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Yesterday was a bit of a hard day at work. It was a fast-paced day and i was pulled in many directions. All in all, i came home emotionally drained.

i debated with myself if i needed a spanking or not. i have said before that when i get stressed, i am not very submissive….. but what about “just tired”? How is my submissiveness then?

So then i thought i was feeling needy instead too. In need of sexual release. Maybe i just needed to relax in a warm bath. Or maybe i needed to just know i was not in control.

i just couldn’t quite decide…….

And found myself thinking, “What exactly is it that i need??”

That’s when i realized the ultimate answer was i needed to release the feeling of “always needing to have all the answers,” which is exactly what happens at work. i need to have solutions. But not at home. It’s nice to know i am NOT in control and just need to follow directives.

So i went to David and said, “i think I need a spanking, an orgasm, or a (butt) plug. What do you think?”

He immediately responded. “All of the above. Go assume the position and I will be there shortly.”

A-L-L of the above??

So, i went to the bedroom. i got the plug out and ready on the nightstand, and then assumed the position with the paddle in the small of my back, bent over the bed and waited.

i managed to escape all (but one) spanking, including Friday maintenance, in the month of January. Which was good AND bad! Good for obvious reasons, but bad because: 1) my bottom quickly forgets how much that paddle stings, and 2) skipping maintenance tends to lead to trouble in the end for us because maintenance is a reminder for both of us of how we like to keep things.

So to the forgetting of how those paddle swings feel….. Those first warm up paddle smacks were quite a reminder for me today! i hadn’t felt that in awhile and wow… how easily and quickly we forget!

That paddle barely touched me and my rear end warmed up in a swift HOT minute. After a few minutes of warm-up, i then received 5-true swift and strong swats. i let out a yelp as each one collided with my ass. And then .. just like that… it was done.

And to the skipping maintenance part…. well maintenance keeps things going in the direction we want. It is a reminder for David of how to lead and direct our family, and a reminder to me of how to submit through actions and words both.

After that stinging spanking, Sir said, “And now the plug. Stay still.”

i felt the plug start to slide into my back hole. i haven’t worn one in awhile so it felt super large, but of course it was the same as always. Sir was kind and eased it in slowly until the widest part popped into its place, which caused me to gasp for breathe for a split second.

That’s when he said, “now turn over on your back and spread your legs.”

i did as instructed. And wow, did my rear end instantly sting more as i laid it on the bed after being freshly spanked. Not to mention as i spread my legs i felt the plug push in deeper as my cheeks squeezed together too.

Then he went between my legs and made me see stars. He made me beg for that release i so needed! i was allowed to orgasm only after the third time that i asked, because he simply ignored the first two requests. He knows how to have the intensity build to a heightened level and makes me wait and beg in earnest for permission to cum.

It is truly a challenge to hold it in and NOT cum when it’s what you want most in that moment. Following his lead is a real challenge in that moment. But i did succeed and that release was SO intense and amazing and mind numbing too.

That’s when he smiled at me and said, “ok, time to redress. Don’t take the plug out without permission.”

He pulled me up from the bed to my feet and smacked my ass hard with his hand just one more time, to which his grin grew as big as ever. The easy words that fell from my lips were, “Thank You Sir.”

He kissed me and said , “you are welcome.”

It was a true mental, and physical, release that i so desperately needed. NOT being in control is an active decision. It was exactly what i needed, but didn’t even realize i was even needing or seeking until i turned the decision over to David. And when he took control, i was able to relax.

That’s how my day ended yesterday. Was your day better?



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