174 – The Right generation is?

In my last post, i made talk of the 1950’s housewife. How she would have (probably) been a submissive wife and received, “corporal punishment,” also known as spankings.

i have sometimes thought i was born in the wrong generation. i mean if spanking was common place then for them, maybe if i were apart of their generation that i would have fit in better than i do now. That generation as opposed to the actual generation that we live in now.

i wouldn’t have to wear a (figurative) mask or keep my home life a secret to anyone, because in that generation it wouldn’t have been a secret at all. i think. i really have no idea for sure if in the 1950’s it was all families who practiced disciplining of wives or not, or how much it was talked about or not, or how much it was actually common place really, but i feel sure it wasn’t frowned upon then (or seen as such a faux pas) as much as it is now.

i have visions of wives getting together for lunch and the conversation being maybe something like….

“So how has your week gone?”

And the response maybe being, “yeah, I really wasn’t very good this week because I (fill in the blank) , for which my husband was sure to correct that behavior in a hurry. My bottom is still sore from it and I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.”

And her friend saying, “yeah, I know what you mean as I had a similar week too. My bottom is still sore to sit on too. I earned a punishment because….”

i think in the 1950’s these types of conversations wouldn’t be a major big thing, or considered a kink, or a faux pas but rather just the way of life for (most) everyone. It was probably just common talk about any normal week gone by.

But could you imagine going to work now in this generation and your co-workers asking, “do anything exciting or interesting over the weekend?”

And you responding with, “yeah so I disrespected my husband and got turned over his knee. He was so mad he turned it beat red. How was your weekend?”

N-O-P-E! Not a fat chance of that ever happening!

So i don’t think i would have to wear a mask if i were living in the 1950’s-wife era, at least not about this topic anyway. And that last part, “about this topic” is where i give pause to this “longing to be a 1950’s generation wife”.

For that also gives way to stop and think about how that generation would NOT fit me in many other ways. i wouldn’t have the job that i do now if i were in the 50’s since i would’ve just been a housewife (NOT anything wrong with housewives, just noting differences in my current life and what my life would, be then). Far more women didn’t work then due to THAT being a faux pas. “No wife of mine will be working outside our home!” would have been a common phrase uttered by many a husbands in that generation.

i would be wearing dresses, heels, pantyhose, and make up every-single-day in the 1950’s, with touch-ups to make myself beautiful for him to arrive home too. (Oh my! That’s just too much for me every-single-day!)

And then the cooking, cleaning, and “put on a smile and don’t complain”, and “treat your husband like the king he is” type mentally make me wonder… were marriages in the 1950’s even real? It seems NOT!

And let’s not forget that i consider myself bisexual and we have been swingers too. THAT would’ve been a serious faux pas then! (Ok, so it’s still kinda one now too… but seriously, can you imagine how that would’ve been received then?!? It is at least “more” accepted now than it would have been then for sire.)

Ok, so maybe i am in the right generation after all. When you consider alllllll this together, i think God did indeed put me in the exact right generation after all.

i will be happy to wear my jeans—- to work —- and NOT cook ——- and just not talk about (with my one figurative mask on about) my sore bottom from Maintenance Friday!

What secrets do you hide beneath your figurative (or even literal!) masks? Inquiring minds want to know. 🤓



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  1. I’ve actually shared with my two closest girlfriends about my husband and I’s DD marriage. One totally just sees it as a sex thing, but the other one asked super thoughtful questions about accountability and so on. It used to come up quite a bit in conversation, but now it is more “normalized” as it has been a few years since I first told them. It does make me wonder how they see my husband now. I’ve noticed that my one girlfriend (who sees it mostly as a sex thing) gives him super long hugs now! She also asked to see our implements once, which was fun for both she and I to explore them together. But, I totally get what you are saying…when I am here on WordPress, I feel like I get to be the “real” me and not wear a mask like I must do with much of the world.
    Great post, Marie!

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