211 – The Honor System

i am well aware that you are probably getting tired of hearing about me and my chastity belt. But, it’s a very real source of my frustration right now and it’s the ONLY thing i seem to focus on, which means it’s the only thing i want to talk about too!

So bear with me…. i actually have a few other posts almost ready to publish, as i frequently start them whenever inspiration hits. Of course, until it’s done, i don’t hit “publish” for you to see. And right now, i’m not able to concentrate long enough on any of them to actually finish those for you to see. So… you are seeing “Me and My BFF Chastity” now instead.

Because i am SO close to my belt now .. physically and mentally … i have actually been trying to think of a good name for her. i mean, saying, “my chastity belt” is a mouth full and seems rather disconnected. i think i should adopt a more personal acceptance with her and become better friends with her. She does have my best interest at heart: staying out of trouble with Sir!

To date, no good names have come to mind. Suggestions?

As i was nearing bedtime, i asked Sir if i could go soak in a warm bath. i ALWAYS have to ask for this luxury. That’s been a rule for a long time now because as i lay flat, naked, relaxing in the water, i lose all will power. ALWAYS have and probably ALWAYS will!

i lie there floating and stare down at my sex. i watch as the water rises up between my legs and touches my pussy, to eventually rise up further and top over my boobs.

i lie there playing games with myself and the water. As the tub is filling, i move up and down to see if i can make the water touch my clit sooner than it already will as the added movement of the water creates a natural stimulation there and i watch as my clit swells.

Then my tits get cold, waiting for the water to rise enough to warm them, so i tickle my nipples until they protrude, generating more natural blood flow there too.

This is when i tell myself to STOP touching. And i usually do, but not always. Once as i was NOT stopping, Sir walked in on me where he moved with such stealth that i didn’t hear him. So i didn’t stop even in his presence. And THAT is why i have to ask permission to soak in the tub every-single-time now.

While it wasn’t specifically said then, but we both know it is true, Sir now doesn’t trust me to take baths without his knowledge and he usually decides to randomly walk in when I am in the tub to “check” on me. Granted, i could probably rub out an Orgasm in between his visits, but a ruined one would be worse than not even trying, and he mixes it up just enough that i can never be sure. So i am kept in check.

Soooooo that’s the back story that you needed for me to tell you about today’s events……..

i had sore muscles and i wanted to relax my mind too while soaking in an epsom salt bath before heading to bed. So i asked permission and it was granted. This time, as i stared down the length of my body as the water covered it, i was filled with emotions. It was RIGHT there! I COULD TOUCH IT IF I WANTED TO. BUT i didn’t! i was a good girl! I was happy to be strong in mind… and frustrated all the same!

In an attempt to NOT tempt myself anymore than i could stand, i got out and dried off sooner than usual. But the towel between my legs felt SO soft. As it dragged across my clit, i was keenly aware of how it felt THERE and decided to rub it extra dry… for just a second. Literally a second. Because i realized any more and i’d not stop there either!

i was SO proud of myself! Self control for the win! This was a GOOD night!

And i got into bed. i was reading as David came in where i had the covers to my waist covering my lower half and exposing only the top half. He squeezed my nipple and kissed me. THAT was TOO much. i lowered the covers and exposed myself to him. (i didn’t touch….)

He asked me, “what are you doing?”

“Allowing you access Sir.”

“Why? Where is the chastity? You KNOW nothing is going to happen. Nothing happened in the tub that you need to make me aware of right now, did it??” is what he asked as his fingers set down on my clit and started to move.

i didn’t even have a chance to respond when he stuck a finger deep inside my puss as his thumb continued rubbing my clit. OMG ….. the stars were aligned, i arched my back, and was ready to ask permission to cum (another rule)…. All just THAT fast!

i was on THE EDGE.

And Sir knew it. He saw the tell tale signs. He stopped.

His finger immediately pulled out. He slapped down once on my clit hard enough to make its point clear! Bringing me back to my reality in such immediacy that i continued to see stars, but they weren’t the bright and brilliant kind that i wanted and liked!

That’s when he said, “you know, had you not opened your legs I never would’ve known. I was going to let you be on the Honor System tonight and whether you had on chastity or not, I was going to trust you to do the right thing. But now, I don’t think that’s a good thing at all. Needy girls need to be kept from their own self destructive ways. Now go put on the belt. And bring me the key.”

And that’s how the Third Night with my new BFF, ever-so-close-to me started with my Needs-A-Better-Name chastity belt.

As i locked Glory tight into her place, (Ohhh i like the name Glory. Maybe that’s her name now! That just came to me. What do you think? Make a better suggestion?)….. i then walked to David where he laid in our bed with his palm up waiting for the key to be placed there.

And i climbed into my side of the bed and prepared myself for another long night with Glory. She’s comfortable and not a problem to sleep in, physically. Mentally… another thing altogether!

And i drifted off to sleep with Glory snuggly locked up against my skin and protecting my sex.

In the middle of the night, i woke up, unable to get back to sleep. i thought about Glory (name is starting to ring a bell and stick!) and reached down to feel her against me. i felt just how close she was, how tight, how i can’t escape if i even wanted to, at least not without the key.

My hand ran the length of her between my legs. And i felt aroused. REALLY aroused. And my mind played tricks on me…. i heard myself thinking, “you could probably get a finger or two inside the edge and to your clit. You COULD do this!”

And i tried. Hard. i became intent on this! i WANTED this! And if i was going to work THIS hard to get past my guardian angel Glory, i deserved this! But… i could stop. Anytime i wanted to. And i would. (Right??)

My clit was swelling. i felt it pressing against the metal. i felt it desirous of my touch.

i suddenly became VERY intent on casting aside my BFF and going for the touch. i would stop anytime i needed to. i wouldn’t actually get an O. i just needed to get past Glory and to touch her enough to get a little second of happiness.


Glory is a stronger BFF than even i knew. With a sucked in stomach and (basically) holding my breath, i found i could press a single finger between her steel and my body. But with a swollen clit, Glory was hanging on to my clit tighter than i would’ve thought.

My finger became caught in the folds of my puss and the steel, and then i had to take a breath expanding my stomach. That made Glory pinch my finger. To the point, i pulled it out. And stopped. In complete frustration.


i could chose to hate Glory for being on Sir’s side. Or i could chose to thank her for keeping me honest. i chose thankfulness. (It is the month to be THANKFUL.. even in the month of NO-vember!)

So now i still don’t have a clear idea of how long me and Glory will be BFF’s at night… but what i am sure of is, if she wasn’t my BFF before, i am POSITIVE she is now.

And David will NOT trust me to be on the HONOR SYSTEM again.

Here’s to a long and THANKFUL month of me and Glory.



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  1. Hi Marie,
    No need to apologize for all the posts about “Glory” (perfect name)… has No-vember been more difficult than you expected it to be? You have already accomplished a lot and showed a lot of restraint… look forward to more posts about it

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