198 – IT problems galore

So completely not my blog topic, but definitely been applicable as of late…..

IT problems and me go hand in hand. David and our son quite literally say, “It’s a technology/ IT thing… “ to me on a regular basis.

Last week David went out of town for work for 2-days. While he was gone, i went to the garage to go to work and the garage door opener just wasn’t working. We had electricity to the house, so i wasn’t sure of the motor had gone out or what exactly. I decided to go flip the breaker and see if it made a difference. It did not. Had to raise/lower the door by hand [NOT EASY] for 2-days. David got home, did the exact same thing as me.,. It worked.

A month ago, the tv wouldn’t come on. i changed the remote batteries out, still didn’t work. Our son picks up the remote, pushes the power button… it worked.

Here’s my latest drama….

Over the weekend, (2-days ago, i became aware that my site was not working. It worked on the inside, but not on the outside. In other words, it looked like it was working from my side and i posted a blog message. But when David went to read it from a browser, it wouldn’t load at all.

The first message received was a 404 error. When i looked up how to fix it, it talked about permalink and resetting them. So i did that.

Then the original error message changed, and now went to one saying, “warning: potential security risk ahead”. Googled some more, messed with it some more.

Now the error message went to, “your connection is not private”

So googled and found some more to-do’s. Did that too.

And FINALLY… i think the website is operating again. Or so i have been told.

That’s the good news….but of course…. there still remains some new and still unresolved IT issues.

I can’t access my own site still, at least not on my laptop. i am typing from my tablet access because NOW my computer won’t open Google at all.

When I click on the Google Chrome icon, i get a spinning blue circle for a second and then it just stops. Nothing happens.

From my phone, i searched what could cause this and it says the anti virus can. So i turned it off. Still nothing.

Googled some more, and says “try deleting chrome and reinstalling it.” So i did that.

Then when i go to reinstall, had to use Microsoft Edge.

And when i got to the Google chrome download…. My machine says, “can’t access the internet.” W-H-A-T??

i thought i ought to reboot. Made no difference.

Then thought to hardwire (not WiFi) my machine… it doesn’t have The right kind of plug outlet (has HDMI, but whatever that big one is called is what i don’t have).

So NOW i have to have a converter to hard wire to the internet, to reinstall Google chrome, to hopefully find out first hand my website blog is back operational.


Do you ever just think, “W-H-Y???” Yah, that’s me right now.

Can you access my actual website?? Or do you read this through the WordPress app???

Here’s the site: http://www.LovingDisciplineLife.com

Let me know if you can get to it…. Cuz right now i can’t even get on the internet. 😕




  1. Hi Marie! I saw this post in my WordPress feeder, but was also able to visit your website directly and it was working just fine. Hope you get it figured out 🙂

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