235 – Daddy’s Girl plays with her baby doll – Fiction

She started the day out rather quickly by saying, “Today you’ll wear an anal plug,”

It wasn’t a “good morning” or “how’d you sleep” or even a kiss and a smile. I could tell today might not be a good day for me, but then again, depending on my attitude and perspective, maybe it would!

I was surprised because the mistress had never said anything like this before, nor had she ever been so direct with me so quickly, but nevertheless I responded appropriately with a simple, “yes ma’am.”

My husband, my Sir, has a girlfriend. She is also my Mistress, and she had stayed the night at our house last night. While he rose early to start his day but she was not so eager to get out of bed. It is a well known rule in our house that I am to stay in bed until the last member of the house is out. That’s because my services or my body may be needed and should be at their disposal to either of them whenever they choose. And apparently the mistress chose today.

Then she continued, “we have to get you ready. You need to shower and shave now. Be sure to shave close enough that no hair is found on your pussy.”

Well this bossiness was certainly new, but I was wet at her direction too. I conveyed my understanding and got immediately into the shower. After washing and shaving thoroughly, I exited the shower.

I wasn’t far into drying off when the Mistress appeared and she yanked the towel away from me. She said, “stand still. At attention. Don’t move while I finish drying you off.”

“Yes ma’am.” That’s when I did move into the attention-position she was expecting, with my legs a bit more than shoulder width apart, interlocked my fingers with hands behind my head, and stared straight forward.

She started to wipe my body dry starting at my top and going down to my feet. She seemed to slow at my breasts, and yet I must have imagined it as then she simply continued south.

I felt the towel go between my legs and her hand bring it to my pussy as she wiped it dry. That’s when I felt her mouth wrap around my breast nipple, while she dropped the towel but kept her hand in place, cupped around my sex. I clearly did not imagine her slowing at my boobs after all! As quickly as I felt her hand on my pussy, I also felt two fingers pressure their way past my previously closed lips to go straight up inside me. I gasped. But I didn’t dare look down or otherwise move. Of course, while I had hoped the gasp would go unnoticed, it wasn’t missed at all.

Mistress immediately bit down with her teeth on my nipple just enough to create a clamp like feeling and the pressure be known. Through her clamped teeth, I heard her say, “stop reacting! Stand perfectly still and at attention as I told you to!”

As quickly as it started, Mistress pulled her fingers out and released the clamp on my nipples, at which time she dried the remainder of my legs. That was a teaser with what I could assume would be more to come.

“Now get a cotton ball from the cabinet. Rub it throughly across your entire pussy. Then show it to me to prove that you’ve shaved as thoroughly as I instructed you to.”

I did as she asked, and she was indeed pleased. I had successfully shaved all hair from my pussy. It was bald as a baby.

She said, “very well done. Now on the bed, on all fours.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I moved to the bed and climbed on. I positioned myself perpendicular to the length of the bed, so that my feet were hanging off the side and my sex was facing her with ease. I spread my legs leaving everything easily available to the Mistress.

It was then that I heard her come behind me. She was between my legs and standing on the side of the bed as I waited to see what was to come next. That’s when I felt the tip of the plug start to my anal hole. I breathed in deep and prepared myself for the impending intrusion. I spoke to Mistress, “Ma’am, please go slow until it passes my sphincter muscle and I can adjust. That is always the hardest part.”

She didn’t respond with words, but I did hear a smooth groan sound too, seemingly one to imply she accepted my request.

I felt it slide slowly inside my ass. As it moved further and further in, I became more relieved – and thankful – my mistress was moving slowly. As she inched it further and further inside me, I finally felt my sphincter muscle relax and allow the dildo to pass. I let out a sigh of relief and thanked her profusely.

That’s when I felt her arms come over my shoulders and each hand grabbed at a breast. She squeezed each one tightly, and whispered in my ear, “ready for me to continue to fuck your ass?”

