246 – I deserve this, damn it! – Fiction

Sir has had to work a lot lately. He’s had to work long hours, been away from the house and even out of town too. All of which has him stressed out because of it.

I’ve tried to leave him alone as best I can, but admittedly, I’m feeling neglected too. I know it’s not that he wants to ignore me, but he sort of has to in order to get his work done accurately and timely. This latest project is just consuming him to no end!

But I feel neglected. I need to be needed. I need to feel sexy. I am his submissive wife damn it and that has value too!

You just can’t ignore me all the time and expect me to be obedient like a dog that laps at your feet, just to be kicked away and discarded until you have time for me! I’m getting angry at you Sir!

I’m trying so hard to be a happy submissive wife and grateful for all you are and continue to be, but I’m failing. It’s getting too hard though too.

If you don’t want to love on me, I’ll just have to love on myself. Now I know I’m not supposed to be masturbating, let alone orgasming, without permission but damn it, you are NEVER home lately. HOW can I ask permission from you if you are too busy for me??

Screw it. I’m going to touch myself and love on me the way I damn well deserve! I don’t give a shit anymore!

With anger and determination in mind, I got naked and into our bed. Yes, OUR bed, alone, without you. And I’m going to fuck myself crazy and you can’t stop me!

I got my favorite rabbit vibrator out. I spread my legs wide. I looked down at my clean shaven pussy and I saw how needy it was. It hasn’t been touched in over a week, since you last let me masturbate while you were preparing to leave on this stupid latest work trip of yours. You didn’t have time to touch me last week either, and of course I was happy to have permission to do all the work then too but wtf a girl needs to be needed! And used! For YOUR pleasure. Whatever. It is what it is.

I’m a good wife. I DESERVE THIS!

I spread my fat pussy lips with my left finger tips, while my right hand pressed the tip of the vibrator inside me. I held it right there and let my muscles relax around the top of the vib. I wanted to feel every bit of this. I wanted to sink into the feelings and let them wash over me. I needed this. I know I deserved this!

And with that, I pressed the vibrator all the way inside me. I held it there for just a minute. With the cock inside me and the rabbit tip touching my clit, I pressed the button to turn the vib on low.

Oh fuck yeah! Oh fucking wow! What an amazing sensation I felt rise up inside me so immediately!

I slowly pulled it out, all the way to the tip, and then slammed it deep inside. I cringed at the immediacy of how full I felt. It was divine.

My pussy slicked up and allowed the vib to fully fill me. I held it deep inside me there, with the rabbit tip pressing hard on my clit causing it to swell up even more. I pulled my legs tight together and pressed in against my hand holding the vibrator.

I already wanted to orgasm so badly! I could feel it already building so quickly. I didn’t want to let myself orgasm this fast though either. I wanted to enjoy this so much longer. I felt it rising and I needed to decide what to do quickly or the decision would be made for me.

And that’s when I heard my Sir speak, “what the fuck are you doing?”

He was pissed. Oh Fuck ME!

I realized my eyes were closed enjoying my fantasy so upon hearing his voice, my eyes shot open. I pulled the vibrator from my pussy so fast and tried to hide it, and tried to process the situation I was in. But it was clearly too late! I was fucked behind fuck!

I said, “what are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be home until tomorrow!”

I heard him say, “Seriously? THAT’s how you are going to play this? THAT is NOT how you speak to me. EVER!”

“But if you really must know, I finished the project early and wanted to surprise my GOOD SUBMISSIVE WIFE by coming home early.”

I just stayed silent.

His voice was rising in volume as he continued even more, “only instead of finding you doing good things, I walk to find you filling the pussy that we both know belongs to ME with that stupid vibrator that you did NOT have permission to use! You KNOW you have to ask!”

I continued to stay silent.

As if that wasn’t enough, the berating continued as he said, “You know I am generous to let you play with MY pussy most every time you ask, but I’ve paid good money, invested lots of time, and trained it to respond to MY touch. MINE! It is MINE! It is NOT yours. You gave up that right when you agreed to submit. So what the fuck were you thinking?!? I’ve trained you and MY PUSSY to be better than this!”

I was washed with shame. And regret. And remorse. He was so right. In every way. I was trained better than this. This pussy is his. And we both know it!

I may deserve to orgasm, but I know its never done like this! I acted selfish and stupidly. Why was I so stupid?

