186 – Chastity belt. Part II

Because Naughty Nora and Miss D asked questions, it has me inspired to talk about it more……

As i do with all posts, i try to do some research before posting. i like to know, “is my opinion the same as what others would say too?” And i also like to know more facts about the topic too, in case my opinions are just “wrong, and had you learned more you’d know this too.” So i go to the internet…..about female chastity belts this time too.

Finding research on (female) chastity belts is hard. You find a lot of sites selling the cheap Chinese versions (which is fine), a little information about the more expensive ones (which is fine too), but almost nothing about reviews, pros/cons, logistics on everything from how to put it on and how to clean it to ….. WHY would you do it. Why is it appealing? Information about all of this other stuff almost entirely doesn’t exist.

But after a lot of searching, i finally found a blog post from an avid chastity belter. While i don’t know her at all, based on my own actual experience to date, i think she’s well spoken in her choice of words and accuracy in all she wrote.

So instead of posting my own thoughts, i decided she is a bigger expert than i, she said everything i had already contemplated saying, and well…. reposting her blog is quicker for me too.

Of course, i want to add just a little bit of my own experience, especially as it relates to the mental aspects of wearing chastity belts.

Why do i like it? Or why would i tell David i think it’s a “good idea”?

well. i will tell you there’s two main reasons.

1) Wearing a chastity belt makes me feel physically submissive, and not just mentally.

Being submissive means choosing to have less power than the dominant. And most often that is mental… like less power over decisions, or what’s important, or who’s going to be responsible for a task. While some of this does result in a physical action, much of it starts from a mental position.

Sometimes submission is as simple as NOT doing something. Like choosing not to break rules set in place, not touch myself sexually or cause/allow an orgasm, or being disrespectful. But even the “not orgasm” is effectively a mental thing because it’s NOT doing something physical.

So when i am locked up in chastity, i am actively submitting. i am DOING something. A physical, tangible, action. And when wearing it, it is constant. While i can and do get used to the feeling of having it on, it’s still a (quite literally) hard reminder every time i move, stand, or sit, that i chose to hand Sir the key to my heart… and his pussy…. and i am his submissive.

2) You only lock up what’s important to you, so it makes me feel important to Sir.

Think about it, you password protect your information online, you lock the car when you aren’t in it, you lock house when you go to sleep (locking up YOU), you put your money in a bank, and some people put valuable coins, baseball cards, or papers in a safe.

We only put locks and keys on the stuff we deem valuable and don’t want someone else to have access to use or ability to steal.

So when i wear chastity belts, i feel important enough to be locked up and not used by another… including by myself. i can’t steal an orgasm when wearing steel on my locked pussy.

So i like chastity belts because i like what it stands for and what it represents. And honestly, when it’s fitted correctly, it doesn’t hurt either. It does start to chafe after several hours of wear, but it actually feels good to wear it most of the time.

i feel quite literally very intentionally submissive when i wear a chastity belt.

So if it feels good mentally AND physically to wear it…. why wouldn’t i like it?

But that’s enough about my feelings, back to what the Discerning Specialist says about female chastity belts……. check it out for yourself…… if you want to.

And so, without further ado, Here’s the link.




  1. Excellent post, Marie! Thank you for the link to the article too. I really connected with what you said about how we lock up our valuables….this made the idea of a locked chastity belt exciting to me. Thank you for further expanding on this topic 🙂

  2. This is so interesting. As a self identifying brat submissive I totally understand the enjoyment of being physically submissive (not having a choice in whether or not you are being submissive in the area in question) obviously I’m not trying to call you a brat sub. I also loved the addition of a link to another source I feel like this is not done enough in our community. I love to know where people get their information from so I can dig deeper.

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