219 – Happy 50th Birthday to me! 🎂🥳

i am officially 50 years old today. One year ago, i was sad and begging time to slow down (or just stop), but now, i am happy.

i decided there are two choices in life: glass half empty OR glass half full. i chose full!

Not only is it my birthday, but today is also Thanksgiving. i have a lot to be happy AND thankful for……

i am living my best life, feel more healthy now than i have in a long time, and am genuinely happy! And i say all this in the midst of No-orgasm-vember and while waking up locked in chastity too! I AM HAPPY IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!

Some people get all melancholy when they turn FIVE-O, but not me. i know how short life can be and how so many people don’t even live to see this birthday, let alone do it with good health, a great job, a wonderful home and family who love me thoroughly!

i think it’s dumb to get sad about growing older. i think we need to be thankful and grateful for what we have and are able to achieve.

Shortly after waking up, i took a shower and before i was even dressed, David told me to “lay on the bed and play with yourself. Get yourself to the edge, but you are not allowed to go over it. NO orgasm!”

And he left the room.

Oh goodie! i played for a good long time. i was super slick, but i obeyed. i was having a ton of fun! While I wanted to orgasm (of course!), i was content and happy to be in the moment.

It was somewhere around 30-minutes later when David came back in. He asked me, “Did you orgasm?”

“No Sir”

“Do you want to?”

“Yes, of course, Sir”

And he laid on the bed between my legs. He wrapped his arms around my legs, so i was secured in place and not able to move (much) and he started to lick me.


With serious abandon!

It was a hot minute more and i was begging, “Please Sir, may i cum?”

He continued.

“Pleaseeeeee Sirrrrrrr”

He ignored me still. But his tongue never stopped its assault on my pussy and it’s clit.

It was SO intense!

“Sir…. Pleaseeeeeeee may i cum??”

He ignored me stillllllllll.

“Sir. i can’t wait any longer. If you won’t say yes, please stop Sir.”

He looked up at me and said, “Good girl. You may cum now.”

And his tongue went back to my pussy and the flood gate opened!

My legs were shaking and he continued.

Another minute later, “Sir, may i cum again?”

His head didn’t move, but i heard the “uh huh” sound come from him.

And i did.

My lips (on my face) were tingling.

And it still continued. Him AND the O.

Again, “May I cum again please Sir?”

And he granted it. Never once releasing his grip on my legs no matter how much i bucked. His tongue never stopped and neither did i!

i felt spacey and almost a drunk-like feeling.

i lost count at how many times i orgasmed, but they were cumming fast and furious. It was hard to tell where one ended and the next started!

i think he ended after about 7, but i am not certain. It was just so many!

i was SO exhausted, but happy. i almost went comatose as i laid on the bed and regained my composure, while he took his leave to start cooking the Thanksgiving meal. He told me to take as much time as i needed or wanted.

But before he was out the door, i said, “David…..” and he stopped and turned to me.

i spoke quite clearly and with intentional words, “i love you so much. i am grateful and thankful for you and the life we’ve built together. Thank you for the gift of orgasm today.”

He smiled, then laughed, and said “I love you too!”

i laid on the bed doing nothing of any substance…. Except…. Thanking God for my husband (and his talented tongue), along with marveling about how amazing my life is!

That’s how my day started and the rest has been great, but of course as you can imagine the morning was THE high point of my day!

i asked him if we were back to no-touch and no-orgasm, and he said, “I haven’t decided yet.” So i shall wait to see what comes next….. but regardless of what it is….

i chose to be thankful, grateful, and happy every day!




  1. Happy Birthday, Marie!! What a wonderful Birthday gift you received from Sir!! I am SO HAPPY you got to orgasm so many wonderful times, you deserve it.

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