183 – FICTION: Discipline Reinstated

“I have been lax on your discipline and your attitude lately shows it. This is on me as it is my responsibility to maintain order and of course when you aren’t disciplined for poor behavior, you forget how to act good. So today we correct that. Assume the Position. N-O-W.”

That’s what he said to me. I knew he was right, but that didn’t mean I was ready for him to turn it back on right N-O-W as he said to me either.

I mean hell, I was dressed up, made up, and we were about to walk out the door for our Friday night out. I’ve been looking forward to this date night with my Dominant Husband all week!

So ….. in hearing his words…. I hesitated. I looked at him and said, “what?? Now?? Why?? We are about to leave……”

And what I heard back, I knew was what I probably needed to hear but had no desire in actually hearing either.

He said, “This. This attitude is what ai suspected I’d hear from you. Again, it’s my fault for not having been engaged lately and having poorly executed our discipline routine. But that stops. Now. Unless of course you want to argue more with me……”

That’s when I rolled my eyes at him.

Ut oh. That was most definitely not the best thing to do, and I knew it the second after I saw his face.

He was determined. To change this behavior. And it was about to happen.

He grabbed me up by my forearm, lifting me onto my toes. And said, “the eye roll is exactly what I won’t be having anymore of. You just made this worse for both of us. We will not be leaving here until your ass is as red as I think it should be, in order to have you sufficiently reminded of exactly how you are to behave when I give an order for you. Do you understand me??”

All I said was “Yes Sir”.

I hadn’t uttered those words in quite some time, which was really when I did know and acknowledge aloud that he was RIGHT. I did need discipline and his hand to be reminded of my submissive place in our marriage. If I had been able to be honest, I’d have told him awhile ago he was needing to bend me over and spank me. But he’s in control and let’s face it, I can’t make my Husband do something he’s not wanting to do. But it does seem he’s going to do this now.

And that’s when the realization that I was about to be regretting every non-Sir response, every eye roll, and every hesitation that I’ve felt lately.

I was glad to have my dominant husband back in control and caring enough to do what we both know needed to be done, but my ass was about to be very sore indeed.

He may as well have been dragging me to the bedroom by this point and he kinda pushed me forward toward the bed, and said, “Now. Do you need to be reminded exactly what the words ‘Assume the Position’ mean or can I assume you will be able to act properly now??”

I said, “Yes Sir” and started taking my clothes off. He just stared.

While this is always the most humiliating part for me, it is especially hard when his eyes are just bearing down on me too. So I sheepishly started removing my clothes, piece by piece.

He snapped his fingers and said “hurry it up woman. We don’t have all day. As you were aware, we have a dinner date to get started!”

So I moved more quickly and laid across the bed as I’ve been taught to do.

I heard the bedside stand drawer open and I knew I was about to feel the full reign of his authority on my backside.

He said, “I’ve let this go for too long.”


I flinched and couldn’t help but think “wow, he didn’t even start light! Can I handle that he’s about to give??

And he said, “you’ve not been the best submissive wife you could be. Have you?”


“I asked you a question!”


“Yes, I know. I haven’t been very good. You are right.”


“You also fail to speak the word you know I like to hear most!”

Smack! Smack! S-M-A-C-K!!

“What word is that?”

“Sir. You like to hear Sir. Sir”


“That’s correct. That word is music to my ears”


(My eyes were already starting to tear up. My butt was already burning. But I also knew I love to submit to my husband, and I needed this. And honestly he needed this too.)

“Now, I’ll start over and you’ll count.”

(Now I just started to let the tears flow freely.)


“One Sir”


“Tttwo Sirrr”

(My tears were making the words hard to speak.)


“Threeeee Sirrrrrr”

(I don’t want to call yellow. But how many more?!)


“(Sob) Four Sirrrr aaand Fivvvveee Sirrrrr”

“That’s my girl. That’s what I like to hear. I know you are being a good girl to accept this needed discipline and your strength is very much noticed. Only five more. And each one will be harder than the last, so we end on a strong climax. Are you ready my love?”

“Y-essss sssssiiiirrrr” (sob)

(I can do 5-more. I’m proud that I have accepted his dominance and submitted the way I know we both want and love!)




(My tears and cries were getting loud)

“Good girl! I’m so proud of you for submitting to me and being so strong to accept my will as your own. One more love and we are done. This will hurt.”


And with that, I collapsed onto the bed a whole mess of make up, tears, and yet…. strength. I know I’m a strong woman to decide to submit to my husband. I am proud of myself being willing to accept his leadership and discipline. And I know that he’s proud of me too for those same reasons.

With that he puts his arms around me and holds me for a few minutes until all the tears dry. That’s when he says, “are you hungry my good girl? I want to take you to a wonderful dinner now if you are up to it.”

I responded with the only words I knew were in my mind, heart, and soul……

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

And I hear……

“That’s my Good girl!”




    • Nora, I’ll tell you like I told David when he asked me about it… “while I’ll never say I WANT to be spanked, it quite possibly is what I NEED.” And i also told him that if Its what he thinks I need, I will submit accordingly”. 😉

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