200 – TWO HUNDRED posts later

i have tried to think of some “wow” kind of post for the #200. i would be lying if i didn’t say that i am wow’d that i am to this place and that i have gotten this far. i recognize there have been some spots of “intermission” between my blog posts, but now more than 2-years later, i am still blogging and still loving my disciplined life!

This feels like some kind of milestone to be celebrated, and yet, i can’t think of a better post to craft than what i already had in mind before i realized it was the BIG 2-0-0.

So. ——— Boring it is ———- That’s the topic.


This is the best word to describe how DD goes sometimes. Depending on the particular rules in place for a submissive, it could be nothing more than “waiting to screw up”. Meaning, there’s not always a lot to DO to be submissive. i mean, how much work is it to “be respectful”? Seriously, not a lot of WORK. i’m certainly not saying i get it right all the time, but it’s sometimes not “work” to be submissive either.

Think about it. When you go to work, you have tasks to DO. When you come home and have chores, you have things to DO.

And when i have nothing TO DO, it causes me to sometimes be bored. And to crave something TO -DO as it’s relates to me being submissive.

i think the times i feel most inclined to want to DO is generally the times when i am most desirous of doing things like wearing anal plugs or chastity belts, and getting naked when he tells me to and sitting beside him even when he doesn’t ask me to. If for no other reason, i feel like i am DOING something. And that “something” is pleasing to my Sir, which makes me feel even more happy to DO it too.

But to be submissive there’s just not a lot to DO really. Unless i am given what i call, “submissive tasks”

Some tasks that give me something to DO, can lead to positive, action forward results. Whereas other tasks are waiting for me to screw it up, which leads to negative and punishments to ensue. When i have nothing to DO (positively), that is typically the times where i start to do bad things (brat!) that lead to testing David about how far he will go before he enforces the punishment.

i read a few articles about this and about what types of tasks are good or useful. i put together the list below of what i liked most…. oh, and i put them into some broad categories just to be able to group them together.

SEXUAL: of COURSE this needs to be a thing! i mean, why would it NOT be? AND let’s start with the best first!

  • Told i can not ever orgasm unless i am within his eyesight. After all, it’s HIS pussy!
  • ALWAYS ask to orgasm, even if it is at your hand or cock. [this one we do now, but thought i’d add it to the list just to show it]. And deny me the release frequently … so i respect and appreciate the ones i am allowed that much more but i also so i don’t assume the answer will always be yes.
  • Be told to suck his cock at any random time for as long as he likes or until he says stop.
  • ALWAYS have my pussy devoid of ALL hair, with regular and random inspections to confirm compliance [we do this one too]
  • ALWAYS be ready for sex, in any hole at any time. And have random times where it actually happens, just to prove it can .. and i should truly be ready at any time.
  • only be allowed to wear panties or bra with permission [this is also one we do already too. i am granted permission fairly often, especially with the bra, for going to work where it is really needed under clothing.]

HOUSEHOLD SERVICE: these are what i would say many people might think of as a traditional “chore”…

  • NEVER be on the phone when i come in the house, at least not without permission.
  • Ask permission to purchase any nonessential item. Always. To keep us within the budget he set and have no surprises.
  • Sit at your feet, on the floor, while watching tv together
  • Have his coffee made every morning at a designated specific time.
  • NEVER have anything left in the kitchen sink – either wash it and put it away, or into the dishwasher immediately

SUBMISSIVE MINDSET/ REFOCUS: This could be useful as a reminder to be submissive and/or to get into the right head space

  • Walk in the house from work, go straight to our room, and stand in the corner. Stand there, possibly naked, until told otherwise, while focusing on resetting my mind from the “Dominant business woman” to the “submissive wife”.
  • Wear a chastity belt, a plug, or dildo for (maybe up to) a full 24-hours without allowing for the release until after the duration has expired that i would be begging for by then. [While i am made to wear these things, it’s never been for this long. Nor has my requests for release been denied.]
  • Sit at his feet, just because.
  • be told, “do not finish a single sentence spoken (to him) without ending it with the word Sir.” For example, “how was your day SIR.” Or “Dinner is ready SIR.”
  • Be told i have to to ask permission to get into bed. naked.

WHEN WE ARE OUT IN PUBLIC – like family dinners, date nights, or to an event or even just the grocery store!

  • He orders my food and drink(s) for me. Says there’s no reason for me not to trust what he orders.
  • Tells me i am not to eat until after he has started. Making me aware of his actions and to pay attention to the details.
  • Has me drive/ chauffer him so he doesn’t have to.
  • Picks out my clothing for the event. Tells me “no more and no less”
  • Tells me to ensure some part of me is touching some part of him. For example, i hold his hand, or have my arm around his waist, or have my leg touch his.
  • Have a sexy double date, that i know nothing about until we arrive there and he just says, “Act the way you know I’d expect!”

WHEN WE ARE APART – Whether it be for work or one of us is out of town

  • write a love letter to him. A minimum of XX pages.
  • Be told to send a text/call at a designated time, not to be early or late and never forgotten.
  • to be made to wear a piece of my submissive jewelry – necklace, bracelet or jewelry thong – every single day. And to text him a picture to show it is on. OR even have it locked in place and he has the key with him.

STRESS REFLIEF and/or We Are Home Together, But Alone – for either one of us, because we both have it and because the release is good

  • be asked to (NOT MADE TO!) accept a spanking. The reason being only that he needs to relieve his stress.
  • to be within his eyesight at all times from sun up to sun down. And if/when i need to leave his eyesight, like the bathroom use, i must ask permission. In order to focus on nothing but him (and i).
  • At a designated hour or particular day of the week, to be on my knees with no shirt on, while holding my tits at attention for him to kiss, cum all over, give a good smack to, … or… just look at.
  • not allowed to speak. For 24-hours. In order to focus on being calm, cool, and collected. And to understand that sometimes being quiet is best.
  • Randomly told to strip off some/all of my clothing, just because being naked is good to be stripped of coverings can be a tangible reminder not to hide feelings inside too (and He likes what he sees too!)

These are just the things i have thought about today. Who knows what i may think of tomorrow! What i do know is if i were given more tasks if things to DO (positive/ action-forward type) i am sure i will feel more useful. And less likely to act out negatively or in the brat way that i so often tend to DO. (What’s that phrase, “ideal hands are the devils’ play ground….” Just saying.)

Now i may need to go tell David to give me something to DO.

Okay, i thought about it for a split second… and i know i really do need to go tell David all this … now.



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