215 – My 50th Birthday Gifts

My 50th birthday is on Thanksgiving this year. November 25. Next week. Fast approaching. In the month of NO-orgasm-VEMBER.

It’s unclear and Sir is still undecided if i will be allowed to orgasm on my birthday or not.

Last week we were talking about what gifts i would like to receive for my birthday. My immediate response was, “An explosive orgasm.”

To which he responded, “what else?”

i said, “a new purse please Sir.”

And he said, “A new purse it shall be.”

When i asked, “what about the orgasm?” his response was, “I’m undecided about that. I asked what gifts you’d like to receive, and your orgasm is definitely a gift I could give, but then again… what month still remains on the calendar?”

At first i wasn’t sure if that was a rhetorical question or not but something told me i was supposed to respond, so i said, “November Sir.”

And his only word in response was, “E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.”

And that was the end of that discussion.

That will be the last we will discuss that. i am certain. And that’s ok. The gift of orgasm is indeed his to give, and i will wait until it is allowed. While it has now been TWO WEEKS since my last O, i accept it isn’t up to me when the next one happens.

i won’t lie, because it’s officially still NO-orgasm-vember, i kinda do NOT want David to allow it. But on the flip side, it IS my birthday and i only turn 50 ONCE, so i really DO want it! (And did i already mention….it’s already been TWO-WHOLE-WEEKS since my last O. And i don’t remember the last time i went this long……. Like ever! And still almost another week…. Geez!)

If you think about it, your sexual pleasure and happiness truly IS a gift from your partner, and isn’t something you should feel entitled to. Always. In all sexual relationships, including vanilla ones.

But of course in most relationships, if you don’t get it from your partner, you seek it elsewhere…. By your own masturbating hand OR another partner OR both., because you feel entitled to it.

Admittedly, sometimes i can be the same way. But most of the time, i do indeed see it as a GIFT. (And after more than two weeks, it will be a BIG gift when i get to feel that pleasure again!)

What would YOU do if you were my Sir? Would you allow me to orgasm on my 50th or no??!!?

i thought of what i think is the perfect compromise…. (And i already told Sir about this, to which he laughed.. cuz he knows me THAT well!)

i suggested he make me wear Glory. And he makes me suck him hard. After which, he uses my ass hole to his pleasure. (There’s a big hole through the belt that allows him/me/anyone all access to that hole).

i suggested he fuck me hard and fast with that back hole, while i am on all 4’s. Neither of us touch my clit or pussy as it would be all locked up nice and tight!


If i can orgasm without being touched AND while being locked in chastity then i can do so. Otherwise, no!

As i said before… he laughed. He knows i’d orgasm. Easily. Especially now when i am SO much in heat and need it!

He then said, “nice try!”

He then said, “by the time I allow you to orgasm, you could likely cum on my command without touching you anywhere at all!”

He THEN added, “you do realize we didn’t start this No-orgasm-vember on the first? You do realize I could chose to extend this into December in order to get the full 30-days I feel I am entitled to receive?” (There’s that word “entitled” again! But in this case, i think he IS entitled to use the word and to feel the emotion. i willingly submit to him, making things like my O fall under his purview!)

All this makes me think NO, i will NOT be orgasming on Thanksgiving…… aka, my 50th birthday!

And maybe not for awhile into December too!

So i’ll ask it again… if YOU held the gift of my orgasm in the palm of your hand, would you give it to me on:

A) Nov 25, my 50th birthday

B) Nov30, end of No-vember

C) Dec 6th, officially 30-days from the last O, OR

D) some other date at your discretion, to keep me guessing





  1. Aww Marie, while I feel for you having gone two whole weeks without orgasm, I do agree with your Sir especially as you didn’t start at the beginning of NOvember, I would be in the camp that said, I’ll let you know when you can have one, and it would be discretionary lol. Sorry sweetie. xxx 💎💋

  2. I asked my Sir and he says always on your Birthday but then go back to NOvember until Dec 6 or after. I think the wait will be worth it. I love my O but thinking about is part of the Joy. 🎶❤️

  3. Hi Marie,

    I think I agree with gem. I would be discretionary and it would be a random day if my choosing. I hate to say it but I think I would keep you edging regularly to make it even more unpredictable so that you wouldn’t know with each edging session if this was going to be the day. I think I would also punish if you asked for permission on any day as the mere fact of asking would imply that you have some say. Just my two cents worth.

    • Avner, thank you for your thoughts and ultimately if I were in charge, I’d probably have to agree with everything you said, but since I’m not, I’ll wait to see what happens from here.

  4. Mo Àrd Rìgh would make me wait the full month, and i would want to wait because when He finally did grant me that release oh my gods it would be GLORIOUS! i wish you the best of luck on this! i’m right there suffering with you, Mo Àrd Rìgh saw your blog post on my WordPress about NO-vember and how much it excited me and well, this is O/our first time ever doing this and i fully agree this month is going to drive me insane! But i know we can do it! 10 more days and counting! We got this girl! ❤️💋

      • Me too! i’m not entirely sure but i think i experienced my first ruin last night by Mo Àrd Rìgh’s hand and i’m not quite sure how i feel about it. It scares me a little to think i might have liked it, more than i would like to admit. Now don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean i want to give up orgasms completely but i think i might be into denial play and willing to try ruins more. Thanks for getting this idea into His head!😘💋😍

  5. Marie:
    After the month began, you set a NO-orgasm NOvember goal, you informed David of the goal and he agreed to it. You set the goal for NOvember and not for a month; that is what you should strive to achieve, NOvember not a month.
    When the two of you signed into a DD relationship, he became responsible to (among other things) protect you, even from yourself and from his paddle. That being the case, he should not be placing road blocks or stressors between you and your goal. He should, instead, endeavour to assist you in attaining the goal that he has agreed to.
    An orgasm produces a number of drugs in your system, chief among them are dopamine and oxytocin. Oxytocin can be produced by a mere touch. A small touch produces a small amount of oxytocin, but you need a lot of it; you need a big long hug, probably the best you’ve ever had. David should hug you for 5 minutes or until your stress subsides and you relax, which ever comes last.

    • Alan, thank you for the comments. While I can appreciate what you say I don’t believe I quite agree also. I may have been the one to set this No-vember month in motion, I am definitely not the one (now) who is in charge of when it will end. David has not caused me more stress by this either. He assists me quite well in all things we set out to do, I can assure you. I’m looking forward to my birthday, and am quite relaxed. All is good. Marie

  6. Hi there. as no stranger to this I can’t answer your question. I think granting O’s is complicated and not something to be forced into some rigid formula. A Top should understand what their bottom needs to be at their best, and if they don’t they should probably have never been given this authority.

    That said, if I knew you you well, I’d know whether you really needed one, or really needed the reassurance of a firm set schedule, OR…if you were just a little minx who might benefit from an extension! LOL

    By sheer coincidence, my Rosa gave me an O today, even though November is an odd-numbered month and hence one in which I myself cannot ask for one. She however, can do what she thinks best, and since she knows that an O will make me very productive, and since she had a project for us to do today, she gave me one and sure enough the resulting burst of energy rocketed me through our task. However, it was a complete surprise to get one and I never expected such a treat. And yet? She was quite wise in that her decision resulted in exactly what she wanted it to.

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