184 – FICTION: Much needed stress relief

** one of my longest blog posts ever. Maybe “the” longest indeed. Maybe a word count is in order. Hmmm.

*** Fiction sex-stories just keep running through my head from a real-life situation. David really is currently stressed out, and I really want to have sex. So I just keep thinking of ways to serve him well… and that’s what caused this fiction story to develop…….

Work has him very busy and very stressed out and I know it. I’m doing my best to stay out of his way and not cause him trouble. So when I heard him call my name in a stern way, I suddenly became anxious.

I quickly responded with, “Yes Sir, coming Sir.”

He was sitting in his home office working, as he does everyday while I was trying to be quiet as a mouse. He had already made it known that he had some big deadlines coming up and I was not to bother him.

I understood. I know from previous times where his stress was high due to work deadlines that means I am to be quiet, yet available, and always agreeable.

I immediately went to him and I heard him speak the familiar words “Woman, present yourself.”

Of course I had no clothes on as I’m not allowed to wear them when we are in the house, for any reason. All I had to do was immediately push my legs shoulder-width apart, place my hands interlaced behind my head, and while looking straight ahead cause my chest to protrude outward too.

I wasn’t exactly sure what Sir had in mind considering he doesn’t typically break away from his work to inspect me, but nevertheless I’m always ready when he wants to.

He stood and came toward me. He smiled while his hand stretched reached for my nipple, to which he took between his fingers and just teased it with a hard but loving pinch. And then he did the same to the other one too. I didn’t move a muscle, as I’ve been trained for his touch long ago. I know better than to move when I am in present position.

His hand slid down onto my waist and he moved behind me. I felt his chin on my shoulder while his arms hugged me from behind. Again, I knew not to move.

He kissed my shoulder and took in my scent. I was becoming so aroused just by being touched so innocently by him. His hand slid down between my legs as his cock pressed against my backside. He found exactly what he was looking for: a wet, achy pussy.

Still I didn’t move. He pressed two fingers inside me as I was focused entirely on the mantra in my head, “Do not move. Remain still. Be the pleasing submissive wife he wants you to be. Do not move. Remain still.”

He then started pushing in and out while talking to me about mundane things such as, “so what shall we have for lunch today?”

And I responded, “whatever pleases you Sir.”

He laughed and said, “That wasn’t exactly an answer. But my love, you do know how to respond in ways that create music to my ears too!”

Ding-dong. The doorbell rang.

“Speaking of music in our ears…. right on time too!” he said.

Instinctively I flinched at the sound and he smacked my ass hard and said, “What was that about? You aren’t very focused if the doorbell caused that reaction! You know better than that!”

The unmistakable “ding dong” rang out again.

Sir pulled his fingers from my pussy and said, “don’t move.”

His office is just the first room right inside our front door, so of course when he moved to the door it was only a few feet from where we were standing. Thankfully, I was facing toward the interior of the office with my rear to the front door. I suspected whoever was at the door might see me, but Sir would be standing between them and me, creating a natural wall between us.

I had no idea who was at the door, but I wasn’t about to turn and try to see either. I heard Sir say, “just a minute while I go get my wallet.” And he moved away. I was exposed. I knew this person was seeing my entire backside, and even part of my side profile from the angle they were at.

I heard the stranger say, “oh wow.” He was clearly surprised at the sight of my backside that Sir had intentionally allowed him to have.

Sir came back and handed the guy some money and said, “keep the change.”

I heard the guy said, “You’ve made my day great. Thanks for the tip, and the view.” I heard both men chuckle.

Sir said, “yeah I can see that tip has obviously made you happy by the bulge there in your pants. You must like what you see. Come back anytime.”

He responded, “I just might do that!”

And with that, I heard the door close.

Sir came to me and said, “lunch is here. I took the liberty to order Chinese delivery.”

I still didn’t move or speak as I knew my place and he hadn’t given me permission to move from my position yet, even though my arms and back were truly starting to ache from this longer-than-usual inspection.

Sir said, “you may break now.” That was the cue I was anxiously waiting for, and I thanked him.

We ate lunch in our usual way. When I’m not being asked to do sex-slave duties, I am his submissive wife but we would be like any other couple you see on the streets and at home, with the exception of me wearing no clothing of course. Nothing exciting, really. And we talked about the usual affairs.

