238 – 1st spanking in 2022.

It was bound to happen.

Me doing something that deserved discipline.

i screwed up.

And i really must say, i was relieved that this ended in discipline. NO, i didn’t WANT to be spanked, but i did deserve it. And thankfully, my Sir responded to the situation with the best solution possible.

He used the paddle. My ass was turned a very bright red tonight.

For the first time in more than 6-months, the paddle collided with my ass repeatedly. It was well overdue and frankly, more than once i had already deserved this but it wasn’t until today that i was disciplined for my actions.

And let me tell you…. It HURT!

W-H-A-T happened?

Yeah, so our son’s car needed new tires. We’ve talked about it for a few weeks already. It was decided that since the best place to get the tires was just 2-miles from my office, that today i would drive his car to work, get the new tires, and all would be good.

As i was packing up this morning to head out, i said goodbye and David said, “you are driving his car right?”

We had not spoken at all about this plan for about 2-days now and in that time, i had forgotten. It must have shown on my face as before i even responded verbally, David said, “you DO remember, right?”

i did not. He had to remind me by saying, “Son. Car. New tires. Today….”

Oh yeah. Ok. That.

“Yes, of course i am still driving his car and going to get new tires.”

An hour later, the new tires were on, i paid, and left.

i wasn’t but about 2-blocks away from the tire shop, headed to my office for the day, when my phone rang. It was David.

i answered and he said, “WHY did you use your credit card to pay for the tires?”

[He gets texts for any charge in excess of $200 on any of my cards…. He says it’s for security purposes, but i won’t lie, i think it’s also about keeping me on budget too. He while I don’t think i need him checking on me like this, it’s nothing i will ever get to be changed either. Ok, maybe another blog post topic here… back to this one though….]

At that very moment, i was confused. My exact thought was, “i wasn’t going to steal the tires. How else was i suppose to pay?”

Before i could respond aloud he said, “I told you to put it on their store credit card that we have so we would get 6-months no interest, no payments. There’s no reason to pay the money now if we don’t need to.”

Oh yeah. Ok. That. [Second time in 2-hours i have thought those words!]

This time though, i actually said the words aloud too. In addition, i also said, “i will call and see if it can be moved from my card to the store card.”

And what i heard back was, “Yes, you will! You need to see if you can fix this.”

i just said, “Yes Sir.”

With that, i heard a click. He hung up. i wasn’t surprised. i’d probably have done the same if things were reversed.

Not even 10-minutes later i get a text, “is it fixed?” i had barely had enough time to get back to my office and get the call made so i had not had enough time to get him [i think he assumed I would forget to call. Reasonable assumption given the way the morning was going!]

That’s when I had to say, “well… not exactly Sir.”

This is when i had to also tell him that the store had told me that David had to go to the store with the card or his ID directly because the card was officially in his name and even though we have a joint account, they can’t “just move a charge to another person’s card when the person isn’t here to accept the charge.” This is a pet peeve of mine. When it is a joint account in their system AND on the card, why exactly is it that i am not authorized to use it?! Whatever… back to this blog again….

And the response i got back from David was, “hmm”

Then some time later, David texted again, “are you saying I have to go fix this for you?”

“Unfortunately, Yes.”

“I see. Do I need the receipt/paperwork?”


Another few minutes later, “I’m going now. This better not be a waste of my time!”

This is where i started to second-guess… what if the clerk i spoke to didn’t get the facts right, do i need to meet David over there now to explain my side, since i have the paperwork/ receipt, maybe i ought to go give it to David now…… Please Dear God let this all work out. Amen!

About 30-more minutes, “you are lucky. I got it fixed. But we will talk about this when you get home tonight.”

Thank you God!

“Thank you Sir. Understood.”

Not another thing was said until i was home, but not even immediately then either.

i was anxious about it as soon as i walked in the door and he could tell. i wasn’t sure if i should say something or not. i wasn’t sure if i were to say something, what exactly that would be either.

Nothing was said. At all. i began to wonder if he just forgot. Or maybe it was forgiven.

We ate dinner, started watching tv, and nothing. i began to be disappointed. I didn’t exactly want to be disciplined, but i knew if he did it, i fully deserved it. AND it would be of his own accord, as opposed to him role-playing the script i had set forth (as in how it was before.). This was a test for our entire D/s relationship actually! This was a pivotal form in the road, and I needed to be patient to see which path David would take.

As well, the opposite was true. If he did not mention the situation, act upon the discipline needed, and it was never mentioned again, i was going to have to accept that too.

Either way… i was sure i’d shed tears tonight …. i just wasn’t sure what the catalyst would be.

Then all of a sudden the one tv show he had turned on was over and he said, “ready to talk?”

“Yes Sir.”

“You agree a spanking is necessary, correct?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then I will let the paddle speak for itself.”

“Yes Sir.”

So i Assumed The Position, for the first time in more than 6-months. And i waited. And i prayed. “Lord, please provide me with the ability to listen to David as he speaks. Please help me to accept this discipline with grace. Please help David to deliver the exact right number of spanks that will cause me remorse and regret, so i learn from this. Please help him to have confidence in his delivery, to know this is needed and good, and will bond us closer once again.”

And the door opened. Here we go…..

He picked up the paddle, that was resting in its place… on my butt. i immediately cringed and instinctively tensed all my muscles, expecting to immediately feel that first blow. Instead of feeling the paddle though, instead he spoke aloud.

“Are you ready for this?”

“i accept this, but i do not think i am ready for it.”

He asked why was i not ready and i said, “because it has been more than 6-months.”

He said, “Do you think it’s going to hurt?”

