130 – Moscato

While not a new wine, Moscato is a sweet, white wine that has been one of the best selling wines in the US for many recent years now. It is made from one of the oldest and most versatile grapes ever known to be grown, believed to originally been from Greece.

When David & i arrived at the restaurant, B&J were already there and were each enjoying a glass of moscato. They aren’t big wine aficionados but everyone can enjoy a glass of moscato for sure.

Moscato is traditionally thought of as a dessert wine but is becoming more popular as a before dinner drink, or even one to enjoy with spicy foods. Plus it has a lot of flavor… and especially a sweetness to it.

i thought it was appropriate that they were drinking this wine when we arrived….. as it justly described our evening.

Versatile. Traditional. Sweet. Old. New. Popular.

That’s the underlying theme and taking those words as inspiration……..

BJ have been married for 12 years and David & i for (almost) 20. We are not young, but certainly not OLD either since we all know that age is (mostly just….) a mind set. We have all been chatting in a group chat for about a month, so we knew a lot about each other already. Namely, that we all knew and trusted that we would go home with the one who we came with, but have a lot of fun in between too! And let’s not forget about how we that we think this could be an amazing match together!

All that and i don’t think i’ve asked how long they have been having sex with others and departing from the TRADITIONAL idea of marriage. But from the other conversations about how other dates (with other couples) for all of us have gone, they weren’t new to swinging and of course neither are we.

While everyone has to always have that maiden virgin voyage, i have learned that experience counts for a lot. There’s no surprises on how each of the partners will react to seeing their spouse on top of another person.

In fact, with experience comes wisdom. We had all talked beforehand about our thoughts when we see our spouse fucking another. And we all agreed…. we think it’s hot.

So we set out on this NEW adventure together a few weeks back, as you know, and on this particular date…. we started by drinking wine over dinner together.

(And i gained liquid courage along the way too!)

When we were done eating, we took a short walk to the hotel we rented just nearby. Our room number was #1234. Not joking. How appropriate that we had 1-2-3-4 people about to enjoy each other’s company in a very VERSATILE and non-traditional way.

In the past and on this night too, i start to get stage fright as the time grows nearer to the curtain pull. i don’t quite know why, except that i suppose it’s just raw nerves setting in. Not nervous about David/i, but all the other things like……. what will they think, will i measure up, has the anticipation and build up been too much to live up too……i could go on. But suffice to say, on this date night i felt more of that same OLD feeling rising up in me again too.

But the biggest thing i get nervous about is….. HOW DO WE START?

It’s strange to just take off your clothes to experience the feeling of being raw and exposed, and yet we don’t live in the movies with some hot kissing scene where they scramble to pull each other’s clothes off too. So getting started is the hardest part.

That’s where we were all at as we walked into the room. David laid on one of the beds, fully clothed as if ready to watch tv. And B sat down on the other, as J&i just stood there. That’s when she said it. She recognized the big strange elephant and said, “ok, so we are nervous and feeling awkward.” And we all laughed.

i used that moment to summon my courage and overcome the stage fright and ultimately be the POPULAR one in the room. i said, “yeah, i feel the same way too! But i won’t let this moment last another second.”

That’s when i reached down, grabbed the bottom of my top, and pulled it up and over my head in one sweeping motion. And in keeping with my usual mode, i had no bra on so i was then standing there on full display from the waist up. And i just said, “anyone else want to join me?”

i wasn’t sure where this surge of bravado was coming from, but i wasn’t going to let stage fright – amongst all of us apparently – allow this date to go sour with one bad grape in this bottle of wine!

And with that, i pulled my pants, along with the sexy panties i had on that i had planned to show off, but screw it… they came off too. i was here to be screwed, not mess with the bottle opener just trying to get the cork out of the bottle.

So i was completely naked and the other 3 then followed my lead and got naked also. As the men stood up to undress, i took advantage of the empty bed and laid down on my back and open my legs wide. That’s when David came over and took a quick lick between my legs, but swiftly stepped aside where he invited B to fill his place. And David grabbed up J in his arms where they laid down on the other bed and started to do the same on their bed as we did on ours.

And that’s when B’s tongue collided with my clit. i have to say, no man has been able to ever match that of David’s tongue. Until now. B did an amazing blow job on me. And one i will eagerly want to have repeated!

It was no surprise that in no time flat, i was having an orgasm! (Hallelujah! The wait was over!)

i was at least smart enough to have asked David earlier in the day if i could cum without asking permission every time. He had said, “yes, you may cum as much as you like!”

(Side note….. i think B is fascinated by the idea of edging, orgasm control, and “cum on command.” He has mentioned it a few times, but J doesn’t seem at all interested in having all that done to her! Maybe Sir will end up allowing B to control mine when we are together sometime. And being honest, i’d love to be ultimately submissive to the point i could cum on David’s command. Not sure if any of that is truly possible though. Who knows! But anywho….. that concludes this brief intermission and back to the story at hand….)

And orgasm i did!

i lost count of how many i experienced. B’s cock felt as good as his tongue. The night was all so wonderful that it got me to a tingling, relaxed state of mind as the intoxicating flavors of wine and sex spread all throughout my body.

We regularly also watched David & J and commented how hot that really was to see too. Ultimately we never all made it to the same bed to be physically together, but we were talking aloud to be mentally together …. and it was mentioned how the “next time” we need to all be physically together on the same bed too. (That’s when everyone’s body parts just start to get tangled up and you don’t quite know who is even touching who… a preview of what might happen on the next wine filled date!)

This was an amazing date that after swirling the wine in the glass for the last several weeks and finally getting to taste it on the palate, was filled with that lasting satisfying flavor that was especially SWEET.

i don’t know how POPULAR this post will be as i am sure there are many monogamists who will not be happy about my sexual preferences. That preference of tasting the many different flavors of wine, instead of just opting to be content with the single flavor that i have enjoyed now for nearly 20-years. And that’s ok. i know who i married and i know that we both enjoy a bit of variety every so often. And i know in the end, i will always come home to the flavor of the Pinot red wine that i most prefer.

But i won’t deny….. i’ll be anxiously awaiting to try the next glass of wine with BJ ….. probably something with a more bold and powerful flavor that will pack an even bigger punch… but let’s face it, the sweet flavor of Moscato is pretty damn good also!




  1. Wow! Fabulous build up for the past few posts culminating in this very erotic and lively climax. SO very happy to be following this adventure! Well done you for being the brave one and overcoming your own anxieties. xxx

  2. Sounds like a simply delicious evening, my friend! I applaud how brave you were in “getting the show on the road”… of course, a lady can be especially motivated when she hasn’t had an orgasm in recent days….. 🙂

  3. great story in an exciting way, this is something my wife and i need to start the road to go. Thank you for the inspiration you have given us.
    Right away, what’s your real sex life, you call this a dream, fiction?

    • Nudo4 – other than the posts that are labeled “complete work of fiction,” the other things I post about are completely real. ☺️❤️ Marie

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