126 – Spring Break ends

Finally! Today is the first Day of School for our Son since Friday March 13…..

T-H-A-T explains everything……. the last day of school was Friday the 13th! That’s what caused COVID and home school and the longest Spring Break ever. Glad to finally have all the answers! Ha!

Seriously, today is the first day back to school and the first one he’s gotten to drive himself too! (He turned 16 in the middle of the shutdown.).

So i did not drink my coffee in the nude this morning. But our Son was hardly out of the driveway and David said, “You should probably go edge now.”

While i knew that meant there really was no maybe, should, could, might to it…. that’s not what he S-A-I-D. So i got all cheeky ….. or one might say bratty….. and said, “i think you should drop the passive and just be aggressive when speaking to me.” And i immediately got my ass out of the chair and went to do it. (i got a raised eyebrow and a look but i didn’t land myself in trouble! Thank Goodness!)

Then i got in the shower. And he came in and said, “you chose to shower instead of edge??”

i said, “i already edged.”

He said, “that wasn’t long enough.”

i said, “you weren’t explicit or clear about the time either. i need details if you have something in your head.”

He said, “when you get out, edge again. And then come find me so i can check how wet you are.”

So i did. i was definitely wet!

And he proceeded to play with my puss then too. He knows from my facial expressions when i am close to orgasm. He said, “Don’t cum! You don’t get to do that until Friday…. with B&J! We will do this daily to be sure you are wet and ready for them too!”

Great…. a (work) week of edging. Again…. this week just can’t go by fast enough!!!!!

Sooooo ready to see BJ on Friday night! Time to get schooled properly!!

And our son made it to school on time, early in fact, and texted me to tell me he was there. He was actually happy to start school and be back “to normal”. Now for the rest of us to get there too!!




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