242 – Hair or no hair, that was the question!?!

In a recent post, i told you about how after our separation (for vacation) our D/s dynamic seems to (thankfully!) be running smoothly once more.

i also told you about how i ASSUMED Sir was joking when he made an offhand comment to “leave the hair.” The pubic hair that i didn’t shave at all when i was on vacation. The hair that had grown to a “long stubble” stage. It wasn’t terribly long, but certainly longer than it had been in a LOT of years too!

The same pubic hair that i immediately shaved off upon my return home. The same hair that washed down the drain, that just as i was out of the shower, David saw. After seeing his clean pussy he asked me, “Did you really just ignore me?”

And i was in shock. i made the assumption he was just joking. i made an ass out of me, but definitely not out of him. His directive was extremely clear, and i clearly didn’t listen or obey.

But i haven’t had even that much (long stubble) hair between my legs in probably about 10-years now. i couldn’t tell you what natural color it is, if it’s thick or thin, if it’s curly or not, because it’s been THAT long since i have seen it! So i just assumed he truly was just joking.

i honestly don’t remember when i started taking the hair off, via waxing, but it’s been a longggggg time. After i got tired of “the process” of waxing, including making appointments, spending money, opening my legs to a stranger (who wasn’t going to be fucking me)….. i wondered if shaving would be better.

The thing about waxing is that it gets me baby-bottom smooth, that lasts for about a week. Then the stubble starts and grows for another week. Then it’s finally long enough for the wax to attach and pull it out in about another week (or two). A total of a 4-week process, where really only one week is good and the rest are not.

Comparing that to shaving…..

A shave is close, but not as close as waxing, so not completely as smooth as the waxing. And it only lasts for 1-3 days, when the stubble starts to grow back in. But shaving in the shower is already happening with the legs, so it’s not too much more of an effort to just keep on going right up and over the puss too! This keeps it cleaner every day but not quite as good as the first few days of the waxing either.

So probably about 5’ish years ago, i asked David his opinion and preference. He told me he loves his pussy to be clean and smooth, but preferred the shave over the wax as it was more clean for more days than the waxing, and of course, a lot cheaper too.

**In February 2020, David approved for me to start doing the laser hair removal. i started it at that time and was about 3-sessions in when Covid hit. Ugh! And i just haven’t gone back now. Maybe i should reconsider doing that again too.

Anyhoo… in my last post i mentioned the predicament i found myself in… to ask or not to ask was the first and biggest question, but if i didn’t ask, do i you assume the recent “leave the hair” directive is still applicable, or do i assume the standing directive to shave it all off is back in effect?

So this morning, i decided that before i went any further and before i showered (and shaved) the best course of action was to NOT assume anymore and to simply just ask!

Communication is always the key to any relationship…. Friends, co-workers, family, and in a D/s marriage for sure…. including this particular situation too!

His response was simple. He said, “I haven’t decided yet.”

While that answer is quite straightforward, the resulting action for me isln’t quite so straightforward.

i took that to mean, “do nothing until I give you further instructions….” So i did not shave this morning.

He is preparing to go to the airport to fly out for a few days for work. i suspect he will not think about hair or no hair in his absence. Sooooo in some ways, his lack of decision is a decision!

Because i will not shave again until directed to!

i may enjoy seeing all the pubic hair come in…. Or …. i may well be repulsed by it! As he may also!

Maybe he will use the hair to his advantage …. i am bad, need to be punished, he says lay down on my back and spread my legs, and uses a tweezers to pull them out. (Tweezers to pull hair hurts! They sometimes missed hairs with the waxings and finished the process with the tweezers. So i know first hand it hurts!)

i doubt all that though. If i were to guess, the hair will come in to a longgggg stubble in another week or two, start to be just entirely tooooo bushy, and he will give the directive to shave it off.

Time will tell. But what i know for sure is that i won’t be assuming anything he says is a joke or sarcasm again.

While ultimately this was a “little thing,” in and of itself, i learned a lesson this week that my husband truly is in charge, his words are meaningful, and this time…. It’s all him and not me.

As i also told you recently, i gave up on this D/s type of relationship and decided to wait for David to decide if it was right for him. Now i know for sure, it’s HIM and not me, this time. This time, things are different and it’s a good different!

By calling me out on something like this, that previously he wouldn’t have probably (much) cared about, is such great progress forward. This is exactly what i have prayed and waited for and now i know that our D/s relationship truly is in fact on track to be better than ever!!

Now i truly am becoming the best submissive wife i can be, where my only real job is to listen and obey… every time. And i love that position i find myself in! And the overwhelming positive flood of emotions i feel from it!

Hair or no hair, my world couldn’t be better …. Except, of course, the fact that i did orgasm without permission. And after 24-hours of lying in my guilt, i decided to own it and told David. Unfortunately i waited a full 24-hrs to own it, AND i also owned it when he was about 1,000 miles away from home for another 2-days too.

His response was but a single word…. A “hmm.” (Is that even a word?!)

When David gets home, i may be regretting that decision (to orgasm without permission) …. but i will NEVER regret becoming his submissive wife!




  1. “To listen and obey….every time”
    Wifely submission is a subject I LOVE to hear and read about. This blog has followed the evolution of the deepening of your submission when it has been easy and downright difficult. I have seen other blogs where submission has faded in a marriage because submission
    became more difficult . That is not the case with you.
    With you your desire (and need) to submit completely has deepened over the past 2+ years . The focus of your submission to His desires and needs has sharpened and seems to have strengthened your commitment to fully submit even if he puts down the paddle for a time. I think that watching this saga makes this my favorite blog.
    Another great post. Thank you!

  2. I’m going through laser hair treatment and can def recommend…but it’s not quick and takes several sessions… more if like me you’re quite fair haired but with Italian skin tone…. I’d always been waxed then when I hit my mid thirties I started get horrific ingrown hair … tried shaving instead and the same happened… I’m guessing it was hormonal change… even from the first session I’ve not had another ingrown

    • Shropsgirl – this is consistent with what I was told when I started the laser hair removal process. I was rather disappointed when Covid hit and I had to stop, because I knew I’d have to start all over, but then I just never did. I suspect I’ll brooch the topic again sooner than later, especially if David returns to the typical “no hair” routine. Thanks for commenting too! Marie

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