I scrambled off the bed and onto my knees beside his leg, I looked to the floor and said, “I’m sorry Sir. You are correct in all accounts.”

His demeanor softened a bit where he said, “what the hell am I going to do with you now? I was planning to come home and make love to you because I’ve been so missing you. I just knew you’ve been so patient and helpful as I worked through this project and these long days at work. Instead, I find you aren’t as patient or good as I had thought. Do you think you deserve my cock now??”

I was so filled with guilt, I began to cry. And I eked out the response I knew we both knew was the truth, “Not at all Sir. I’m very sorry.”

As calmly as he could have ever spoken, he said, “you know I have to punish you now, right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then go ahead, Assume the Position now.”

He proceeded to give me the most intense, yet incredibly necessary and unfortunately earned, spanking I’ve had in a very long time.

I was already crying before he started. The guilt and remorse had me in tears already but now I was sobbing uncontrollably. The pain of the paddle was blistering my ass. I knew i deserved it. I didn’t want it, but I took it!

It wasn’t long before I was begging him to stop. I spewed words like, “I promise to never disobey ever again.”

Of course, he called me out on that too, “now you are just lying. You know you’ll fuck up again at some point, you just want this to stop and are willing to say anything at all. I don’t approve of that type of behavior either.”

And he smacked my ass that much harder still. When he first started I cringed and flinched and moved. But at this moment, my ass was so torn up and my sobbing was so hard, I didn’t hardly move a muscle.

That’s when he said, “I’m going to deliver the last five and you’ll count them out and thank me and ask for the next one too!”

“Yes (sob) Sir (sob).”

Smack! “One Sir, Thank you Sir. May I please have another?”

Smack! “Two Sir, Thank you Sir…. May,.. I… (pause to catch my breath and to cry more too) please…. May I have another?”

Pause. Anticipation. Waiting. When will it come?


“Three Sir, Thank you Sir. This hurts so much Sir, but may I please …. Have… (cries) another?”

More pausing. He wants these last ones to be dramatic. I’m grateful he can’t see my face as I scrunch up my nose in anticipation.

“YES you may! You did this to yourself, and you know that right?”

“Yes Sir…. (Sob)… i know.”

He then said, “I have NO desire to come home and deliver spankings. Maybe next time you’ll do better!”

S-M-A-C-K! Ouch. That was so painful on my already ripped up ass! It was delivered with such a punch, my whole body moved forward with the motion.

“Fourrr… sob… Sir…. thank… sob… you…. Sob…Sirrrrr. Please give me one ….sob….more…. Sir.”


In rapid succession he fired off three more that I was not anticipating. No time to count. After the third one, I had moved so far forward on the bed from the forward-motion, that my head touched the headboard.

“Thank … you ….. Sir!”

My whole body collapsed on the bed. To which I felt him climb on top of me and lay down on my back. He covered me entirely, like a warm, inviting blanket.

He must’ve taken his clothes off at some point, maybe that was why there were such pauses between the last smacks, because he was getting himself very naked. His skin-to-skin touch felt so warm and cozy that it brought warmth to my body inside and out, of course, it did burn my ass at his touch though too. I didn’t care, as I felt all the tension release as I relaxed into the bed.

He brought his head down beside my ear and I heard him calmly say, “that was the good girl that I expect you to be in the way you accepted your punishment with such strength and grace. I’m hopeful we won’t have to do this again.”

In a voice that was barely more than a whisper, as that was all the strength I could muster, I said, “me too Sir.”

He then said, “spread your legs as I get what I came for. You won’t be able to orgasm tonight now, as your punishment is not quite complete. There’s no need to even ask to orgasm because the answer is a resounding NO! Do you understand me?”

There wasn’t much to say as my bravado was squashed and I had such a let down hearing these words from him. So I uttered the only appropriate words there were, “Yes Sir.”

I dutifully spread my legs and I felt his cock fall between my ass cheeks. It felt as rock hard as ever. He lifted his chest slightly off of my back and I could feel that he was pressing his cock down toward the bed and preparing to penetrate me. I welcomed his cock!

That’s when he said, “To ensure my pussy, the one you tried to claim as your own, doesn’t get any ideas, I’m going to fuck you in the ass. This should help you to fight off any orgasm that you might think you need, while I get everything I need and then some!”