Until Sir said, “you need to finish before me and go get under my desk. You need to be there, hidden from sight, but waiting for me when I sit down for my Zoom call.”

I did as told. I like being his submissive wife and doing the things that make him happy. So I responded with, “Yes Sir” and started to eat at a bit quicker pace than usual.

When he returned to the office, of course I am already in place. I wouldn’t dream of intentionally disappointing him. He sits in his chair and he looks at me and starts to speak, “while I am on this zoom call you will suck my cock. You should make sure to do it with enough enthusiasm to convince me you deserve this alone time with my cock while I’m busy earning a living for our family. And yet, you can’t make any noise so as to distract my colleagues while we discuss our business dealings. If you manage to get me off before the call ends, you will be rewarded. But if you do not or if you make too much noise, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

I was ecstatic to be allowed to pleasure Sir while he was working. He’s been so stressed with work, I’ve hardly had anytime with him at all and definitely none with his cock.

I got the biggest grin on my face and said, “oh goodie Sir! Thank you for allowing me to worship your cock. You know how I love sucking your cock!”

Because I’m not allowed to touch him without permission and as he moved his chair closer to me he said, “you may take my cock from my pants, but you are allowed only to touch my pants with your hand. The only thing I want touching my cock is your mouth.”

I unzipped his pants with my hands, and proceeded to only touch him after that with my mouth. I didn’t want to do anything to earn punishment, or to have him take away my cock-worship time.

And with that I heard the clicking of the mouse and I heard Sir say, “Hey guys. How are you?”

My tongue swirled at the tip of his cock. I tasted the pre-cum drop that had already formed there.

I heard the others say how they were doing and asked Sir how he was. He said, “oh I’ve been stressed lately, but I expect I’ll start to feel relief soon.”

I knew he intended for me to hear that comment! And it gave me the encouragement to take his whole member into my mouth. I pushed my mouth down onto his cock, taking him deep into my throat.

I began to thrust my mouth up and down causing his cock to become harder and thicker with every move. I could tell Sir was enjoying this slight distraction from his daily grind.

They were talking all sorts of business things that I knew nothing about, but I didn’t care about it either. I had one goal and that was to get my Sir to ejaculate fully into my mouth.

Sir has told me before that I give good head and it encourages me to try to do even more each time he allows me this pleasure. I decided to try to go as fast as I could, so I was moving up-down-up-down in rhythm. I could hear the beat in my head as I moved in time.

And with each thrust I pushed him deeper and deeper in my throat. Each time I pushed fully down onto his cock, I could feel his cock touch the back of my throat. It was divine pleasure to feel his thick cock fill my mouth so entirely.

But I wanted more.

I know from experience I can push his cock past the touch of my throat and have it slide down, but it’s hard to do from this position. It’s so much easier when I’m laying on my back on the bed, with my head hanging over the side while he throat fucks me. When he does that, his cock just slides right into my throat as smooth as butter!

Maybe I could achieve that same result from this position too, but I really wasn’t sure.

As I was trying to get a better angle on his cock, continuing to move up and down, I hit my head on the desk. Oh-shit.

I heard someone on the call say, “is everything ok? Did we lose you?”

I had became the exact kind of distraction he had warned me against! I held his cock in my mouth while holding perfectly frozen in time. I was so mad at myself. How did I fuck this up?

That’s when I saw his hand come under the desk. I felt his hand come up to my cheek and touch it softly. And that’s when he pulled away and came back hard again. P-O-P. He gave my cheek a really hard pop that sting pretty good. It was intentional. It made a point.

I didn’t expect that exactly, so I nearly moved enough to have my teeth grind into Sir’s prized possession. Biting him would’ve been a complete disaster so I’m grateful to have held my mouth still enough to not do that to him! But the message was clear…. punishment was soon coming.

I heard Sir say, “oh that was nothing of importance. I just hit something under my desk. I’ll have to take care of that later.”

At this very moment that was what I was. Something … a distracting “something” at that. And between the pop to my cheek and the comments made aloud, he made it clear punishment would ensue soon enough.

