182 – The Power of Positivity

When i hear people say “i can’t”, i wonder “why?”

Do you ever say it?


Is it that the weeds are choking out the flowers? Is it the negative thoughts closing out any room for positive ones?

i am positive i can always so better, there’s always room for improvement, and it’s always a challenge to try to get there.

Oh, i know i am not not perfect. But i also know there’s no reason to try to do better too.

This applies to being a good Dom or sub, Husband or wife, and everything in between.

i am reading a (nonfiction) book called “Real Service” and it’s about being a submissive. i am loving it and i see myself in so many aspects of what it’s talking about. Room to improve though.

With positivity and effort.




  1. This is a phrase that I avoid too….something my mom taught me young. I go about life with the attitude that I can do anything I set my mind to…and, I usually do 🙂
    I will look forward to hearing more about the book you are reading! What is the greatest message you have gotten from it so far?

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