With that, he pressed the tip of his hard cock to my backside entrance and I felt my ass start to open for him. His cock spread my cheeks wide as he continued to press in deeper.

He pressed a bit more, and he waited. I knew he was waiting for my sphincter muscle to give way and relax into him. I thought about how kind he was being and willed it to happen even more so. As we both felt it, without another word, he went all the way in!

He pressed his cock all the way inside my ass. He was so deep, I felt his balls touch the hole of my pussy. He held himself there for another minute, allowing me to relax around his thickness.

And with that, I heard him say, “How’s that?”

“Wonderful Sir, thank you for using me this way!” I felt the tension leave my body even more as I felt the whole of his cock deep inside me, his body resting on my back, and my Sir taking me!

He said, “I wish this could be different for you, but it’s just not going to be. Now hold still while I fuck this tight hole and get off the way I need to!”

With that, I also heard him say, “I’m going to fuck you like the bitch dog in heat, that I know you were when I walked in. Get up onto your fours, without letting my cock fall out.”

So I moved into position. I knew my ass was about to feel a pounding like never before. I felt his hands grab onto my hips and I cringed. His thumbs touched my sore ass and dug in, a reminder of how I found myself in this position quite constant still! He pulled me back onto him. He said, “hang on tight my love. Here we go!”

He was using his hands to cause my hips and ass to move on and off of his cock in such a way that I was ultimately fucking him rather than him fucking me. Every time my ass collided with his body, I felt the heat from the spanking roll through my body. He didn’t care. I heard him saying, “Bitch move your hips! Take my cock deep! Make me fucking cum in your ass.”

He caused my ass as to fuck his cock as hard as he’s ever done and faster than I ever knew possible. In and out in rapid succession. I felt his balls bang hard against my pussy hole. It couldn’t be ignored. It was such a turn on. I felt my orgasm rising so quickly once again.

I started to worry I would orgasm before my Sir did. I started talking dirty, “Sir, bring me down to size! Rip my ass open inside and out. Fuck my ass hard Sir.”

It was encouraging to him, he started to moan. I could tell he was getting close. He smacked my ass with his hand, to which I cringed in pain. My Sir moaned even more and called out, “I’m getting close. Slut, get me there!”

“Sir, I need to orgasm Sir! Please Sir, fuck my ass and fill it up before I can’t control myself.”

He slapped hard on my ass, “NO! You will NOT orgasm. You’ll take this punishment and let me fill your ass properly!”

“Please Sir, give it to me NOW!” And I pressed my ass back onto his cock and pulled myself back off, and repeated again and again, going as fast as I could make myself go while praying I didn’t lose control of my own orgasm rising inside me.

That was when he grabbed my ass and pushed himself deep, and held me there. I felt his cock flex in my ass hard as I also heard him moan into me for the last time. He released his seed deep into my ass. He milked himself by pressing my ass in and out one last time, much slower this time.

He held himself there for another minute, when he finally pulled out and rolled over to my side.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I managed to NOT orgasm through my ass pounding … inside AND out. But allowed my Sir to punish me with grace and style, and accepted his seed fully too. But I so wanted to orgasm so badly still.

He rolled onto his back and he said, “come here baby girl. Your punishment is over and all is forgiven. Come snuggle with me and let’s rest together now.”

And he said, “I love you more than you know!”

“Thank you Sir. I love you too. But Sir, I have a question?”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Well… Sir…. I need to orgasm. I almost did on my own, and then again with you fucking my ass. Can I…”

“STOP. You don’t need to ruin this night with that talk. Instead… go get your belt on and bring me the lock and key.”

I went and got the chastity belt, put it in place, and grabbed the lock. I placed it in Sir’s hand. He put the lock on my belt, and snapped it shut. He tapped his finger on it and said, “Beautiful steel covering MY pussy. MY pussy will not cum until I allow it. Maybe tomorrow!”

I sighed heavily and he laughed.

He smiled and said, “Now get in bed and let’s sleep, just like this, all the way to tomorrow when I may allow MY pussy to cum but I haven’t quite decided yet either.”

He turned off the lights and said, “Sleep well my beautiful slut wife.”

“Thank you Sir.”




  1. Wow what a thrill, great to be taken that way. Hope it’s not just fiction. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Thank you Olydig. While there’s a base foundation in reality, I’d say 85% is indeed fiction. I did tell Sir he could make it a reality though. ☺️

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