160 – of course!

There was Friday Maintenance! And i won’t deny… i liked it. i was grateful. Appreciative.

i think that’s part of why and how we went awry in November… we were too busy and too uninterested in doing it. And the further “off beat” one becomes, the longer it takes to find your way back.

Thankfully we didn’t go tooooo far away from the norm. Our normal. Our Domestic Discipline norm.

i hate to admit it, but on two separate occasions, when David was quite angry with me, he yelled, “did it occur to you, that you are NOT as submissive as you think?” And “maybe you just aren’t being submissive at all!”

To which i responded in kind with angry words of my own, saying, “well if you don’t think i am submissive (enough), you have a means of dealing with that!”

And yet, for whatever reason, he didn’t. He didn’t bend me over and just spank me. i don’t quite know why. i was really a bit angry about that too actually.

So while i’d like to say it’s “all his fault”. He could’ve avoided a lot of difficulty if he’d just turned my backside red! But we all know, a relationship is not one-sided. It takes two! i should’ve asked to be spanked. i shouldn’t have just thrown it up as a great challenge. So it wasn’t his fault … not entirely anyway.

And yet, i didn’t. i didn’t just go get naked and Assume The Position to be spanked. i should have. And yes, he should have too. He should have just spanked me.

Thankfully we seem to have turned a corner and now are resuming our normal. And i couldn’t be happier.

On Friday. Even when we already did Maintenance this week, it was a time to do maintenance again. Because that’s what we do on Friday mornings. While i didn’t want to be spanked, not really,, i did want to be on track and be back into our normal.

So because i wasn’t sure if we would be doing it though, i asked. As i was about to shower and get ready for the day, i spoke to David, “Sir, i am curious if you intend to do maintenance since we did it already this week on Wednesday.”

And he said, “Yes, most definitely we will do maintenance today. i am starting to cook breakfast so it will be a few minutes, but you need to be ready and in position when i am done.”

And i was. i was ready. Naked. In position.

He swatted my butt in the exact same spot for many minutes! It stung so badly. But i managed to stay still and in position for the second time ever. i was SO proud of myself.

At that point is when he asked me, “is that enough?” And i paused…..

i didn’t quite know how to answer.

i wasn’t at any limits or nearing the “yellow” mark, but then, that’s not the point of maintenance either.

And yet, did i think he should stop as the lesson and reinforcement was in full effect?!

i didn’t know. And i guess i paused entirely too long.

Because that’s when he said, “I’ll take your non-response as a ‘no, that is not enough…’ and i will continue.”

And he did. With more intensity. It stung so super badly and i was wishing i had said to stop.

That’s when he asked me again, “is this now enough?”

And i said, “Yes Sir.”

And he said, “I agree.”

And i stood up and he kissed me deeply and told me he loved me.

No orgasm. No touching. Just maintenance. And a red hot ass.

After getting dressed and ready to leave, he grabbed my ass and said, “it feels warm to the touch still. I did good.”

And i said, “Yes Sir.”

He said, “that’s a good thing!” And yes, it was.

And the day was off to it’s start.

The thing about maintenance is that it works. i am super submissive for several days after it. And quite frequently, as we near Friday again, the intensity and commitment to submission starts to wane. i tend to forget to say Sir, or ask permission for things that i know i am supposed to, or to show the same respect.

So maybe two maintenance sessions in one week will prove to be a good thing! Time will tell.

And i wonder if two in one week will become a new normal. i kinda doubt it. But time will tell on that too.




  1. Thank you Marie. After reading you post, I felt guilty for not being consistent. We all know that this works, so I just told my wife to be in the appropriate place, naked and in position in 45 minutes. What an affect you have!

    • Harry – I’m seeing this comment at 43-minutes past the posting. I suspect you are spanking her now. I pray it works well for both of you. Consistency is a wonderful thing! No, I didn’t want to have two maintenance spankings in one week, but the Friday maintenance was needed …. for consistency. For me to know what I can count on.

      Many blessings and here’s to consistency!

  2. Hi Marie, it is great to see you posting everyday. I found this post, much like all your posts, as it gave me some perspective and something to think about if it. My relationship. Glad to hear you seem to be back on the right track with your husband and a routine that works for you.

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