239 – My collar(s)

i have a collar. In fact, i have three. Besides the Hidden in Plain Sight post, i’m not even sure i have ever even talked about it. In the past though, it has been the featured picture on my entire blog, so it is possible you’ve seen it.

My primary collar is one that i’d say is a mix of function and fashion. It is the one in the featured pic here. i can – and do – wear it daily or sometimes not at all. But it can also be functional too. It is strong and thick enough that David can pull on it to lead/direct me where he wants me to be or go. Of course, he rarely uses it for that, but he can and he has.

Sir has never said (or required) that i wear it at any particular times or days. i typically wear it when i need something tangible/physical, to remind me of my (consensual, by choice) submissiveness.

David loves it when i wear it, and he doesn’t usually miss it when i do. He usually makes some sort of nod to it. i think when he sees it, it becomes a tangible reminder for him as well as me, of the commitment to this D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship with DD (Domestic Discipline) that we both love.

i have had this functional, yet stylish, collar for 2-3 years now. After we were living the lifestyle for awhile, i asked David to get me a collar to recognize the commitment. And then he surprised me with it.

i happen to think he didn’t really think much of it at the time actually though. He didn’t make a big deal about the delivery of it either. So we didn’t have some big ceremony, like what i have read others do. Some of what i have read seems like it’s almost a wedding ceremony of sorts, and while that’s cool, it’s not what we did. David gave it to me over dinner and that was that.

Over time though, he’s come to love it because he’s realized how much i love it. He sees the response it generates in me and by extension, then to him as well.

It means a lot to me. It is a tangible reminder for each of us. For me, it reminds me of the transfer of power that i willingly handed over to David, causing me to be pliable and willing to submit. And for David, while he doesn’t think of me (literally) as a dog, a dog does indeed wear a collar so that you can keep it. You put a collar on an animal that you don’t want lost. One that you want to claim. David has ultimately claimed me in that same way!

i want to be submissive all the time, but sometimes i am not as submissive as i want to be for so many various reasons. And when i feel my collar on my neck, it is a tangible reminder of what i want to be and how i want to act.

It means a lot to me. It brings me comfort when i need it. And i really need it (the collar and the comfort) especially when i want to be reminded of my submissiveness.

i have done a lot of research on collars as of late, somwhat out of curiosity really. …………

What do other subs collars look like? (Lots of variety!)

Are they all with a lock, or a “O” ring? (No, not all, but most seem to.)

Is there any official standard required? (Doesn’t seem to be any standard. Some collar pics i found just looked like regular jewelry and it made me wonder “what’s the point,” but it was their version and that’s understandable.)

How “nice” are they….. are they all just jewelry or function? (Both. Some are pure jewelry and look almost dainty/breakable, some look like chains and function and fashion, and some are just quite literally a Dog collar for function only).

Do people actually wear a DOG collar sometimes too? (YES. Dog collars are really used by Doms and worn by subs. It doesn’t seem that the sub wears these outside of sex and/or their house, but maybe they do that too.)

Do people wear them 24-7? (Some do, yes. Some are (fairly) permanently attached with a strong metal and lock/key, that the Dom has the only key. i don’t know how prevalent this is, compared to”occasional wear.”)

Do people have just ONE collar or many? (While i couldn’t tell for sure, it seems many people have more than one, especially if they actually have a dog collar for sex/home play. One would be purely for function then, whereas another may be for wear outside the house.)


Well, as previously mentioned, i don’t wear it all the time nor am I required to. i happen to think that being “made” to wear it (or being made to do anything really) is more about a slave dynamic than a submissive dynamic. i think that’s a lot of what the difference between sub and slave is…. Being able to have choices. Not just about a collar wearing, but anything at all. And i have choices, and do not consider myself a slave. But i digress…..

i do not wear a dog collar.

The collar in the picture is the primary collar i have and wear, which serves for both fashion and function as previously mentioned. i also have two choker collars. They are pure fashion. One has silver and one has gold on it, so that i can alternate between outfits as needed.

While i do not have a picture of me wearing mine, this picture is pretty similar to what i have …..

While i do not have any rules about when or where to wear it, when i do wear it, it helps me to feel more submissive as it is a visible and tangible reminder of who i most want to be, who i most want to please, and how i most should act.

While i don’t have a dog collar, what i said above is true… you put a collar (or leash) on something you want to keep and not allow to get lost.

I pray i am never lost. And if i do become lost, i am found and claimed once again by David.

^^^^ UPDATE: i wrote everything above this line months ago. But i never finished this post so of course, i also never published it. i haven’t a clue why… probably ran out of time, ideas of where or how to finish it, didn’t have focus that day…. Not sure. Either way, it sat in my “drafts” section until now.

The last sentence i wrote about never being lost…. That is essentially what’s happened in our D/s relationship in 2022 until relatively recently… we have been lost.

David wasn’t dominant, wasn’t enforcing rules, and didn’t care to be in the role-play acting mode that i now think i was basically trying thrust him into. That was the difference for us, in that i wasn’t role playing at being submissive but i kinda think he was at being Dominant. And after awhile, he grew tired of the constant pretending to be the “character i portray on stage in my daily life.”

But now…. As i have recently been starting to tell you…. He’s changing and so am i! He’s coming alive and into his own (best!) version of the dominant man i always knew was there and to whom i submit to.

And as he changes, so am i. i am learning to truly submit, not just when I want to. i am learning to NOT top-from-the-bottom or tell him how to do his job best. In the process, i am truly learning how to be the submissive wife he wants/needs and not the submissive wife i think he should have!

We are becoming the best versions of ourselves and i am embracing this evolving process. (The changes aren’t that many or different, and I will likely tell you more about this in a future post… but instead the changes are rather slight and yet, exactly what we need!)




  1. “I am truly learning to be the submissive wife he wants/needs and not the submissive wife I think he should have!”
    WOW!!!! That is one of the deepest and most powerful statements you have written( and I have read every post you wrote). If you wrote a book about true submission. this should be the very essence of the book..
    Submission SHOULD be about what HE wants and what He needs. .Giving him what he wants not what you think he should want To me that is true submission!. It is probably hard to learn and put into practice but is worth the effort.
    Thank you for this most powerful realization!!

    • Paddlefan – thank you for your comments. Think I should write a book?! Lol. I agree … becoming HIS submissive, not the submissive I think he wants or needs, has been eye opening and difficult at the same time. Hopefully it gets easier too! Marie

  2. LOVE Your blog. I can too relate to the rough spots that occur but like you have done the best thing we did was to stop trying so hard. If you are truly meant to live this lifestyle you will find that it comes back naturally and in a much more organic way.

    • Ikzimmwerman09 – thank you for commenting. The part of your comment of “stop trying so hard” resonated. That is exactly what was needed, and what I’ve done, but was hard to recognize it was needed or even how to do it too. I’m glad I’m not alone in the struggle! Thank you! Marie

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