“Im sorry, I don’t understand Ma’am.”

She said, “I decided to not put a simple plug in your ass. Instead, I have a strap on cock that is currently fully seated deep in your ass now. I intend to fuck your ass until you reach orgasm.”

She continued, “Now, lay flat as I ride your ass and fuck you hard! Focus on getting to your orgasm as it will be the last one you receive for awhile!”

That’s when she pressed my back down hard onto the bed, causing me to be flat on my stomach, never allowing her cock to move from its deep seat inside my ass. I felt her legs straddle me and her hands press down on my back. She had effectively pinned me to the bed. That’s when she spoke again, saying, “I’m going to fuck your ass now. Making you know who is the boss and who is not. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

And with that, she moved her strapped-on cock in and out of my ass, slowly at first, but gaining speed quickly all the same. She pressed deeply each time. I think she intended to go so deep as to make a lasting impression on my physical and mental body both!

She asked me, “if I go faster, will you orgasm my baby doll?”

I was getting so near it already with my Mistress going so deep, the idea of her going even faster would likely set me over the edge. I used to think my pussy could not orgasm without it being touched, let alone not being penetrated. But I learned a long time ago now too, quite well actually, that I can indeed orgasm with any hole being fucked!

While I think she already knew the answer anyway, I told the truth and said, “yes Ma’am, I know I will!”

She said, “you must ask permission before you will actually be allowed to cum. If you fail to ask, or fail to get my approval before hand, you will regret it!”

And she pressed deep, and pulled out, and pressed again, and pulled out. She began to go faster. Just when I thought I was about to ask if I could cum, she suddenly stopped, while her cock was nearing the edge of completely vacating my ass. That’s when she asked me, “ready now?”

“Oh yes! Please Ma’am, I am so very in need of your love. Please allow me to orgasm!”

And with that, she pressed her cock all the way in and back out with vigor and intensity. She went fully in and came fully out. She was pressing down on my back as she used me as leverage, she said, “hold your ass open for me now! I want to go deeper yet!”

So I reached back with both hands, and pulled each cheek aside. She squealed with excitement and she did just as promised, by pressing deeper still.

In spite of the fact I did not think it was even possible, I moaned as I felt myself impaled even further! At that moment, I cried out, “Ma’am, please… can I cum?”

What I heard back surprised me. She slapped down on my ass hard and said, “No! I am not ready for you to orgasm. Be a good baby doll and listen now because I don’t want to have to spank you. NO!”

And with that she kept pounding at my ass even more. I screamed out, “Please… allow me to orgasm now Ma’am!”

Surprisingly, she told me no again. She continued, “I know you can beg harder than that! Give it to me… make me believe you have to orgasm!”

As she forced herself and her strapped-on cock to bury as deep as she could possibly go into my ass, I began to wonder if my ass would ever recover from this pounding! Although before I worried about that, I needed to orgasm first! I just simply had to orgasm! N-O-W!

“Pleaseeeee….. Ma’am. I need your approval. Please allow me to orgasm! My pussy is aching to let go. I need to feel my pussy pulse down hard at your cock’s pleasure. I want to orgasm so badly!”

She pressed her cock in deep, while laying herself down flat on top of me. While her boobs pressed against my back, I felt her hand slide down between the bed and up against my pussy. She stuck her fingers inside my needy cunt and said, “Yes! My baby slut girl, orgasm for me now! Let me feel it all over my fingers. N-O-W!”

And that’s all I needed. My needy cunt let go of all the pent up excitement and relaxed fully into her command, and drenched her fingers with my juices.

As the tension in my body left me fully and my pussy began to slow in the contractions from my massive orgasm, I closed my eyes and whispered thanks to my Ma’am for allowing me to orgasm.

She had been kissing at my neck as I was climaxing and cooing in my ear urging me to give it all to her, but now she lifted herself off of my back and after pulling out of my ass she said quite sternly, “do not move.” As if I had any energy or desire to move! Because I absolutely did not, I did exactly as instructed.

