167 – HELP ME! Now…

Second post in the same day is quite unique. But i need your help.

David completely shocked me today. As i was in my bathroom dressing for the day he came in and said…..

“I’m making you an offer.”

(i was thinking, “oh no, is this something i am going to want?!”)

He continued, “I am going to give you exactly one day every year where our roles will be reversed. I will submit to your every desire. That one day is today.”

i was shocked! i said, “Wait! What? Today? Can it be tomorrow to give me some time to think on this and figure out what that would even look like? I want to make the most of my 24-hours!!”

He laughed and conceded.


What to do?

What would you do?

What do you recommend?

Give me your suggestions….. fast!

Help …….




  1. Be careful. This isn’t always a ‘gift’ make sure you choose things that you will not picture later as a negative. I’ve had opportunities given to me and honestly they made me feel off balance and sometimes upsetting and then later resentful because if it.

    Giving a sub a sub can be counter productive for some. I’d keep it light and not serious…if you have to do this.

  2. Oooh oooh oooh. I’m a switch and we did this once a couple of months ago. And I recommend just having him do your household stuff. Maybe a massage. And if you feel up to it a spanking. (I did it to my husband, it was his idea, because it helps to give our dominants an idea of what spanking feels like.) just some ideas no pressure and always remember to have fun!

  3. If it were me, I might ask for a massage and a hot sex scene, but I wouldn’t try to top him…throws things too out of whack. Whatever you decide….enjoy!!! 🙂

  4. I am keen to know how this went. I read yesterday but didn’t leave a comment as I couldn’t think so came back to check what others had said. I wouldn’t have thought it would throw things off though. I did a sensory scene for HL one time and it was really helpful for us both. I think having a taste of the other side can allow you both to learn things so I hope it went well. I think if you found that it turned you, or him, on then it might cause a shift but otherwise you are still really doing what he has requested so it can still be a service of sorts if you set it up that way. Missy x

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