“i have NO doubt it will hurt.”

“Then let’s get to it.”

He knew i was consenting. He knew i knew it was deserved. He knew i knew he was my dominant Sir.

That was when i felt it. The paddle collided with my ass for the first time in 2022!

i flinched hard. i bit my bottom lip.

And the words, “oh Fuck that hurt!” formed on my lips. Thankfully i said it quiet enough he did not hear. He hates cuss words. And he especially would have hated me saying it with regard to this spanking. And even more especially with the first swat too! i was clearly NOT accepting this with grace and immediately knew i had to change my thoughts.

By the time i thought all that, another and another, and ANOTHER spank hit my uncovered bottom.

i heard him say, “So the next time I tell you to do something are you going to forget?”

Was i really this forgetful? Or am i selfish to where i just didn’t care enough to slow down enough to pay attention. Neither is a good answer.




“I asked you a question. Are you ignoring me? That is NOT a wise decision!”

i was NOT ignoring him, but rather trying to form words between the spanks. i find it hard to focus on the words as i am being spanked where my mind is racing with all sorts of things (as noted above), not to mention things like, “Do NOT move. Stay in position!”

i finally muttered, “i am not ignoring you Sir. i will remember next time.”

“Do you realize you would have cost us a lot of money if I couldn’t have fixed this?”



“Yes Sir.”

That’s when he held the paddle against my ass for a second. Whenever he does that, i know he’s pausing the swats for a second and i was grateful for the slow down. This time though, it wasn’t a pause or a break, it was to give a punctuation mark to the next set of spanks. Without preamble, he pulled the paddle back and smacked me about 5-times in rather rapid succession.

To be clear, while the paddle had rained down on my pour naked ass quite frequently at this point, i was abundantly aware he was NOT using any real force. He was indeed “letting the paddle speak for itself.”

“And do you realize I asked you to do this because it was easy and convenient for both of us really? Me going up there to fix your problem was not ideal or convenient whatsoever!”

He pulled the paddle away and i flinched. i flinched without even getting hit yet. i just anticipated it and moved instinctively, as if on command.

He asked, “why are you flinching when the paddle isn’t even touching you?”

“Anticipation Sir.”

The tears were forming, but not yet flowing.

i was trying to cry. i wanted the tears to flow freely. Yes, it hurt me physically AND mentally to be spanked tonight but this was a GOOD hurt and a GOOD cry that was needed. i needed to feel the release of emotion.

As he then held the paddle against my ass, he asked me, “do you think you’ve learned? Will this happen again?”

i paused as I thought, “The tears haven’t flowed yet. i need him to keep going to get these tears and this release to come.” But then, is that me topping from the bottom again? Do i deserve to feel this cathartic emotional release? Do i trust him to know when enough is enough?

“Yes Sir, i have learned. No Sir, this will not happen again. i will pay more attention to you.”

“G-O-O-D!” he said, with the layering on of one more good, hard, and final SMACK of the paddle.

That’s when he sat me up and said, “we are done. You are forgiven. Now go swim in our pool! Get the sting out!”

“Thank you Sir. i love you!”

After confirming his love too, he grabbed my hand and we went outside to our backyard. He was fully dressed and i had nothing on at all. He motioned me toward the pool and said, “now go on in!” And so i did.

He sat on the chair and watched me swim naked. He took my picture at some point too. i have yet to see that picture. That’s ok.

We were both pleased.

i expected the tears were going to flow tonight. They never did, but nearly did. i am just grateful it was a good tearing-up and not a bad one! i am glad i got the very red, expected-to-be-sore-tomorrow ass that i deserved.

i am now (incredibly) hopeful that our D/s relationship is seemingly back on track… or maybe not on the same track, but a better one… time will tell. For the first time in 6-months, i am hopeful again too!


(i pray the first 2023 spanking post isn’t 6-months into the year! While we have been doing this now since late 2018, i didn’t blog a ton at first and didn’t actually start posting a “first of the year spank” post until 2020….. but if you want to read about my other firsts for that yesr, for at least for the few most recent years, here ya go: …..2021 – 1st spanking – Jan 10 and 1st spanking – 2020 – Jan 9 )




  1. This sounds a bit strange to say but I am exceedingly glad your backside got paddled and you had to assume the position and experienced a near tearful catharsis. Sounds like David made a spanked wife a happy wife. You deserve to be happy. You are a remarkable wife married to a man endowed with that rare almost magical power to dominate and spank you happy (even though your bottom hurts for a while afterwards)
    Again, I am happy for you!
    A great post. Thanx for keeping us up to date.

    • Paddlefan, thank you for your kind words. It is a bit odd to congratulate someone on a job (not) well done and to get what was deserved. But it is indeed the right words here! I suppose next time I’ll “hope” to actually have tears fall. Maybe. Lol. Marie

  2. You lied! You said “this will not happen again. I will pay more attention to you.” But the truth is that something similar will happen again, and again. Even though you will try, it will happen, that’s just the way us humans are; even David (ask him if he’s ever gone out to the garage to get a screwdriver, forgot what he went for & came back with pliers, realized he needed the screwdriver, gone back to get it, come back with a flat screwdriver and needed a Phillips screwdriver). As you get older it will become more common (ugh). You can call it “Old-timers Disease” 😃

    • Alan, I didn’t mean to lie. It more of a promise to do better, which is what I know I will do. And I don’t look forward to Old timers disease… 😉. Thank you for your comment and perspective. Very much appreciated! Marie

  3. Sounds like you got what you deserve, I’m glad for you! Hope you learned you lesson. Thanks for sharing!

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