Mistress left from the bed to return just a minute later. She said, “flip over to your back now baby girl.” And of course, I did.

It was then that I saw she was holding my chastity belt. She said, “guess what else today holds for you my dear little one?!”

She continued, “now be a good girl and lift your bottom so I can put your steel panties on you now.” She also had wet wipes in her hand and said, “of course baby girl, we have to get you cleaned up from the naughty little mess you made first.”

I let Ma’am have her way with me because, well… I wouldn’t really have had a choice anyway. But in this case, I was actually quite grateful for all her loving care as my ass and pussy were both still throbbing from the pounding she delivered, as well as the orgasm too.

As I had already lifted my ass in the air, she placed the chastity belt down underneath me. The steel felt cold and stiff, as it always did. It was my fitted belt that I’ve gotten well accustomed to its feeling with as much as I’ve worn it over the last many months. After it was properly laid beneath me, I lowered my bottom back down to the bed.

She gingerly wiped at my pussy with the wet wipe. Then she had powder and sprinkled it on too saying, “oh little one, we have to keep you clean and dry now. Don’t want you to develop any rash down there, now do we?” I didn’t respond. I could tell it was a rhetorical question.

She fastened the belt straps in the front and as she started to put the lock on, she said, “And just like that, we get you all snuggled and settled in properly!”

And just like that, I heard the lock snap shut. That familiar sound was both relaxing and dreadful. I never knew just how long this stint in the chastity belt would last but I fully trust my Mistress and know she knows what’s best for me too.

She pulled me up into a seated position and smiled at me. She spoke, “Doesn’t my baby doll look magnificent now?! I just love you so!” And she put her arms around me into the biggest hug ever. I know she loves me as much as both myself and my Sir also love her!

That’s when I heard the familiar voice say, “Hey, I’m home. Where is everyone?” My husband had arrived back home.

Mistress called out, “I am in the bedroom. Come see me Daddy.”

When he came to the room, he smiled at her and engulfed her in his arms in as big of a hug as she had just given me. He said, “Baby girl, how’s your day been going so far?”

She said in the best big girl voice you’ve ever heard, “Look Daddy, I’ve been playing with my doll. Doesn’t she look so great in her steel panties? I love to dress her up Daddy. I got her into her panties all by myself, and I even remembered to wipe her bottom too. Thank you for getting her for me.”

He pulled back from his embrace and while looking at me he smiled and said to her, “oh baby girl, you’ve done so good with your dolly. I bet she loves it when you are so nice and play with her. Should I be nice and play with you now too?”

She said in the best little girl voice you’ve ever heard, “oh yes Daddy, I love it when we play together. Can I have my dolly girl stay on the bed so she can see what a good little girl I am for you?”

My Sir looked at me and smiled again. He said, “I’m sure your dolly would love to watch how well we play together, my love. I’m sure you are right in that she will see what a good girl you are indeed.”

With that I watched as my Sir, my Mistress’ Daddy, undressed her slowly and made love to her. I heard my Mistress giggle a few times and laugh while saying things like, “oh Daddy, that tickles,” and “Daddy, look at your stick-thing grow so long and hard” and “You make me feel all tingly inside Daddy.”

They were clearly having fun and making love to one another with such passion. It made my heart swell to see them in love. I love them both so much and it makes me happy to be loved by both of them too.

The entire time they “played” together, I was seated on the bed in nothing except my belt. Mistress made sure I was positioned so as to see everything that they did quite clearly, while being ever-so-silent as that’s what Baby Dolls do. They are silent, eyes open, taking it all in, without the ability to say or change a thing.

Honestly, there isn’t a single thing I’d want to change either… except maybe the ability to allow my pussy to orgasm just one more time! Of course, my pussy was locked in steel panties and that was not soon changing!

The end



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