218 – Being naked is not being a nudist

Having no clothing on is such an exposed feeling. There’s nowhere to hide, all your skin flaws on display, and you have a choice of standing tall and being proud….. or cowering.

Lately i decided to revisit the being naked thing. i tried it once before but for a variety of reasons including, me getting too cold, our son, practicality, and my preference, it didn’t last too long. But in the past two weeks, i’ve been trying it again. And i am starting to really love it.

i choose to stand tall. (And not to cower.. or to cover!)

When i first started it, it was just to sleep. i have slowly extended that timing to include morning coffee wake up time. Last night being naked started earlier in the evening with time in the hot tub, and just continued through tv time and sleeping.

When i first started experimenting with it, i simply pretended i had clothes on. Even though i didn’t.

i can tell you Sir loved it. He loved seeing every bit of me at the blink of his eye. He held my boobs and squeezed my nipples, his favorite, frequently. He also slapped at my ass and felt me up to see how wet i was, or to make me wetter!

That was in the beginning of it. Now though, and like last night, it wasn’t even really (much) of a thing. He had clothes on, i did not, and we sat on the couch and watched tv as if it were very completely normal activities. Of which, it is now becoming normal.

And at some point along the way, it has became a mental relief for me. Being naked has become liberating. To be free and have nothing on suddenly became easy and my preferred go-to. i am now seeking out opportunities to be naked.

And then i put the clothes back on. The weekend comes to an end, our son materializes (let me tell you that Seniors in HS don’t materialize often!), the door bell rings, or some other reality event occurs…. and it’s time to go back to the world… with clothes on.

i will always wear my clothes proudly, when it’s required too though. And i’ll look for the first opportunity to shed them!

i now chose to sleep naked all the time too as clothes are absolutely not required to sleep in since our teen son never just materializes to climb in bed with Mommy and Daddy at all hours of the night anymore the way he used to when he was younger.

Now i look forward to the time i go to our room and am able to undress. It is wonderful to have your whole body touch the sheets freely and to not ever be tangled in cloth as you turn from side to side.

Nudists say it’s not sexual to be naked. And maybe in some settings that’s true, but it’s not true for me and Sir. i think when everyone is naked, say at a nudist resort or at a kink party, it might not be sexual. But all other times: it is. It is VERY Sexual!

While we all have the same parts as the next person of our same gender (okay, seriously there’s only TWO options… pick one and identify already! Just saying!), when it is all covered up it is easily ignored. But when it is exposed, our eyes dart straight to the previously forbidden sections and it is attractive! To our eyes, to our brain, and especially then our own private parts that come awake, it all becomes very sexual! At least until naked and exposed is the norm, in which case, no one cares.

When i am naked, i am the only one. Sir wears whatever he wants and that’s understandable, but i wear what i want and that i am finding he prefers…. which is nothing. And that’s understandable too.

To have your beautiful submissive wife strip off her clothes simply because you told her to, is indeed all very sexual.

Because we are still in NO-orgasm-VEMBER, he has been touching me just enough to get me to the very edge of orgasm. And then he stops. Of course, me being naked a lot makes this that much simpler too.

When we were in the hot tub earlier, he finger fucked me three different times. When i get near orgasm, i subconsciously bite my bottom lip. When i did it in the hot tub, he looked at me very sternly and said, “NO orgasm!” And he kept going.

It was NOT long and i looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Please Sir….” (with the rest being implied…”Can i cum?”). He again did not stop, but rather amped it up further by sticking a finger in my back hole along with another finger in my front hole and said, “Absolutely NOT! Do NOT orgasm!”

And when i then begged, “Please Sir may i cum? And if not, would you please stop?”

He responded with, “ok. I’ll stop. Because you asked.” And he laughed. i did not.