While my mouth still surrounded his cock, I felt the unmistakable sense of his cock deflating. He had lost interest in my cock worship. But I hadn’t been told to stop, nor had he pulled himself from my mouth, and the Zoom call hadn’t ended either so I still had a chance to get him off before it ended. Although I was skeptical at my chances of success, I knew I had to try!

I started again. I thrust up and down, swirled my tongue on his cock. I felt it flick, which I knew meant it was regaining blood flow. I felt it thicken in my mouth and I was encouraged. I had hope that I might could still get him to orgasm yet.

I worked hard to get him off. This time though, I was completely in-tune with his Zoom call, where I was much more careful to make no noise of any kind.

I pushed him deep inside my mouth. When I pulled out, I made a point to swirl my tongue at his tip. I’ve always known that little flick of the tongue excites him so much. And I pushed even deeper again. And swirled my tongue even more. And again. And again.

I heard him finally say, “that does seem like a great place to be.” And a minute later I heard, “Ahhhhh, yes.”

It was with the word “yes,” that I felt his hand on the back of my head. He grabbed my head and held me still. His cock was deep inside my mouth. I was finally rewarded with one solid flex of his member, followed by a thick stream of cum shooting deep into my mouth. It almost gagged me, but Sir had trained me to accept his gift without gagging. So I concentrated on breathing through my nose, slowing my heart rate, keeping my mouth as wide as possible, and drank down every drop of cum his beautiful cock offered me.

That was when his hand released his grip. He started to stroke my hair with petting moves, while he pulled his cock back from my mouth too. I heard him say, “This has indeed been a productive meeting gentleman. I need to go take care of some to-do’s that have come from this meeting and we will be in touch soon.”

I knew the “productive meeting” comment was meant to say I did good to get him to orgasm, but the “take care of to-do’s” was me being punished too. I started to cringe as I wasn’t looking forward to the punishment that ensued.

He pulled his chair back from the desk and he said, “while you were indeed successful with giving me stress relief, you didn’t fully carry out your full directive either. Did you?”

“No sir.”

“And what did you do wrong?”

“I became too greedy and popped my head against the bottom side of the desk, causing you and your co-workers an unnecessary distraction Sir.”

“Yes you became a greedy cunt, didn’t you? Why did you act like an untrained bitch? You know better! Or at least I sure thought you did.”

Disappointment rose up in me. He was right in that I have been trained better. My service to him has been a long time int he making, and I love doing it. But today my service wasn’t complete.

“Yes, but Sir I was just so grateful for the opportunity to give you the needed cock-worship you deserve that I….”

He cut me off. “That you failed to follow my directive. You acted like an untrained slut who doesn’t know her place. Do you think that gave me stress relief to know you need to be trained better than I thought you were?”

Feeling dejected, I dropped my gaze to the floor and I responded with, “No Sir”.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you. You don’t get to hide your eyes from me and not feel the full brunt of the shame you should be feeling. Are you ashamed of the service you failed to deliver today?”

I looked up and straight into his eyes. And I said, “Yes Sir” as tears started to blur my vision.

He said, “That’s good. Now because you were successful in getting me off in the end, I won’t give you the full punishment I was originally thinking I would. Go stand in this corner. Think about how this could’ve gone better and how you will do better next time. You’ll stand there until I say otherwise.”

And he pointed to the corner behind him. I moved silently to the corner of the room.

Only about a minute after I was in place, I heard Sir clicking away at the keyboard. He was back to work.

Then it wasn’t too long more when I heard him say, “Hi all. I’m glad we can have this meeting today. So where to begin?”

He had clearly begun yet another Zoom meeting for the day.

I heard someone say, “Oh this may well be the best Zoom meeting of the day so far. I like what I see!”

And Sir said, “I’m glad I can bring you all some small pleasure. I have had some small pleasures myself today, but don’t let the view distract you as we have a long meeting ahead. Although because I didn’t find the fullest expected pleasure I had hoped for earlier, some thought provoking positions had to be put in place. So rest assured, your view won’t change. Let’s get started shall we?”

And with that, I knew Sir had joined his next Zoom call with everyone seeing my naked ass in their sight… and I was going to be standing here for a long while… contemplating how I didn’t deliver on the expectations and fullest pleasure possible to my Sir. I’ll have plenty of time now to think about how to do better next time though… including maybe another chance to even meet the lunch delivery boy face to face too! 😉




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