176 – 2021 Texas Snowmaggedon is over!

Today is Saturday. The temp is currently 28 here, with a projected high of 57 today. i am thankful for this week to be O-V-E-R and may it never return to my part of the world ever again!

There were a lot of little things that went wrong this week that added up to a lot of anxiety and stress for me. But in all honesty, overall my family faired well in the end.

Of course in the midst of any situation, good or bad, you don’t know how the story ends and you can get a lot more anxious than you need to be. And like everything, the more times you do something the more routine it becomes and the less stress you have from it.

Texans just don’t have experience with this much…… cold, snow, ice, busted pipes, cars that won’t start, clothes that aren’t thick enough, ability to drive in this weather, snow plows, plane de-icing machines, antifreeze, fireplaces, firewood………. the list could go on. So we reacted awful in the moment.

i have heard so many people, myself included, who have said, “i would rather have a hurricane than this,” just shows that practice does make perfect. In my lifetime, i can remember living through 3 very significant hurricane experiences, plus 3 more tropical storm-bad rain experiences. That amounts to one event about every 10-years. And this is the first time i have ever had this much cold-snow-ice events to live through.

But i realized somewhere in the middle of it all, that being grateful for what you have….. not yearning for what isn’t yours, can’t be right now, or is simply unattainable [all the way down to a cup of hot coffee] …… is a better way to live.

People talk about “when i have time” or “when i can afford it” all the time. And while there is an element of truth in that, for many of us that’s not really anything more than an excuse.

Soooo…… why am i rambling??? And what is the point of all this???

All to say, “normal” is good. My normal is a (Christian based) Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Yes, it includes a lot of discipline, including being spanked. i welcome authority and the consequences thereafter if the rules (that we both freely agreed to) are not followed.

Thankfully, i was not disciplined this week.

i did as i was instructed when it came to wrapping the pipes at the start, turning the water off, opening the spigots, waiting for the electricity to return, calling the natural gas company when we smelled it, getting the dog back inside when she escaped the front door and ran down the street like an escaped convict, getting the frozen poor dead bird out of the driveway, changing the battery in the fire alarm, getting the new battery in the car after it froze up and having to go to 4-places before finding one that was open and had batteries in stock, ensuring the phones were powered up, being understanding when food options were limited to what was not frozen and could be cooked solely on the stove, and (doing my very best) to keep a positive attitude about it all as much as possible.

So we even skipped maintenance yesterday too.

i am grateful. And thankful. And survived the Great Texas Snowmaggedon 2021! And may it never return!

Electricity… and my life…. are going back to normal…. starting now! And i couldn’t be more grateful!

Won’t deny… one of the best things about this week was i heard NO discussion about COVID, masks, or anything of this stupid pandemic! i got a break from that conversation for a few days at least.

(i told you… i’d be MUCH happier when the power came back on…. and the Texas heat is restored to its natural state! 😉)




  1. So glad to hear that you survived through that ice-cold snowed-filled event. Even up here in Canada BC, we heard of how Texas was experiencing the cold and snow. It gets cold like that and snows in the winter here. I’m just very glad to hear things are better now.

    • I think most Texans, myself included, would have been ok overall had we not lost electricity for 36-consecutive hours. When the inside of my house was substantially the same temp as outside my house, it was too much to handle. But… it got to 55 today and the sunshine was bright! It felt SO wonderful! Marie

  2. Marie,
    I couldn’t agree with you more as I also live in Texas, North East Texas and I have never seen snow stay on the ground as long as it did here in East Texas, I still have some snow here but its melting fast and I am so ready to be able to take hot showers again, last night I had a trickle come out of the shower head but I just had to get in and try and it lasted about 3 min!! Quickest shower ever and I barely got all the soap off and to top it off the water went from warm to ice cold!! Texans just are not used to all of this!! I filled up jars of water, and bowls too and even filled up 1 of our bathtubs full of water to have it and thankfully I did, because it has served its purposes. We were all sharing food supplies in my neighborhood it was the sweetest thing really. I had a talk with God and I said, God are you trying to get our attention, because I am listening…please God help us with electricity, and water and please bring back food on our grocery shelves enough for our community and other communities who are experiencing the same hardships and GOD, I know things are rough for us right now but you have promised never to leave us nor forsake us and with YOU by our side you can do anything because nothing is impossible for you, so I thank you in advance, God. Amen
    Yesterday morning, I prayed this prayer but before I did, I must confess I had a little melt down!! I was boiling water on the stove for my dishes because both sides of my sink was and still is stopped up from the frozen pipes and my husband walked in and said, “Why are you boiling water to wash dishes?” I snapped at him and told him, “Why do you think, I can’t wash dishes in cold water, I have to have hot water to get these dishes clean!!” He said, ” You need to watch your tone and how you speak to me, is that understood? I said, “I am sorry!!! But, this is pure HELL for me I am not used to having to live in the dark ages ok?!!!! We have been without water to bathe with, wash clothes with and this is the 1 thing I am able to do so please just leave me alone and let me do my dishes!!!” Now Mike doesn’t spank me, but he looked like he was going to and I would have deserved it but, it didn’t happen. I did appoligize afterwards and told him I was sorry that I was just stressed and ready for all of this to be overwith and he said he understands he feels the same way as I do but there is a right way and a wrong way to speak to me and you will not speak to me again in that tone is that understood? I said, “Yes Sir, I understand.” The water is back on for a couple of hours and my sweet husband asked me if I wanted to add some clothes to his and we could now wash a load of clothes together, Yea!!!! I will now have some clean undergarments, ladies as I was starting to run very low!! Glad to see Marie that you didn’t get a spanking either and so glad your power is back on. It’s the little things that make us a happy wife!!!

  3. Hi Marie, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that things are better in your state as far as the weather and the power goes and that you got through it all right!
    I also want to tell you how much I’ve absolutely loved and enjoyed your blogs I finally caught up! My bf/Dom have been reading them since we discovered them a month or so ago a few would day and now we’re up to date! I have to say you and I think a lot alike when it comes to our love and belief in God and his word and also when it comes to domestic discipline and spanking I’ve often felt like I was born in the wrong decade as well that I should have been a 50s wife by like you I don’t know about the dresses everyday and the makeup either Lol but I actually feel sorry for people of today that fight and argue on a regular basis because they don’t understand how easy it is to change that (or maybe they don’t want to understand and would just think we’re crazy if they knew everything!)
    Anyway I’d also like to ask you to Please keep writting!, I’m already feeling “Marie blog withdrawal”😉😂

      • Ok….. you urged me on to finish the post I had been working on but not quite post-ready. Thanks for making me feel loved… I needed it. ❤️🥰

    • Thank you Bobbi Jean for all your comments and kind words. I’m sorry you’ve now reached the “current moment” though as you’ll have to wait to read more… but… you’ve encouraged me too to write more. Thank you!

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