224 – A-L-W-A-Y-S is a big word.


i have a tendency to touch stuff, including stuff i should not.

Once when we were in an art museum in England, where there were tons of very old art pieces dating back many centuries…. i touched one. Despite ALL the signs, the guards in each room and the fact the oils from my finger could ruin a piece forever… i did it. i touched one. We were nearly thrown out of the museum and David was quite annoyed (ok, angry!) with me, but i did it. i touched it. i just felt like i had to! So i did!

i never buy clothing online because i can’t feel what it feels like before spending money on it. When i shop, i touch more stuff than i even realize just to know the texture. i have found myself doing it all the time, even when i am not buying something like clothing. For example, i walked through Walmart the other day and had to pass the men’s clothing department. i ran my hands along the displays of men’s shorts as i passed them, despite the fact i was not going to be buying them at all.

And you all should know by now that i touch my body including parts i should not. And it gets me in trouble fairly frequently, as you know as well!

But touching myself is not exactly what i am wanting to talk about now.

Whatever i wear for the day, i touch it regularly too. Like for example with my earrings or necklace that i wear on any given day, i tend to fiddle with them all throughout the day. i don’t do it always conscientiously, in fact, frequently it is not.

As i touch, i sometimes then think about how or when it came to be. So whatever i have on for the day, tends to be a very tangible reminder to me of anything and everything all day long.

i was talking to David about how much having something tangible on (or IN) my body serves as a constant reminder to me ….of places, events, or activities from where or how i received it.

He then said to me, “you need to A-L-W-A-Y-S wear something that reminds you of my submission.“

i said, “A-L-W-A-Y-S?”

And he said, “A-L-W-A-Y-S!”

We then talked about what that “something” is or what it should be. He said, “the something should be your collar, your bracelet, an anal plug, a vibratory, a dildo, or your chastity belt. You can take your pick. But you should A-L-W-A-Y-S wear something.”


So today.. i wore my collar. i will tell you more about it in another post and what it means and how it came to be.

But today… every time i touched it, whether consciously or subconsciously, i was reminded of it and exactly what it means…. Which it ultimately means that i belong to David…. As his good, submissive wife.





    • Nora, yes, I’ll be interested to see how this works over time too! Which is why I said “always” is such a big word. I love the idea, but “always” may be a lot to manage at some point too! (Yikes!).

      Today I wore my bracelet. Not sure what tomorrow holds yet!


  1. I LOVE THIS, I really do!!! I want to have something in me or on me to show my submission to my man also… TY for the idea Marie!!

    • I’m so glad you love the idea! I hope it inspires you too! I’m a bit worried about long term management of this, but … one day at a time too! ❤️😉

  2. Hi Marie, I’m not sure if that is in fact a picture of you and your collar and maybe you are shy to admit it but there is a lot to admire and imagine in that photo. Stay well, keep the posts and pics coming!

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