He repeated variations of this twice more. Where he finger fucked me until i begged him to stop.

i won’t lie, my ability to listen to his words (NO ORGASM!) and deny the release is becoming stronger than ever. Soon, or maybe already now, i will be to the place where i can cum (or NOT) on his command. i wonder if this is his goal or a side bonus that has come along the way!

i smiled at him and he laughed. i knew he was enjoying playing with me — both physically AND mentally —- and for that reason, i enjoyed it too. Although i can’t deny, i was seriously frustrated at my own sexual denial, i was very happy that he was happy.

Not long after, we got out of the tub and dried off. He dressed. i did not. And we watched tv, as casually as ever.

When it came time for bed, he said, “do you need to be locked up tonight?”

i responded, “if you think so, then yes.”

He said, “now that I’ve played with you to the edge and we are back home again, do you think you can control yourself tonight?”

i said, “yes.”

He said, “ok. Then let’s try it. But remember, you are NOT allowed to orgasm and because of that, it’s good if you just don’t touch it at all too.”

“Yes Sir.”

So no belt tonight. But still in chastity. Let’s face it, chastity doesn’t have to include a physical belt (although it makes it mentally easier when one does exist!)

And truthfully it is good. Both the belt AND being naked is good. i like both of them now. It makes my Sir happy and i am starting to see a change in my thoughts from “I MUST ORGASM” turning into “i must do things that make him smile.”

So if he’s happy, then i am too! i chose joy! i chose to stand tall, not to cower OR to cover (except when required for life or told to cover my puss with chastity!)

Here’s to being naked much of the time…. And being in a chastity belt a lot too… and to completing two full weeks of NO-orgasm-vember … while being happy!

[While in the hot tub, Sir said, “yah know, I rather like the way you are more attentive now when you aren’t orgasming all the time. I’m thinking another month may be good. Maybe waiting to give you an O until Christmas would be an excellent idea……”. And my response?? i said, “if you think it would be good, then i am on board with your decision.” And we both knew i meant it. A mere 14-days ago i would NOT have said it, let alone meant it! Time will tell. But i truly am getting to be OK with the journey, not just the destination!]




  1. Good Morning, your view on having a climax on command is something that my Sir taught me about 25 years ago. He has used it while in public or private settings. Since I am very vocal, it does create a challenge some times to be quiet, but I would definitely recommend being taught it. He loves teaching me new things about myself. Diana

  2. Again we seem to be very similar in our lifestyles. (We just have the genders reversed. LOL) I too try to be naked whenever possible, and have the same real life constraints as you, but when everything is aligned, off come the clothes. My Rosa works from home 3 days a week, and often has me do little things for her when she’s busy. When I bring her coffee or help her with a question and am naked, she loves it. But personally, I can’t see how a Top of either gender wouldn’t. Hell, I’ve switched in the distant past and as a Top I sure liked having a naked sub around!

    There is just too much to like about it. It sends a clear message of dynamic. (It’s pretty easy to know who’s in charge when only one person is naked. ) It is a bit thrilling to be exposed during the most mundane tasks. And there’s certainly an aesthetic to the naked body that a clothed Top would have to be blind not to appreciate.

    (I just did a post on that orgasm I told you about. Why not stop by and leave a comment?)

  3. WOW! I am really impressed, Marie. You seem to really be getting a lot out of this denial period. I love that your response to your husband after he mentioned a possible additional month without an orgasm was to submit immediately. You are amazing!!! XOXO

    • Ha! What I said and what I thought were entirely different!! (I was thinking, “Noooooo!!!!!!”). Lol.
      But yes, I do feel I have grown in my submissiveness this month!
      I’m glad it’s showing. Thank you!

    • I like your comments a lot – I know your husband likes NO-vember for you and Jun-O for K. I’ll be happy when the month ends 😊

  4. Absolutely astounding. I have posted it to my subreddit. In my rules, when possible, clothing is a privilege, not a right, for my partners. I hope many more women into receiving Domestic Discipline read this and learn from your example!

    • Thank you WelllTried, for reading, for commenting, and posting to your subreddit. I am honored. :).

      I’ll have to go check out your page/posts and see if I can learn from you also!


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