240 – Being apart; Vacation time

i can’t remember the last time that David & i were away from one another as long as we recently were. It may have been next to never that we’ve been apart for nearly 2-full-consecutive weeks!

Our son and i went on a school-sponsored group trip to the UK, where some of his fav friends & fav teachers were on the trip with us too. We only just got back yesterday from being away 12-days. David did his own thing for the duration.

It was a great trip where we constantly on the go, where we went and saw so very much. When i say on the go CONSTANTLY, i mean we got in bed at midnight, out the door at 7a, and logged between 6-10 miles (20,000+ steps) daily.

i barely had time to even greet David with a text, let alone a phone call or a proper conversation. While i knew he was ok with it and understood, what would that mean for our D/s (only recently headed back onto the correct tracks!) relationship? Only time would tell!

Upon arriving home, i was so apprehensive but hopeful!

i was so pleasantly surprised to see he slid right into his Dominant role, and i into my sub role, without much issue or difficulty at all. After such a long lay off for the first MANY months earlier this year, i was praying this separation would be good and not bad. i prayed we would pick up where we left off, not revert back to where we had been.

When i got home, little things were said to me that let me know that i am his submissive wife and he is my Dominant husband. All quite good and pleasing to my ears.

One of the biggest examples, which shocked me really and was not so good, was he told me not to shave off the pubic hair that had grown in while on my vacation. i actually thought he was joking, since of course, i have been hairless for years now. In fact, (small squirrel trail here…), i used to wax it off. But several years ago, after having a discussion where i asked him, “would you rather have me waxed bald and super clean every few weeks for about a week, or, have it shaved off daily but possibly miss some, but mostly clean daily?” …he chose daily shaving so i have shaved daily ever since.

Now add to those thoughts that before i left, i said that i wasn’t planning to shave while on vacation and his response was, “That’s fine, so long as I never see it,” implying that as soon as I’m back home and in his presence it was shaved off.

So with my assumption that he was indeed joking when he said the words to leave the hair, with my first shower at home, all hair was shaved off clean. And i was wrong. You know where you get when you assume…. Yeah, well, it made a disobedient not-so-submissive wife of me!

He said, “Seriously? You already are aiming to be spanked and you haven’t even been home a full 24-hours yet?”

i obviously backpedaled to explain why i was sure he was joking and i just got a smirk and a “hmm” response. i did manage to escape punishment, which may or may not have been a good thing, but it was but a few short hours home and i was (pleasantly) reminded who is in charge too! And i had zero desire to start back home with discipline too!

[Another squirrel trail…. now though i am unclear what to do about the hair…. Do i let it grow back in? If i do that, i would be back to where he apparently wanted me to be, but is that now “too late!” Do i shave as always? That would be continuing to ignore the directive and continuing the assumptions that shaving is the right answer, which were clearly incorrect! Do i ask for clarification? But would that just be bugging and obnoxious of me, provoking annoyance on his part toward me, causing more trouble?! i am in a predicament now….. to which today i will need an answer before the shower comes! Not clear yet which way i will lean!]

Routine and pattern are so critically important for me. Really, i think for him too, but that’s not exactly my place to speculate i suppose. The knowledge of what it is i am to do, how to act, what to say (or not), etc comes so easy when i know. And with my natural tendency is to be submissive (and his natural one to Dominate too!), being in a D/s relationship with consistency is necessary to have harmony! But when we take lay offs, it is (usually) a challenge to get it back. i was SO happy that it seems this time will NOT be a challenge!

So you can imagine how pleasing it was to hear when Sir said today we are going to resume Maintenance Spankings. That’s such a weird thing to be pleased about…. Being spanked. You’d think it would be less pleasing and not more. But again, routine and familiarity is so soothingly comforting for me, i welcome it!

While being spanked – for discipline or maintenance- truly does sting my ass in a huge way for sure, overall it gets me in the right submissive mindset. i would say being a submissive is more about the mental mind aspect than it is about the physical ass-spanked aspect. Of course, the spanked ass works in concert to get my mental mind in the right place, so the spanking serves its purpose and reaches my ultimate goal…. To be the best submissive wife i can be!

i have spoken several times about maintenance, but it’s worth saying here and now that “practice makes perfect.” That’s true for David and his confidence in being in control as well as perfecting his technique, but also for me in my acceptance of it. To be naked is to be exposed. To be spanked is to be humbled. To accept it with grace is to be submissive!

But it hurts….. my ass burns afterward. Frequently it feels on the raw-side. It stings and is hit to the touch for a good long time. Suffice it to say i do not enjoy the spanking or the pain that results, but i accept it.

And practice makes perfect. And routine is good. i feel utterly relieved now that our D/s with DD (domestic discipline) relationship appears to be alive and well.

i am grateful we are able to come home after being apart such an extended time, and that all is the way it should be! ❤️




  1. Welcome back
    Wow it appears things are back to the way they should be at your house! I am sooo happy for both of you..
    As the head of my house I struggled with being consistent. It was a real problem that resulted in my feeling guilty and her feeling confused and scared that I was abandoning the lifestyle we had chosen together.Fixing the problem is a process for me but I am improving and she is aware of that and her behavior is improving too.
    Thanx Soo much for the post and the update. I always look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Paddlefan – being consistent is definitely one of the most difficult parts of this relationship dynamic. Exactly how you describe her feelings is how I, too, have felt. But I recognize it’s a process, and takes time and commitment too! Hugs! Marie

  2. In reference to your question in your mind, as a fellow submissive i think you already know the answer to your question, would He want or be okay with you just assuming what He wants? Or would He rather you ask for clarification? For me i know if i just assumed Daddy would be very upset and accuse me of trying to top from the bottom! So my go to would be to chance annoying Him and gain clarification so as to not add to my possible punishment for doing two wrongs:
    1.) Assuming what He wants and getting it wrong
    2.) Trying to top from the bottom and taking His Dominant role away from Him.
    I hope my answers bring clarification and not more confusion. Hugs and best of luck! 💗

    • Uniquemystiquegirl, thanks for the comments and perspective! After I wrote and posted this message, I thought it through more completely and came to the same conclusion as you. I’m glad to see my thinking is similar to yours! ❤️

      I’ll probably do another post soon about the results of said convo with David.

      Hugs! Marie

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