226 – The (preemptive) Party plan

Almost without fail, every time we host people to our home for an event of any size, David and i tend to end up at odds with one another beforehand.

And the bigger the event, typically the bigger the differences between Sir and i become. Two years ago, we got into a huge fight ahead of a party, but once the party started, all was forgotten and by the end of the party we didn’t even mention it again.

It’s all because we both want things to run smoothly for the event and we are “on a mission” ahead of time to get everything set just perfect. But the trouble is, we both have our own agenda and sometimes the two agendas don’t quite connect and in fact they frequently collide.

We don’t do too many events really at all, but definitely never too close together either. Maybe 1-3 events per year. In fact, this year we had a Super Bowl party in February and nothing again until December. And with so much time in between, we typically “forget” the things we even had trouble with then, so we don’t take precautions ahead of the next event to not have trouble arise for the event at hand.

This year is different though. As i wrote before, this past Saturday we hosted a Christmas party for David’s coworkers. And now this Friday, we are hosting another Christmas party for my co-workers. i don’t ever remember having two parties so close together that we just attended, let alone hosted!

And after this past Saturday’s difficulties in light of the fact we nearly got into a fight but saved it at the end, David decided to do things differently this week.

He started talking to me yesterday about this and i can tell it will continue. He started out saying, “we aren’t going to have a repeat of our skirmish ahead of this party, like what we had for the last party. Are we?”

To which i responded, “i certainly hope not Sir.”

And he said, “I’m sure we won’t. In fact, we are going to do things differently to prevent it.”

i inquired about what he had in mind. And he told me that, “Friday is always maintenance anyway. So bring the party day too, we will start the day with a rather intense maintenance spanking. I will talk to you throughout about how you are to be submissive, responsive, cooperative, and to remind you that your actions and especially your words are to be in line.”

i said, “while i wish it weren’t necessary, i think this sounds like a good plan.”

He then added, “that’s not all I have planned though. I intend to have you naked for the morning. There’s no reason for you to wear clothes. You are always more submissive when you are exposed, so I want to reinforce this heavily and that’s what you’ll do.”

He went on, “then around noon, I will insist on putting your anal plug in your ass and you’ll wear it for the duration of the planning period and all the way to the end of the party as a constant reminder of how you are to act.”

He also said, “and should you and I do well on this party day without any trouble between us, on Saturday morning I will fuck you hard and you can orgasm as often as you want. But make no mistake, if you are NOT good or if we end up fighting still, on Saturday morning we will meet. But not for fun. We will have another spanking but this one will be an intense discipline one where you’ll be wishing we hadn’t fought on Friday!”

“And lastly, if this goes well, we will make this part of our pre-party ritual for every event. Do you have any questions?” is how he ended.

“No Sir. This sounds like a good way to prevent trouble before it arises. And for what it’s worth, i love how in control you are AND how preemptive you want to be now too. i hate fighting with you and i intend to be fucked hard on Saturday now! i can’t wait!”

He finished with, “good. I’m glad we have a better plan of action because I have no desire to fight with you either. And this way, we won’t. And if there’s trouble, we both know how we will handle it.”

With that, i smiled at me and he hugged me in return.

Friday and Saturday will now be quite a lot more interesting than “just a party” at our house again!

But i am confident all will go extremely well and my Saturday will be spent with a sore puss, and NOT a sore ass! 😉

Stay tuned…..




    • I have to agree… I think I’ll win overall. But I won’t lie, I’m planning on having sex, not being punished Saturday morning too! AND hopefully have a party without any pre-party difficult or intense moments (arguing or bitter words) too!

  1. We bicker about music volume when guests are over…I play it too loud. A pre event but plug and spanking would probably keep me in line too 🙂

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