196 – Zipper fun and games.

We went out with some of our besties, another couple, that we haven’t seen in awhile, on Saturday night. We had so much fun. It was intended to be just some fun getting together for dinner and talk. Unbeknownst to each of us girls, before we even left our respective houses our men had amped it up a (sexy) notch….

i was standing in the closet naked staring at my wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear, and becoming more and more anxious about this decision when David came in asked, “What are you going to wear tonight?”

i responded with, “Not entirely sure yet.”

He then handed me a bag and said, “I’d like you to wear these.”

i had NO idea what was in the bag, but i shrugged and thought, “Oh yeah… a surprise… AND decision made!”

i smiled, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thank You Sir!” He smiled back, turned and left as i opened the store bag to see what it held.

There were a new pair of jeans inside. Oh yah! i love being comfortable in jeans. Perfect!

i pulled them out to discover they had a zipper all the way around from the top of the front to the top of the back. i could quite literally unzip them into two halves if i wanted to. Oh what FUN these could be! My mind went to a sexy dark place, but i knew to “keep it clean now!” because tonight’s dinner was just about catching up with old friends without kids!

i quickly slid them on and they fit perfectly! Now just to find a shirt that showed off these sexy jeans. i decided on a (probably tooooo) low cut shirt and some heels to complete the outfit. i looked and felt sexy! Perfect!

After David dressed too, we were off. In the car he reached over and grabbed my hand, looked at me and smiled. He complimented me several times saying things like, “you are looking stunning tonight my love. I love you so much baby girl!”

While i’d like to say that was normal (being complimented on a whim without asking/fishing for it), it’s not. Especially when i heard the terms of endearment, i couldn’t help but think there was more to tonight’s dinner than i realized. So in an effort to sleuth for more information, i asked, “what was that for?”

David smiled and said, “all in due time. Just remember that you are always my submissive wife.”

i knew what he meant by that. You probably do too by now!

He may as well have said, “I will never cause you to be in harms way, nor will I allow things to go too far and you will never be in danger of any kind – including being arrested, going to a hospital, or any other similar extreme situation. Just trust me and do as I say.”

So, i smiled and thanked him. i instantly felt half anxious and half excited, but definitely on alert now, about the evening’s events!

We arrived to the restaurant first and David asked for a booth for the four of us. When we went to sit down, he sat across from me which was strange but i didn’t question it either.

Then our friends arrived and her husband sat down next to me and had her sit next to David. i could tell she wasn’t sure what to make of this either, so clearly K had not told her anymore than David had told me but she sat down next to David nonetheless.

When K sat next to me, he smiled and said, “hey sexy!” and he leaned in to kiss me as if he was my spouse instead of David. While all four of us have flirted back and forth with one another, we had never done anything beyond that. So this was totally unexpected. i even pulled back as i wasn’t sure what to make of this, and that was enough to cause him to laugh out loud.

That’s when i saw David’s hand move onto J’s leg thigh and he said to her, “Hey sexy! How are you?” i could tell my friend J was as completely in the dark about this as i was. She looked at me and i gave her a “i don’t know either!” Kind of look.

While his hand never moved from J’s leg, David spoke up and said, “K & I talked beforehand. We decided it’s time the four of us stop teasing and start doing. How much we do tonight, or even who does what exactly, will depend on you two.”

Continuing on David said, “In case you didn’t notice, you both have on matching jeans tonight. They have a full zipper from front to back. If we wanted to, we could take them all the way in two and have full access to anything and everything just that easily.”

“Tonight we will swap husbands. You should act and convince everyone around us in this restaurant or otherwise that the spouse you are sitting next to is your own. The more convincing you are, the more your zipper stays zipped. The less convincing… well… it comes down. But of course, you shouldn’t overdo your act either as ..well… that’s not convincing either.”

“Oh and the person deciding whether you are convincing enough.. or maybe even TOO much will be you. J will decide about Marie and Marie will decide about J. You will need to speak up and say something like, ‘not good enough,’ at which time I will decide how far to unzip J’s jeans and K will do the same for Marie,” David said as he smiled big.

He finished with, “After dinner, K & I decided we will all go walking along the water way area and we will end up at the park where we can sit on the benches while people watching and chatting. Let’s all hope it’s not the other way around where other people are watching us because you two haven’t been convincing enough about your spouse-for-tonight. You wouldn’t want to have your pants half way down to your knees because you failed to act properly, would you?!”

And he ended his little speech with, “Any questions about our little game tonight?”

i could tell by the look on J’s face she was as surprised at this as i was. She was one of my best friends and i couldn’t imagine telling her she wasn’t doing good enough at acting like David was her spouse, to the point i told David to unzip her pants in public. And judging by the look on her face i was pretty sure she was thinking the same too.

K must have read my mind as he turned and saw the same look on J’s face as i saw. He looked at her and said, “J, I can tell you aren’t too sure you can do this. I should tell you that David & I are prepared to also unzip either of your pants if we think you are holding back. In fact, David, my wife is overthinking this right now. So unzip an inch on her front zipper please.”

We all looked at David where he said, “Thought you’d never ask. Happy to do so!”

And with that, since his hand was already still on her thigh from before, i saw his arm move to wear his elbow was up in the air near her chest, where he pressed into her just a slight bit to cause her back to touch against the booth backing, and i assumed her pants were slightly undone.

She then looked at me and said, “ok. Fine. Game on!”

And we all laughed…. Game on indeed!



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