed from David this week. It’s been hard because he is just right there and yet so far away, all the same.

When my Sir has been sick with other illnesses, i took good care of him. But this illness is one where my only directive has been to cook enough food to include him (and he then makes his own plate from there and eats alone), but otherwise, just stay away. Which of course, is the best way to have this go too, but it’s still quite hard to do.

My natural submissive instinct is to help, not to stay away. Staying away feels raw and cold and selfish. But we all know it’s not.

Thankfully, David has not been too sick overall. That’s probably a result of the vaccine fighting it off and the meds now too, at least that’s my guess. (Got to believe we didn’t take those shots for not!). Making it easier for David to take care of himself, for the most part anyway. But standing by, just one room over, unable to do anything at all makes me feel helpless.

And i don’t like that feeling at all!

i’d say one of the hardest things to do as a submissive, is to follow an order to “do nothing! Stay away!” While my head knows it’s the right answer, in this situation or any other that i am ordered to do nothing, my heart breaks with a desire to help.

This is one of the biggest things i get myself into trouble with…. It feels like it goes against my grain. Like the old adage says, “well, it ain’t gonna fix itself! Get to it!” that doing something is the right answer. But sometimes the right answer or solution to the problem is to shut up, go away, and let it run its course, which is what i am doing.

i am unsure when i will be able to be around David again. In theory, it’s today as he’s been quarantined for 5-days but in reality, he’s still sick too. So i am unsure.

i guess i will be “standing by” for awhile still. 😕

Say a prayer for my Sir to get better, and for me to have patience and endurance to “do nothing” awhile longer too.

UPDATE: i didn’t get this posted yesterday as i fell victim to Covid myself. Now i, too, have Covid. ugh! Even before i had a positive test result, have hated this virus and what it has done to our world. It has forever changed us!

Not much D/s stuff happens when we are both sick. Luckily, David is feeling significantly better now as he got the anti-viral meds from our Doc and our son isn’t showing any signs of anything (yet. 🙏)….. but, here we are continuing to being separated in the same house. 😞

So now please pray for me … that i can get that same medicine David got, and recover in a few days time also!




  1. Oh no!! sending healing energy and lots of love and patience to get you both through this, hugs! hope you both feel better soon <3

  2. I have said a couple of prayers for you and your family. This must be hard on both of you. Are you feeling really bad? Please take care of yourself.

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