125 – Exciting weekend

Not this past one…. but the one Coming up!

You may remember me telling you about our hot date Friday night’s (2-in a row) with BJ.

Well we have still been talking and it’s been two more weeks now. We haven’t been able to make our schedules work to get together since the last dinner. But we all want to.

i won’t deny, our schedule has been the primary problem and i worried that BJ would think we were giving them a brush-off. i’m still a little worried about it, but since we are all still chatting daily, i’m not toooooo worried.

And it seems this Friday coming up (today is Monday), we are going to get together.

This time it WILL be to get naked. We have all agreed and discussed that’s what we want next. That’s the thing about swingers…. we actually TALK and tell one another, “I want to get naked and fuck you.” Whereas when you are (unmarried) and dating, most people tend to not talk and tend to make one another “guess” what the other might be thinking or wanting.

This is why swingers are amazing!

So with our latest chat with BJ (i just love putting their initials together like that!! He he!!), we intend to get naked, fuck one another, and have fun…. this Friday! We have to still work out logistics like where…. and what to tell the kids (they have one teen in the house too). But we have a preliminary plan!

And i couldn’t be more excited!!

Typically if it’s a match sexually, then swingers meet again (and again). And at some point, they become your friends AND lovers. And you even break off in smaller groups – like maybe just me and B would go out and have sex, or just me and J, or David & J. Or do “everyday stuff” like movies or shopping together too! But we haven’t really made it too far with too many couples really. We have gotten to a “few more dates” stage before, but that’s usually when someone isn’t interested or it gets boring or schedules conflict or or or. i haven’t gotten that vibe at all with BJ, which is amazing! i feel they may be our soul-mates for awhile! ❤️. But i suppose we will know more in the coming week(s)…. especially after this Friday!

So this week needs to flyyyyy by fast! Can you distract me from watching the clock with some interesting tid bit in your life?!?!




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