197 – Zip to the conclusion

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“Game on!” is how i responded too!

We had an amazing dinner and by the time we left the restaurant, even K thought he was married to me! My acting was superb! And i won’t lie, J did a convincing job with David too.

OF course, we were both looking for any opportunity to have the other’s jeans unzipped too. My zippers were “almost” fully intact…. But they were indeed a bit down in front AND back.

As dinner went on, J implied i was over doing my story and told K to unzip a zipper. It was after i was hanging on K’s arm and my hand slid down his leg and back up again. She said my act would have been appropriate for a younger version of us if or when we were still dating, but not at our age and term of marriage.

Of course, i think K was enjoying himself as i could feel his cock swell to my touch but he didn’t resist the order to lower my zipper either.

That was the first zipper move, the second happened was over dessert. J caught me winking at David after i drank those 2 glasses of wine. i always get amorous when i get tipsy, and that’s where i was when J said, “uhm… wrong husband. K, please lower Marie’s zipper once more!” And he did.

The last zipper move happened as i was carried away telling a story about work, where i was complaining about a client. David was the one then to say the zipper needed to come down more as he said, “we are all here to escape reality, not relive it.”

When dinner was done, i won’t lie i was a bit nervous to stand up for fear of whether or not my pants would stay up! Of course, i was very much somewhere between tipsy and drunk so i trudged forward and stood confidently!

My pants didn’t fall off as i stood up, thankfully! But they were definitely loose for sure. With that, i announced i had to use the bathroom before we left. David told J to go with me, and make sure when i came out my pants’ zippers were still in the same place as they were at that moment going in. i rolled my eyes and said, “Fine.”

And David said, “J, on second thought, be sure to lower a zipper just a bit further. Marie, that’s your own doing for that eye roll.”

After J escorted me to the bathroom and back, we started down toward the waterway to walk a bit and end up at the park. K & i walked in front of David & J, when i heard J say, “Marie, those pants are pretty loose there!”

And everyone laughed. Except me. Instead, i asked David, “Sir, are her comments in line with what you’d expect of your submissive wife?”

He said, “Marie. I agree. I’m not sure that those comments were very submissive for sure! Should I lower her zipper?”

“i thought you’d never ask Sir! Yes, please do!” And he did. i heard J utter “fuck!” Under her breathe to which K said, “oh now, J, that wasn’t necessary either. David, lower her zipper again.”

She was the first to break about all this. She stopped walking and spit out the words, “what the fuck? I can’t walk around in public this way with my ass hanging half out! This is ridiculous now.”

i put my arms around her neck and said, “J, relax. This is all good. You ought to just flow with it. Your husband -nor K or i- won’t allow anything bad to happen. Trust me on that one!”

And we embraced in a hug. After we both relaxed there for just a minute, we released one another and resumed our walk. We all just walked together in a comfortable silence then until we reached the park.

By the time we sat down on the bench, both of mine and J’s pants were truly hanging and near falling off from the walking motions and gravity. We were both pretty grateful for the night sky and the shadows falling all around us. It gave us the natural dark shadows we both needed at that time. Of course, our husbands didn’t get too far from us though either, so that helped too.

The bench was big enough for all four of us to sit and talk. The men were on the outside with us girls on the inside. And the night air was cool and fresh, giving us reason to snuggle in tight too.

As we did, i felt a hand slide down my pants and touch my clit. Of course, it wasn’t hard to do when my pants were hanging so low. i gasped as i felt it. i looked at David with almost panic in my eyes. i mean we We were in public and i was being fondled David said, “Marie. Let it happen. This is good. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir. i will.” And he was right, it did feel good! But of course, like J a few minutes before, i was keenly aware we were in public view too!

And that’s when i heard K laugh and say, “Your clit feels so wet and slick.” And that’s when his fingers slid right inside me as he then added, “and your folds are so engulfing. They just swallowed up my fingers. I think you like this.”

i responded by saying, “i don’t like it…. i love it! Thank you Sir. (Ok, i wasn’t as concerned about being in public as J was … i was just trying to “let it happen” as my real-life husband had instructed. Plus the previous wine helped too.)

i turned my head toward J & David, where J was looking at me. At that moment, she leaned in and kissed me deeply. i was so overwhelmed with all this but in such an incredibly good way too. (Like i said, just let it happen… and wine helping a lot too!).

It was then that i saw David’s hand unzip J’s front so far down that she was exposed for all to see. Of course, no one walking by had any idea she was sitting on the bench with no panties on and on display because it was just that dark.

She stopped kissing me and said, “NO!” And grabbed at her pant zipper.

Before she could pull David’s hand away, i laid my hand over hers holding her hand frozen in place and said, “do you mean no? We don’t use no, but rather red, yellow, and green.”

After i explained further, i asked her, “As David’s wife tonight, look at him and tell him what color you are really feeling right now!”

She turned to David and said, “Yellow Sir.”

And he said, “That’s a good girl. We will let you sit right here like this for a bit to get more comfortable.”

All the while, K’s hand never stopped moving in my pants. i asked him, “what color do you think i am at Sir?”

He laughed and said, “oh you are so green, you are green to the highest power!”

i don’t remember who, but someone suggested we move from the bench. J & i both agreed we were only moving after the zippers came back to a more covering appropriate position. And so it was.

As we walked back toward our cars, we discovered we were parked side by side. K must have been the first to realize our cars were completely cast in shadows, to which K asked David if he could say good night by unzipping my zippers all the way in two halves while standing between the cars.

David responded with, “only if I get to reply in kind with J.” And that’s how i found myself standing in public completely exposed from front to back. To keep my pants from falling away, i grabbed each half in each hand and held on.

It was then that someone walked by and as K saw them looking our way, he pushed me against the car and started kissing me. i couldn’t tell if that was a rouse or intentional, but that’s when he pulled his cock out of his pants, spread my legs, and fucked me right there been the cars.

It all happened so fast that all i could do was hang on to my pants and enjoy the moment. He moved so fast and furious. It was raw sex with one goal in mind: cum as fast as possible!

In no time, he orgasmed inside me. i thanked him the same as i always do with David. Yes, i thank David after sex for the gift… of attention, love, affection, and orgasm. But also for using me in a way that is pleasing to him. i like to be his service submissive!

With that, K opened my door and i sat down with my pants still in two halves. And we said good bye to our friends.

i waited for David to come to the driver side and get in the car. When he got in he asked, “Have fun tonight, WIFE?”

“Yes Sir, i did. But i have a question… was all this planned out beforehand? Like all the way to this very end?”

He lifted my hand, kissed it, and smiled. He said, “What do you think?”

i thought for a minute and said, “it probably doesn’t really matter. i know who I belong to, who i ultimately submit to, who i go home with, and i had fun.”

With that, he dropped my hand, stuck a finger deep inside my pussy that of course was still on display, and said, “Let’s go home then.”



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