136 – Pierced again.

i apparently have a piercing addiction. But i think i’m done now.

i have gotten the hood of my clit pierced this past weekend. Most people think it’s the actual clit that gets pierced, but it’s not. At least not for most people anyway. It’s the flap of skin just above it that covers it up and gives protection to it.

That hood protects the clit for sure, but when it is pierced, a bar sits on top of it and causes it to be stimulated anytime you move.

And i got my hood pierced.

i wanted to do it when i did the nipples but David said no. He didn’t want me to have too much done at once for the cleaning, recovery process, healing. And of course, if i got all 3-of the main sexual-body-parts pierced at the same time, he would be on the sideline for awhile since there wouldn’t be another player on the field to play with.

And he doesn’t do sidelines well!

But the nipples have healed quite nicely now and he gave permission to get the hood pierced too!

So i did it!

i have wanted this for a long time but many years ago, i couldn’t have even imaged (let alone gone and down) opening my legs and bared my pussy to someone (likely a man) to touch it and to pierce it! i wasn’t even concerned then about the piercing itself or the pain, it was the humility of exposing myself that was my ultimate hang up.

But now with our D/s marriage, and David getting me when he wants it any way he wants, i have learned to not be (quite) so modest and a bit more open. (Ok, a bit probably isn’t the right word! My my how things have changed!!)

i did this 5-days ago. And it doesn’t hurt much at all now. In fact, i have to say it didn’t actually hurt much at all! It didn’t bleed one bit either.

The actual procedure was over and done in about 2-minutes. It was longer to ask questions ahead of time – cleaning process, healing process, what to expect, etc.

i laid on a table, just like those in a doctor’s office. He put one leg in a stir-up, like the OB GYN office, but the other leg fell off to the side.

The stems gets part was when the piercer said he had to clean the “underside of the hood, that sits on top of the clit” with alcohol. It was a strange mix of stimulation. Then he said, “Deep breath in…. and now out.” And on the “out,” i felt the piercing.

And then he screwed on the ends and i admired the jewels in my body’s lower genitals with happiness!

Five days later now it feels tender and almost like a slight bruise when it is irritated, but otherwise, it doesn’t have any pain at all. The piercer said “7-14 days to heal,” and i feel it is on track to be there.

In the meantime, i have been very careful to not touch or cause myself pain in anyway possible. i am also on best submissive behavior with David too. The last thing i need is to have to be spanked for poor behavior and possibly risk having pain “down there” accidentally from being punished.

And i am quite pleased with all the jewels i now sport!

But i can’t imagine piercing anything else either. i mean, what else is there anyway?!?!




  1. So…I had to Google this, as I have never seen this piercing in person. This looks incredibly erotic, Marie! I hope that you continue to heal nicely and that you get much pleasure from this piercing!!! 🙂

  2. Wow, Marie you are so brave!! I think I want to try it!! It might actually turn my husband on, I hope so anyway!!!

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